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  2. Important! Poll! Meghan McCain Calls GOP Trump Supporters ‘Sausage Fest’, Warns of Consequences if Liz Cheney Removed

    Dick Cheney and John McCain were much responsible for the decline of the Republican Party. These 'gangsters'' close rank when anyone exposes them. They are good at fighting back and defending each...
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    Roger Daltrey: ‘Woke’ Leftists Are Creating Hell on Earth

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    Breaking the Red Wall: Tory candidate wins in Labour stronghold Hartlepool for 1st time since 1974

  5. Important! Poll! Liz Cheney -Why being a Trump martyr could be good for her

  6. Two former British soldiers acquitted of murdering IRA leader Joe McCann after trial collapses due to inadmissible evidence

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    Northern Ireland at a crossroads as partition centenary underlines division

    Queen marks 100 years of NI with tribute to peace

    Queen Elizabeth marks centenary of Northern Ireland with tribute to people and peace process.

    Northern Ireland

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  8. Geopolitical mega quake ready to blow

  9. Greta Thunberg’s handler, Luisa-Marie Neubauer, is a Rothschild

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  11. The Air Force spokesmen made reference to bare...

    The Air Force spokesmen made reference to bare rationalism, denying knowledge of any and all events, which adds credence to the popular, ridiculous and controlled alternative media narrative of...
  12. Actor Noel Clarke stripped of Bafta honors, membership after 20 women accuse him of sexual predation & bullying

    “Acclaimed British actor and filmmaker Noel Clarke has been accused by multiple women of being a serial sexual predator, who has been abusing his professional position of power to harass...
  13. Important! Poll! If There Was No Election Theft, Why Did Democrats Try To Block the Arizona Investigation?

  14. Cops Take Hitler's Personal Pistol Worth MIllions From Young Collector In Argentina - Interpol Now Searching For The Gun

  15. Important! Poll! Poll: Overwhelming Majority Support Requiring ID to Vote

    Democrats push corruption to the limit. They load the electoral register with a constant flow of 3rd world migrants, buy votes and most officials, have postal voting on an absolutely massive scale...
  16. PREZ AND PERVERT Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and President Bill Clinton smile together in never-before-seen images

    Dems are above All Laws.
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    The Shining
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    German field marshal kesselring's baton

    Very Nice.
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    Australian mayor apologizes after council youth worker tells ‘white, male & Christian’ students they are ‘oppressors’ – media

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    Field Marshal Albert Kesselring

    This Vid is a summary of the Memoirs of Field Marshal Kesselring. Really worth listening to.
  21. TV doctor tells court he did not want to cause Arlene Foster ‘distress’

    What has this Dr Jessen to do with Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster other than her Christian party the DUP oppose gay marriage and he’s a gay?

    The ‘gay lobby’, though not an...
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  23. Important!  An unfair trial:

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    A majority in Northern Ireland would vote to stay in UK, poll finds

    A United Ireland in the 'globalist' EU with a population, now 20% immigrants, which is no longer Irish or Catholic, but liberal marxist and a National Media run by social engineering gays seems less...
  25. France Should Change Coming Elections to Prevent Right-Wing Victory

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