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    Re: I have a confession to make

    I think I may have a combination of alpine and nordic features too(alpine hazel eyes with a long shaped nordic skull, browd shoulders and nordic red hair that only looks curly or tangled if it grows...
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    Re: New Super Mosque?

    27th March 2007

    News article filed by BNP news team

    Mosque will form centrepiece of Islamic village
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    Re: Theory of Relativity

    I guess all you'd need to do is find an infinite energy source of some kind:thumbup
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    Re: Why I Am A Member Of The Npd

    the party still has very good ideas, and doubt the fact that some skinheads feel like joining is going to ruin, if Germany has its money U.S. banks, I doubt someones gonna be able to robb all of the...
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    Re: Why I Am A Member Of The Npd

    I must say that I really like this Von Meister article, I've always seen the NPD as the German working mans party(encompassing a very Thorian pagan spirit) encompassing the patriotic nationalism and...
  6. Re: Anti-immigration politicians to chase off Muslims with pigs feet

    finally, someone wants to use some direct action against the problem of arab foreigners trying to takeover Norway
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    Re: Hello from North Carolina

    Frith and greetings and welcome to skadi Otan:thumbup
  8. Re: Paulson: 'Economy strong despite stock plunge'

    the stocks and the economy better stay consistant and strong, because I'm trying to get employed so that I can start investing as soon as possible and my livelyhood is gonna problobly dependent on...
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    Re: Affirmative Action to stay

    special favoritism laws:thumbdown meant for making people feel "less oppressed" have absoultely no place anywhere, why do people think that we need them so much?
  10. Re: WP: Cherokee Nation may expel blacks

    these cherokee freedmen really aren't cherokee citizens if their also negros too, so I respect and sympathize with the Cherokee chief, if the freedmen are arguing about money issues with the rest of...
  11. Re: Stockholm nightclub fined for ethnic discrimination

    its stupid that somebody who earns a living with their own nightclub is subjucted to being punished by ridiculous laws saying that certain people be allowed in no matter what, just because they are...
  12. Poll! Re: 200 Years in Prison for Possessing Child Pornography?

    absoultely! I was just gonna say instead of wasting money having him in the system at all, that it would just be more logical to just award that kind of thing with the death penalty
  13. Important!  Re: Maori leaders call for curb on British immigrants

    the Maori still had villages there, which means that like other nations and races of people that they have the right to their own territory and nation without having to conform to a universial...
  14. The Finlandic Metaphyics of Death and the Soul


    Many souls
    It is thought that the ancient Finns believed that the soul was composed of many different parts that were quite autonomous spirit beings.

    The "personality" of a...
  15. Important!  Re: Maori leaders call for curb on British immigrants

    I have to say I have to sympathize with both the Anglo-Celtic New Zealanders and the Maori nationalists on different levels, if the Maori nationalists really want to preserve their territory, nation...
  16. Re: Japan's annual dolphin hunt

    thats true you do have a point, whale hunting has become out of control everywhere to the point where it gone far away from being called a sport or sporting in anyway
  17. Re: Migrants "benefit economy little"

    Sigird Eirikson I must say I really like this article and that it speaks for itself, during the 1800's into the 1920's America had immigration policies and quotas to make sure only those who settled...
  18. Re: Questions about kobolds and the origins of

    fasaniating were these kobolds picked out from groups of new born orphans or slaves? I'd like to learn more
  19. Important! Poll! Re: Vegetarism, Veganism or Carnivorism!?

    my mind is very open to both a meat diet and Vegetarianism as good healthy diets for people, although I must say I really don't like Veganism and see it as pretty pointless even, I'd even go as far...
  20. Re: AW: ECRI: Iceland should put more effort into integration

    I know, Iceland is a nice place and it would be very nice if these ridiclous meddling commissions would stop meddling in Iceland's affairs
  21. Re: Japan's annual dolphin hunt

    aw jeez, you know there really is no sport in this kind of hunting, it sounds like Japan is taking its fishing tradition way too far and that at least some regulations need to be made by the judicial...
  22. Re: Humans, chimps split 4 million years ago: study

    I have always questioned darwinian evolution by saying that lower species don't evolve into higher species but that different species have always split off of one another, very interesting article...
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    Re: Will US invade Persia in 2007?

    the dumbass people in charge of U.S. foreign policy and in the federal state better not be THAT illogical, that would just be unbelievable!
  24. Re: Revolutionary Catechism [by Michael Bakunin]

    Bakunin was quite a revolutionary thinker(just like another fellow he knew Giusseppe Garibaldi), the abolition of international statist law and the dissolution of the centralized state and replacing...
  25. Re: Platform for Jump-Starting Western Nations

    I'm pretty sure however, as I was pondering before that the only possible way of relocating foreign indo-europeans of the united states would be to veto the nationality and ethicity act of 1967 and...
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