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    Victory or Valhalla!

    Robert J Mathews and David Lane are in Valhalla while the "respectful" types are rotting in Hel.
    It is not whether you win or lose, it is how you carry on the fight.
    And the fact that there are...
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    Don't Worry, Be Happy!!

    Ha ha, I have it on good authority that the Day of the Rope is coming sooner than you think. Then we will just hang (after a fair trial, of course) all of these brainless toads.

    I have been...
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    Important!  Religion doesn't make a people good, people make a religion good.

    I said this elsewhere at length, but I will say it again:
    "christianity" takes on the attributes of the people it infects,
    i.e., European christianity is/was a creation of the racial nature of the...
  4. Poll! By their fruits yea shall know them!

    NS had what, 12 years to demonstrate the correctness of their ideology.
    NS germany was then destroyed by the onslaught of the rest of the jew dominated world.
    Let's look at the result. We...
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    The 4th Reich is taking over the World!!!

    There is a cottage industry in the jewSA engaged in writing expose books about the 4th Reich taking over the world. jim marrs, joseph farrell, and a plethora of similar books purporting to expose...
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    Treat the disease, not the symptom.

    I will cut to the chase.

    muslims are the symptom, jews are the disease!

    Cure the disease, and the symptoms will disappear!

    The jews control and destroy a society by multiculturalism,...
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    Don't I know that guy?

    Hey, I think I testified against that guy in a trial once.
    He is a real tough guy, especially when he is picking on women.
  8. Short answer: No!

    Of all the races, blacks are the most susceptible to diseases both infectious and degenerative. There are a number of rare/odd diseases that are only seen in blacks.

    In fact, all medical...
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    Poll! Phone-booth fuhrers, sieg heil.

    Ha ha: As Dr P used to call them ( hollywood nazis) Phone-booth fuhrers and
    "people that like to dress up in SA uniforms in their bedrooms and salute themselves in the mirror".

    "Aging nazi...
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    Poll! "Just the facts, ma'am." Sgt Joe Friday.

    ''''''''''''Here, there is not any specific correlation between the incidence of rape...and the race or nationality of the rapist. ''''''''''''''''

    That is not true. Please reference "The Color...
  11. Tasaday Redux.

    I wouldn't get too teary-eyed about those poor old "Noble Savages".
    "Primitive" or "indigenous" cultures are pretty much like "modern" cultures in that there are good ones and bad ones. And the...
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    Mea Culpa and North to Alaska.

    Goomer: Honest, that diatribe was not directed at you.
    Since I am a "recovering" left leaning socialist and a "Born-Again" national socialist, ha ha, there are certain random "phrases" that set...
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    I'm from the Gov'mint, I'm here ta hep ya!

    " Left-leaning social liberal"

    "It is human nature to be interested in your own heritage. Taking it to the extreme is where things can go wrong....and by that I mean bringing harm upon others...
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    Alpha Male? Not. But Possible.

    Dude, sorry but this,..thread is getting a little tiresome. It is definitely not your money, or lack thereof, that is causing your romantic
    doldrums. Man, it's your Attitude! If your...
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    Important!  Here's to a healthy curiosity!

    Ohrdruf: No problem. I have been following your posts with great interest.
    You have some interesting information that I was definitely not aware of.
    I have the Ivinheim book on order, but haven't...
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    Important!  Mea Culpa? or A Cup of Mead?

    Whoa, dude, I didn't mean to piss you off with my pathetic attempt to appear
    whitty. And I don't claim to be "well versed" in this subject, although you might say that I am somewhat "well read"...
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    Important!  The "Nazi" nuclear research center on Huemul...

    The "Nazi" nuclear research center on Huemul Island, Argentina.
    Unfortunately, those nefarious 4th Reich "nazi" scientists had flown the koop.
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    You can't get there from here.

    Oh ya? Well I swear there is no Heaven! mmm... But I pray there is no Hell!!

    Really dudes, this whole thing is ridiculous. Atheism itself is a "religion".
    Stephen Hawking is really an...
  19. Important! Poll! Non sequitur, the trendy new yuppie wine! What is it with libbtards and logic?

    Plenty, including 17 children, and in case you didn't notice they were murdered (most were burned to death in the fire set by the police) by the heavily armed police thugs, the same heavily armed...
  20. Important! Poll! Alice in Libbtard Land.

    To be a liberal, you 1st have to dispense with all ability to use reason and logic. It also helps to believe in the tooth faery. And one must always confuse
    cause with effect.

    Dude, you got it...
  21. I'm not a real Intellectual, but I play one on the Internet!

    I don't know what part of the PNW you have been to many times but maybe you should broaden your horizons. Or do a little more research. I love how people love to pontificate on things they know...
  22. Well, they can't emigrate to other moslem...

    Well, they can't emigrate to other moslem countries because,
    1st, they don't have welfare,
    2nd, they don't allow drinking ETOH,
    3rd, they don't allow their women to parade around in scanty burqas...
  23. Important! Poll! More Guns, Less Crime. More CCWs, Less Criminals.

    Wallflower: There are tons of studies about "more guns, less crime".
    The best place to start would be the NRA and Gun Owners of America.

    Start here for example:
  24. Evolution in action.

    Thank you! Anyone who has spent any time with african blacks and with chimpanzees or gorillas can see the obvious link between the three sub-species. I have a great picture taken in the National Zoo...
  25. Beastiality.

    As a policy, I don't denigrate women. Even degenerate ones. But to be honest,
    she is a skank.
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