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  1. Merkel’s CDU produces worst ever election result in Hamburg amid party chaos

    So the process and idea of turning Germany into a Caliphate is becoming less popular.
  2. Boris Govt: Releasing Report on Ethnicity of Rape Gangs ‘Not in Public Interest’, Ministers Need ‘Safe Space’

  3. how the media sugar-coats reality - 6 Asian members of racist Huddersfield rape gang

    The Whole Establishment in the UK ignore the issue of grooming.
    Rough language in the Vid doesn't lessen the seriousness of the issue.
  4. David Irving on . . . When A Lie Becomes Truth – Anne Frank Diary A Fraud

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  6. John Adams 2nd President of the United States

    "Corruption, like a cancer … eats faster and faster...
  7. The on-going phenomenon of the behaviour of...

    The on-going phenomenon of the behaviour of Pakistani muslims ‘grooming’ underage vulnerable White girls throughout Britain and EUROPE doesn’t look as bad if viewed as a single item and given No...
  8. Begging / pleading adverts on behalf of 3rd world infants, children and animals

    Give them AID so that they can come to Europe to replace you, live of you, and cut your throat.
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    Trump Slams Roger Stone Jury Forewoman as “Anti-Trump Activist”

    Stone’s right to request a new trial as the jury forewoman in his case is a former Democratic political candidate and a far-left looney who had posted inflammatory anti-Trump content on social media.
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    Bosnian Minister Warns 100,000 Migrants Heading For European Union in Coming Weeks

    How can the people of Europe not see this danger and how Saudi Arabia and Turkey are behind it?
    Cultural marxist education and MSM programming has left the European people without even the will to...
  11. Five Cardinals and two prominent bishops speak about the end times
  12. ‘All Foreigners’ – Danish Police Arrest 27 in 100-kilo Cocaine Bust

    HELSINKI, Finland (AP) – <font size="3"><strong>Danish police say they have arrested 27 people for suspected drug smuggling after finding some 100 kilograms of cocaine on a...
  13. Thread: Brexit

    by jagdmesser

    Britain must be able to set laws that suit itself after EU breakaway - UK's chief Brexit negotiator

    Check out how well EU economies are doing these days compared to the Brits? Yellow Vests aren’t running around London but despite a MSM blackout they have been running around Paris for six months....
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    ‘House the Irish First’ – Protesters Block Housebuilding for ‘Non-national Families’

    The EU is like ‘immigration’ when people catch on, it’s too late. The game’s lost.
  15. UK: Rochdale Rapist Jailed After Police Find Child-Sized Bras, Pictures of Young Girls

    MSM in the UK and elsewhere have a duty and responsibility to fully cover ‘Grooming of indigenous under-age girls by Pakistanis’. It would then be obvious to all that the only cultural enrichment...
  16. Michelle Williams thanks God for abortion; pro-life women respond: Babies worth more than trophies

    Acting is the profession where not toeing the party line is just the total end of your career.
    And people think we live in the 'free world' but it's not free of 'head hunters'.
  17. Rothschild Tells Trump to “Shut The F* Up” About Reforming Their Federal Reserve Bank

    The Federal Reserve Bank owned by the International jewish New World Order and aided by legislatures of well paid minions.
  18. Swedish Communist Party: The Left Has Abandoned the Working Class For Migrants & LGBT

    We have reached the stage where the only government policy is putting your hands over your eyes and shouting ”I cant see anything” which only bring in more groids and muzzies. That best describes...
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    Important!  War on the lies, liars and ww2

    Those using the cellars as Air-raid Shelters were roasted alive and then they melted....
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    Sturgeon snub: How Supreme Court declared ‘Scotland has no fishing power’

    The seas round the British Isles are shallow. The North Sea is nowhere more than 200 metres ... It is, too, the home of millions fish, and more than a million tons are caught every year.

  21. More ‘Asian’ Grooming Gang Abusers Sentenced in Oxford, England

    ALWAYS Pakis too.

    We put them on pedestals, then wonder why so many invade and why they behave like they do?
  22. Planned parenthood

    A Christian man I worked with once...
  23. War by Reverse Psychology

    Those societies with mindless open door immigration policy don’t work and are terminal. The dysfunction follows with the migrants. European peoples and countries know mass immigration and equality...
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    Important!  Dresden Police Report March 22 1945 202 040 mostly women and children
  25. Talk to Working-class Men Dying of Lung Disease About Their ‘White Male Privilege’ - Tory MP

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