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    For Lostsoulwanders

    I had to think about your letter for awhile. I can't be certain how far you want to roll the thread back. My work has a somewhat narrow focus on the Mesolithic Europe, the British Isles in...
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    Good morning Lostsoulwanders and Rainman


    For Rainman: I happily concede that I am something of a bleeding heart and honor my ancestors deeply. Its difficult for me to address race perse' because my children and I carry the...
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    Ancestral Airs/ Ancestral Memory

    Longing to know your people.......its a ravenous, lonely thing and the hunger that drove my life. It wasn't an easy quest either, fraught with uncountable pathways that seemed to deadend constantly....
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    Ancestral Airs/Ancestral Memories

    The longing in your introduction is palpable and inspired me to write an essay that I will try to post in your behalf. This litle sojourn is entitled Ancestral Airs/Ancestral Memories. Welcome to...
  5. For Rainman

    Wow. I think you need to go up on the mountain and get yourself straight.

    "It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."
  6. contrived

    How the world at large determines genius, greatness and madness is contrived anyway. Countless fall through the cracks because of this means of measuring immeasurable things. Others live their lives...
  7. For Vindedefense

    That link was hilarious, I just loved it and laughed out loud. Yes, we are all mad as hatters, aren't we. It reminds me of a statement Truman Copote made. His family worried constantly about his...
  8. For Vindefense

    Perhaps I shouldn't press the point but you have me intrigued.

    This is the line that inspired my inquiry:

    ......genius or bad habits, which are nothing but obstacles

    I have lived in the...
  9. For Vindefense

    I found your letter forthright and magnifcent. I have studied tribal communites for decades and what you state about trust is absolutely true. And your statement about truth......exquisite. Each and...
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    Foraging,Gardening,Ethnobotany, Ecology

    I am none too skilled at finding threads but this one could be very exciting. I have studied these and other related fields for many years (decades) and planted my first garden when I was three (good...
  11. Taking Responsibility

    Wow!!!!! Who among us hasn't ascended from "immigrants" and invaders? "Immigrants" have their own traditions and have no need of anyone elses. Each of us has a responsibilty to research, understand...
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    Thank you for your interest

    Dear Rightpath,

    Thanks for the interest in my work. Yes, I have written several books. The first two I ended up rolling into one manuscript entitled Ancestral Airs. Its a bit hefty, 700 pages (a...
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    Shamanic Apex of Mesolithic Britain

    Dear One and All,

    I know its hard to believe but I have never done this before (old dog, new tricks). Never the less I have found this forum fascinating and deeply desire participating in it. I...
  14. Mesolithic/Neolithic Britain

    I found that in order to understand the movement of ancient peoples into and out of Britain I had to do an indepth study of the impact glaciers (ice ages) had on migration. When most of Britain was...
  15. Mesolithic/Neolithic British Isles

    This is a subject near and dear to my heart. I have spent 30 years researching the indigenous people of the British Isles. It is a challenging study, never the less I have understood for decades that...
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