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    LAPD identifies suspect in stabbing of UCLA grad student Brianna Kupfer

    Los Angeles police identified the man they say stabbed UCLA student Brianna Kupfer to death inside a high-end furniture store where she worked, hours after offering a record-breaking $250,000 reward....
  2. Important!  YouTube Permanently Bans Fox News Host Dan Bongino

    Ivana Saric and Sara Fischer, Axios, January 26, 2022

    Fox News host Dan Bongino was permanently banned from Youtube on Wednesday, following his suspension from the platform last week for violating...
  3. Sweden's 'exceptional' 7,000-year-old burial comes to life
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    Poll! A Russo-Ukrainan war?

    German navy chief resigns over Ukraine comments

    The head of the German navy has resigned over...
  5. What death of a famous person upset, devastated or shocked you the most?
  6. Important!  St Kilda’s Captain Cook Statue Doused in Red Paint in Australia Day Protest$zoom_0.101%2C$multiply_1.3545%2C$ratio_1.5%2C$width_756%2C$x_0%2C$y_0/t_crop_custom/q_86%2Cf_auto/2744e74ed9389e6d6cd434464c51ec3d680e5cbb

    Marta Pascual Juanola, The...
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    Important! Poll! A staged riot... ...

    A staged riot...

  8. Important!  Facebook’s New ‘Cutting-Edge AI Supercomputer’ Will Be Used to Censor ‘Hate Speech’ And ‘Misinformation’
  9. The Advocate of Autocracy: Who is Thomas Hobbes?

    Thomas Hobbes has been long considered the quintessential modern political philosopher. His 1651 book Leviathan pivoted political philosophy as we know it. Who was the man behind the pen?
  10. Ancient Viking ship under Ostend block of flats?

    Could the demolition of a block of flats in Ostend (Flanders) provide an opportunity to uncover a Viking ship? ...
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    Justice for Ahmaud Arbery?

    Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, January 8, 2022

    The convicted murderers of Ahmaud Arbery were sentenced yesterday. Travis McMichael, who is 35 and pulled the trigger, got life in prison with...
  12. Important! Poll! To argue, as Liz Cheney and Nancy Pelosi do, that Trump didn’t have a right to contest the election is to replace the rule of law with the rule of


    "The Democrats and their partners in the media have used all their assembled might to coerce Trump and his allies into silence. His only crime is that he won’t shut up about the...
  13. The long, harsh Fimbul winter is not a myth

    Half of Norway and Sweden’s population may have died. Researchers now know more and more about the catastrophic year of 536.
  14. Sexist comments result in 10 month jail sentence for Flemish professor

    Plastic surgeon Jeff Hoeyberghs has been sentenced to ten months in jail for sexist comments during a talk at...
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    Important! Poll! UK: Lockdown Prevented as Many as 740,000 Urgent Cancer Care Referrals

    By Paul Joseph Watson

    Medics warn of “biggest catastrophe ever.”
  16. Lessons Nationalists Can Learn from the Hussites

    Is it possible for national patriotic revolts against the globalist elite to be successful? And if so, what is the right...
  17. U. Michigan paid critical race theory advocate $20,000 for a one-hour virtual discussion

    Costs for this event were covered by the university's General Fund,' which includes state appropriations, a university official told Campus Reform

    Author and prominent critical race theory...
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