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    Things you may not know about Pope Francis... ...

    Things you may not know about Pope Francis...
  2. Thread: Hunter Biden

    by Verđandi

    Republican FEC Member Doesn't Rule Out Bias in Twitter Banning Hunter Biden Laptop Story

    The story about Hunter Biden's "laptop from hell" did not initially...
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    The Dutch are the world’s tallest people – but they are shrinking

    Diminution is partly...
  4. Professor Derek Hook Sees Merit in the Idea “White People Should Commit Suicide as an Ethical Act”

    Pennsylvania professor teaches White people committing suicide can be an...
  5. Teacher Faces Calls to Be Fired for Claiming on Video That Telling Kids to Sit Still Is ‘White Supremacy’

    A Virginia high school teacher has sparked outrage on social media after posting a TikTok video in which he argues that expecting students to behave, follow directions and sit quietly is ‘the...
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    Why We Should Vote PPC

    The Necessity of the Political

    This is a straightforward...
  7. Important!  Ex-Officer Chauvin Pleads Not Guilty in Police Brutality Case Involving Teen

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Former Minneapolis police officer Derek...
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    Important!  Chenogne

  9. English Touring Opera Fires Half Its Orchestra for Being White

    We’re living in a world where you can lose your job just because you are White, but somehow this is not considered racism.
  10. 'Just so fun to say': Are these the best Swiss German words to learn?

    One thing that confounds new arrivals to German-speaking Switzerland...
  11. Important!  Leaked documents reveal the special rules Facebook uses for 5.8M VIPs

    "These people can violate our standards without any consequences."

    Facebook had a problem on its hands....
  12. Police arrest suspect who distributed anti-LGBTQ stickers in Antwerp

    On Tuesday, the police arrested a suspect for distributing anti-LGBTQ stickers at various locations in and around the...
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    North Korea Insists US ‘Be Brought to Justice’ for ‘Atrocities’ in Afghanistan


    The last US troops left Afghanistan on 30 August...
  14. US Capitol Police Prepare for September 18 ‘Justice for J6’ Rally

    The US Capitol Police have made preparations for the September 18...
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    Biden claims ‘first job offer’ from Idaho lumber company, but it’s news to them

    President Biden said at a wildfire-focused event in Idaho Monday that his “first job offer” came from...
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    AOC wears ‘Tax the Rich’ dress to Met Gala

    Well, isn’t that rich.

    Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — who is the face of the Democratic...
  17. Parma Man Gets Upset Black Amazon Driver Threw His "Black Liars Murder" Sign, Calls Police and Fox 8

    Ed Gallek, capable of telling half a story with the best of them, recently...
  18. Poll! CENSORED: Alex Jones Lays Out The Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Center on Sept. 12, 2001

    From the Infowars vault, Alex Jones in 2001 breaks down the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center the day after 9/11. This prescient report is...
  19. Danish Vikings 'may have made their own wine'

    New research suggests the Vikings indulged in a bit of viticulture....
  20. Was Viking ruler Rollo Danish or Norwegian?

    Danish or Norwegian? Teeth hold the answer.

    Norwegian researchers opened...
  21. The Anglo-Saxons were more menacing than the Vikings, and the English language can prove it

    The Anglo-Saxons were more menacing than the Vikings, and the...
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    Important! Poll! Unvaccinated Cats Are Killing Us

    After escaping from a lab, Abby...
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    Important! Poll! Biden lashes out at America’s 80M unvaccinated, issues far-reaching shot mandates

    Telling unvaccinated Americans, “Your refusal has cost us all,” President Biden on Thursday mandated that...
  24. Virginia Officials Will Replace Objects in Time Capsule Under Robert E. Lee Statue With Kente Cloth, LGBT Pin And BLM Sticker
  25. How a Viking king inspired one of our best-known modern technologies

    A Danish 16th-century paining of Viking king Harald Bluetooth. Photo: Wikimedia...
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