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    Changing the Whip Hand

    Football players in England resumed their interrupted season in front of empty stands this month. Before the...
  2. “We Are Trained To Misinform” – Ex-Big Pharma Sales Rep Speaks Out

    “There is no such thing as a safe drug.” This comes from ex-pharmaceutical sales rep and author of the book,...
  3. Important!  The jewish Cultural Looting and Plundering of Germany After its Defeat

    German military leaders charged with war crimes at Nürnberg were charged with “destruction et pillage...
  4. A Quarter Of All Personal Income In The US Now Comes From The Government

    Following today’s release of the latest Personal Income and Spending data, Wall Street was predictably...
  5. Important!  Choose Your Own Prison Adventure

    I have never been to prison and I hope I never go to prison. In a perfect world, obeying the laws and refraining...
  6. Important!  Mississippi’s Republican Lawmakers Vote to Change State Flag to Appease Anti-White Mob

    Mississippi was the last state in the South to have the Confederate flag as part of its...
  7. Important!  The jewish Post-War Ethnic Cleansing of German Silesia and Breslau

    Stolen Heritage: German Silesia

    In the parts of Germany taken for Poland in 1945, the entire ethnic German...
  8. Important!  CHAZer Means Pig in Hebrew – This Is Not Just a Coincidence

    It was brought to my attention that Chaz is actually the Hebrew word for pig, so I decided to take a look into...
  9. Important!  The Originator of “Autonomous Zones” is Peter Lamborn Wilson, an Open Advocate of Child Rape

    I am only now stumbling across this information, so it will not be an in depth investigation. I...
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    Could Trump Have a Gaullist Moment?

    1968 is a byword for political instability. As bad as the year was in the US, with many race...
  11. Important!  When the Dust Settles

    Since the dawn of time, humans have created monuments dedicated to individuals and their...
  12. Important!  St. George Floyd: A Modern Christian Martyr?

    Nearly every church is mourning a drug-addicted, deadbeat dad who pointed a gun at a pregnant woman’s stomach....
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    Take the Knee Police Force Warns Officers Who Don’t Kneel at Black Lives Matter Rallies

    A police force has urged its officers to ‘take the knee’ in support of Black Lives Matter protesters – or...
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    Another Reason Not to Watch Porn

    Among the many companies that pledged money to combat “racism” over the last three weeks was, which promised money for...
  15. Important!  The jewish Expulsion and Extermination of Germans in Pomerania and Danzig


    “In the windswept courtyards of the Stettiner Bahnhof, a cohort of German refugees, part of...
  16. Important!  Republic Of CHAZ Institutes Reparations Payments; White Participants Pressured To Give Blacks $10 Each

    In the fledgling nation of CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone), racial justice is a very serious issue. Seattle, Washington just was not anti-White enough for the people of CHAZ, which is why they...
  17. Important!  Corporate America Pledges $1.7 Billion to Black Lives Matter

    t is going to be quite a trip watching Black Lives Matter spend billions of dollars in the coming years — handed to...
  18. Important!  Anti-White Motivational Speech from CHAZ

    This is hilarious. This fat faggy-sounding thing is telling White people how unwelcome...
  19. Denmark: Teenage girl sexually assaulted by Middle Eastern man

    An 18-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by a Middle Eastern man while walking in a park in Lyngby on...
  20. Iconoclasm 2020: world wide assault on our heritage & civilization

    Foreigners start petitions to remove “racist” Scandinavian statues

    The iconoclasm in US and...
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    UK: Far-left mobs chase down and beat random white British men in London (VIDEO)

    Video footage of violent BLM and far-left activists chasing down and beating random white...
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    London Mayor slammed for labelling patriots ‘far-right’

    In light of todays protests by patriots and the Democratic Football Lads Alliance to protect statues from...
  23. Important!  They Are Attacking Our Past To Destroy Our Future

    As I am sure you have already seen, BLM, Antifa, and the other assorted anti-Whites have been defacing monuments and toppling a number of statues, and there are calls for even more to come down.
  24. Sweden Democrats MP accuses government of promoting anti-Swedish racism (VIDEO)

    Tobias Andersson, an MP for the Right-wing Sweden Democrats party from Västra Götaland County...
  25. Important!  US: Man in critical condition after being struck by statue torn down by the mob (VIDEO)

    A “protester” is in critical condition after being hit in the head by a Confederate statue...
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