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    Poll! ABC Town Hall Masquerades Anti-Trump Activists as ‘Uncommitted’ Voters


    Multiple voters characterized by ABC News as undecided—and selected to pepper President Donald Trump with questions during a network town hall—are longtime Trump critics. While the...
  2. Important!  Black ‘Queen’ Berates Passengers on Their White Privilege, Gets Brutal Smackdown


    A woman, who identified herself as a “black queen from California,” attacked white...
  3. Sharon Stone, 62, admits she has tried online dating but found it 'dismal' because it was impossible to feel the chemistry

    Sharon Stone wants to write a book about her 'dismal' online dating experiences.

    The 62-year-old actress...
  4. “RGB” and the Death of the Constitution

    Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, September 21, 2020

    Justice Ruth Bader...
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    Rapist who suggested imaginary twin carried out attack faces lengthy prison term

    A violent rapist who made up a twin brother to blame for a ‘monstrous’...
  6. "Why White People Owning Dogs is Racist"

    Way back in time, almost 12,500 years ago,...
  7. Important!  Edinburgh University renames David Hume Tower over 'racist' views

    Edinburgh University has renamed its David Hume Tower over the philosopher's "comments on matters of race".
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    Important!  CDC Admits That People Test Positive for COVID-19 After Previously Having the Common Cold

    The “pandemic” is fake. People are being forced to wear muzzles, stay six feet apart, have their careers...
  9. The Psychology of the Left

    William Greenough

    Scientists from the...
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    Important!  Racial/Ethnic Variation Found in Nasal Gene Expression of Key Protein Used By SARS-CoV-2

    In a study published in JAMA today, Mount Sinai researchers report findings that shed some light on the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Blacks, who have experienced rates of infection and...
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    The Logic Of Bell Curve Leftism

    A twist not many of us saw coming.
  12. Important!  ‘We Hope They Die!’

    Black Lives Matter mob blocks emergency room for L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies...
  13. Important!  Protests Erupt in Lancaster, Pennsylvania as Police Fatally Shoot Knife-Wielding Man After He Rushes at Officer

    Black Lives Matter activists have taken to the streets of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, demanding “justice” for 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz, who was killed by police after he charged at an officer with a...
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    Poll! Why I Am (Reluctantly) Voting For Trump

    Peter Bradley, American Renaissance, September 13, 2020

    After 25 years on the losing side, I...
  15. Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse”

    As romance gets swiped from the screen, some twentysomethings aren’t liking what...
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    German word of the day: Naja

    Naja, we look at one of the most widely used German particles.

    Germans have...
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    Review of Stomach-Turning Scenes from Cuties (No Videos or Images)

    So I just watched "Cuties" to see for myself what its all about. Truly what I found was more...
  18. Important!  Portland woman accused of rioting faces both local and federal charges

    In the latest example of federal authorities ramping up...
  19. Race Faker Jessica Krug Hailed Bronx Bodega Murder of 15-Year-Old Junior Guzman

    Race faker Jessica Krug was applauded at a university conference when she hailed the murder of a 15-year-old...
  20. Important!  Black Lives Matter Led to Record Number of Mass Shootings

    Three Democrat cities will account for 5,000 shootings.

    Daniel Greenfield,...
  21. Jewish US professor Jessica Krug admits she has pretended to be Black for years (and now she pretends to be white)

    Will the Real Jessica Krug Please Sit Down?

    Recently, Jessica Krug, a Jewish Left-wing activist...
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    German word of the day: Die Zukunftsmusik

    Today’s German word of the day is for those who dare to dream.
  23. Goodbye Middle Class: The Percentage Of Wealth Owned By The Top 10% Just Got Even BIGGER

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    German World War II Cruiser "Karlsruhe" Discovered Off Norway

    The wreckage of one of Germany’s...
  25. Risk of Turko-Greek war bigger than ever

    Erdoğan’s adviser says Turkey will shoot down “5 or 6” Greek jets & personally execute a pilot


    A foreign and security policy advisor to the regime of Turkish President...
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