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  1. I can totally confirm that what Schwab says is...

    I can totally confirm that what Schwab says is true (with my entire data set of Just ME). My mother's father (I was born in Granddad's home) forbade my mother to have me cut for his VERY...
  2. Poll! What does it mean if I'm perpetually stuck in...

    What does it mean if I'm perpetually stuck in between a baby-smooth face and some serious Santa-Stubble? My beard is mostly pure white these days. My youngest daughter wants me to put on a few pounds...
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    I think people who interpret the christian bible...

    I think people who interpret the christian bible as accurate prophecy have got the cart in front of the horse, much to the loud public laughter of the Jews descended from its authors. The bible is...
  4. Important!  I had a unique reason for wanting a family, in...

    I had a unique reason for wanting a family, in that my own family was a complete disaster (my parents abandoned me, I was put into foster care, I ended up being adopted, but it all worked out great...
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    ASTRAGOTH: Ow, chihuahua. But fair's fair; I...

    ASTRAGOTH: Ow, chihuahua. But fair's fair; I called your jeezy cult a bill of goods/pack of lies/bucket of spit/horse-hockey/paranoid delusion/absolutely nonse- I am rambling a bit, aren't I... too...
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    Chlodovech, I think you missed my point, and if...

    Chlodovech, I think you missed my point, and if you want to chat about things privately together then I'm open to the idea.

    (But here's the Cliff Notes version: How did the ancient Germanic...
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    I genuinely understand and sympathize with those...

    I genuinely understand and sympathize with those who've made truly shitty decisions in their lives that have led to their own suffering and even more so for the ones whom they love. Life is rough,...
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    I've been a fan of the following theory(ies) for...

    I've been a fan of the following theory(ies) for years. I don't think that Latin (the language of monkish pederasts and perverts for All of Time) has a unique claim to the term "Scot":

  9. Not new, but I feel new - so more greeting, less introduction.

    It's been a big year. Did a lot of traveling to northern Europe, met some (maybe) blood relations - that story will bear out in the next few weeks, probably. It's been an interesting time and I'm...
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    Gentrification is All Powerful.

    I'm not being argumentative, I'm merely playing Devil's Advocate about your point (Velvet) that "there's no place to go". Without question, we still go where ever we want to go and completely take...
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    Dealing with the Bullshit...

    Dealing with the Bullshit is my biggest peeve these days. Having to constantly refute the bullshit before we can even have a decent conversation (and usually, without the bullshit, there actually IS...
  12. Important! Poll! Only Have as Many as You Can Carry at a DEAD RUN

    And for me, that number is THREE.
  13. Poll! Collar Mobility?

    I wonder how many people have a similar experience to my own, which involves several transitions (and a few more to come) from white to blue and back again. For instance I spent a while as an...
  14. I searched for...

    If what you want is European-grounded martial traditions, look up names like...

    George Silver

    ... and so many more.

    And then there's Historical European Martial Arts,...
  15. Poll! Less Frey, More Njord

    Short and sweet: when our ancestors couldn't stomach being trapped on their land (murderous kings, lackeys of the pope, traitorous backstabbing neighbors, y'know, like TODAY), they took to the sea. ...
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    Important! Poll! Hell, yes, it was. Rather "Heliand Yes..."

    Too right, Plantagenet!

    The Christianity sold to or forced upon our northern European ancestors was completely unlike that of today. Our ancestors simply rejected the meek lambkin of a grubby...
  17. A Thursday's Child

    I was born on a Thursday, and for several decades now I have had the very same personal ritual, which is to celebrate my "Birth Day of the Week", meaning that every Thursday of every week I do...
  18. Important!  Late to the Intro, but better late than never

    I'm a middle-aged father of three children and husband of twenty-odd years (to their mother) who lives on a boat in Ventura, California. Between the lovely beach town, keeping the boat in good...
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    Another article on the point

    Just thought I'd chip in another article that addresses the specific point regarding women in Norse society before and after (and during) the forced conversions:
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    A scholarly contribution

    I enjoyed this particular article on this subject a few years back and thought I might share it with you all. It's a well-reasoned and extremely well-argued statement for a more nuanced look at how...
  21. Nah, just Parisians

    I spent a long time in the far distant country working with a provincial Frenchman. He was from somewhere up in Brittany, if I recall correctly. His family made that French pear liquor that starts...
  22. Poll! Barter Economy

    At the moment I'm not working (for a salary), although my sweetie is. But in the near future we imagine a lifestyle where we spend out time in the company of boats and people who sail them. Boats...
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    Important! Poll! From skiing and archery to here

    Having a deep interest in the Gods, I was goofing around on the internet one day looking up whatever tickled my fancy regarding different Gods & Goddesses. Voilá. Here was Skadi.
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    In the harbor

    I live in a harbor in southern California and it's bright sunny and chilly - by our standards - at 61ºF. I'd like to put the windows on my boat, but the adhesive I'm using wants it to be at least...
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    The Old Sod!

    I've got family from Cornwall. Always happy to meet one from the land of my family. And Granraude, I was inspired by your profile. I borrowed some of your phrasing for my own.
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