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    Re: Latinos?

    what I mean by that statement, is that Mexico is a melting pot since day one. Meaning, the time that there was no time in Mexican history where whites represented a large point of the population, and...
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    Re: Latinos?

    I lived many years in Latin America and I know the people and culture pretty well. First, I think Latin America divides into different types of racial countries:
    A.Pretty much white(Argentina and...
  3. Re: Skadi Changed its Orientation: Germanic instead of European

    Well isn't this dissapointing :(
    This is probably the best forum I have ever been a member of. But I respect Njord's opinion since he is the one who does most of the paying to keep this site up....
  4. Re: Is Argentina really 97% white? The CIA factbook says it is.

    I might have the answer to what happened to the blacks in Argentina.
    I don't know if this is 100% true...but i'll post it anyways.
    This guy I know who is a history teacher in Argentina, told my...
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    Re: Barbarossa

    yes. I have heard of this tale. Maybe it woudln´t be a bad idea for someone to look for the mountain and chase the ravens away himself ;)
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    Re: Barbarossa

    I really admire Barbarossa. For some reason, I really valued his ideas of unification. Too bad he ended up drowning ;(
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    Re: Bongiorino!

    Greetings ms. Hana.
    I am sure you will enjoy your stay here at skadi ;)
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    Poll! Re: Are cats superior to dogs?

    Yeah. I agree. Dogs are more entertaining, we have a cat, I don´t even really go near it, it´s really a boring animal. Dog might take more time to clean and take care of, but it´s more useful than a...
  9. Re: Is Argentina really 97% white? The CIA factbook says it is.
    you guys should try to read the articles I post every once in a while ;)
  10. Re: Is Argentina really 97% white? The CIA factbook says it is.

    I lived in Argentina most of my life. 97% is completely WRONG.
    There is a large amount of whites in Argentina, they are a majority in their country, that´s for sure, but I guess it´s more like 65 or...
  11. Poll! Re: Where do the Best Looking Meds come from?

    hmm tough. I can't decide.
    For me, it's a tie between UK/Ireland,Italy and Greece. I have always thought, that Greek women, are very good looking, if not the best looking women in the world. I like...
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    Important! Poll! Re: Education level on this forum?

    I guess I am the only high schooler here? :halo
    O well, atleast I am almost done with it.
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    Re: Secret EU plan to kill NATO

    I think NATO needs to go. I don't like it. Would be even better if the US bases in Europe completely dissapear as well. I think Europe needs to stop relying on the US for armed forces, Europe needs...
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    Secret EU Plan to Kill NATO

    Political Correspondent

    A SECRET EU plot to wreck Nato and torpedo the UK’s influence in Europe was sensationally laid bare by Spain’s Prime Minister yesterday.

    He vowed his...
  15. Re: Travel Website Acknowledges Blond Hellenes

    I don't deny the fact that there was/is blonds in southern Europe. One who has studied the ancient hellenic period, can realize easily, that there where many popular blond figures in ancient Greece....
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    Poll! Re: Age of Skadi Regulars

    I am a young lad. 17, as it says on my profile. 18 in July :D
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    Re: Where do you get your music from?

    I don't download much. When I want to buy classical cds, I just go to a normal store, you can get those just about anywhere, and very cheap as well. When I want to order metal music, I visit several...
  18. Important! Poll! Re: Is it 'OK' to have inter-religious relationships?

    Once I dated a Christian girl, and it wasn't pretty. We would constantly get into arguments about our religious orientation and it always ended up in some big fight and no talking to each other for a...
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    Re: Theo van Gogh killed (The Netherlands)

    Unnaceptable. Situation has grown so horrible in Europe, that not even native citizens of their own nations, can express their opinions without being harassed by a bunch of foreigners....
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    Re: What Osama might have told America

    I don't think they are our enemies, we are our own worst enemy for letting the zionists control our life...
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    Re: Any composer/musician here?

    Of course, I have a private teacher. by playing anything else, do you mean other songs or instruments? instruments drums but songs, I have learned others. I do consider it a serious hobby, even if I...
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    Re: Any composer/musician here?

    I have played drums for about 5 years, and I been playing piano for about 2 years. I woudln't say I am that good at piano, but I picked it up mostly as a hobby and because I love the way the piano...
  23. Re: Classify Gueli Simona, Miss Sicilia

    she deffinetly has some non-white features, in fact, non-white blood seems dominant in her. Dissapointing to see her, she isn't very attractive at all and there is prettier girls in Sicily.
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    Re: I am tired of the US.

    I agree with Ms.TisaAnne.
    The fact that you are white, dosn't mean you will be welcome in Europe.Specially by being from the United States. I use to be like you about a year and a half ago, I have...
  25. Important!  Re: Your Best And Worst Subjects in School

    My best subjects have always been Social Studies,Civics,Geography,Reading and Writing,art and music.
    my worst subjects:Mathematics,Anything sciene related.

    For some reason, I don't know why, but...
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