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  1. Important!  Re: What´s The Story Behind Your Username And Avatar?

    I don't have an Avatar yet but my user name is the name of at least 6 of my female German immigrant ancestors. I chose the name in honor of them.
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    Re: Hello from Michigan

    Thanks for the welcome. As far as politics go, I'm right leaning for the most part, although I'm unsure as far as what the appropriate label might be.

    I'm interested in genealogy, anthropology,...
  3. Re: China’s Changing Skin Colour: white was once coveted, now dark is

    This is similar to what happened to Western culture starting in the 1920's. Before that having paler skin was preferred because it was a status symbol that implied that you were wealthy enough not...
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    Important! Poll! Re: Were you smacked as a child?

    Once in while we were smacked although I don't think it had any negative concequences. I try not to with my children though.
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    Hello from Michigan

    Hi! I'm new here. I'm a 28 year old mom of 2 little girls (Gretchen and Clara). We live in Michigan now but moved here from South Carolina. Our families are originally from Germany, Switzerland...
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