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    Overall disappointing. It's very difficult for me...

    Overall disappointing. It's very difficult for me to understand how people can continue to vote for leftist bloc politics, despite the problems in this country. It's not that difficult to put 2 + 2....
  2. Polls Show: ‘Pretty Much All Of Journalism Now Leans Left’
  3. More Than 10,000 Elderly Swedes Are Homeless – While Migrants Get Everything Free
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    Half of Adults Do Zero Exercise
  5. ‘Enough, Enough, Enough’: PM to Cut Australia’s Migration Intake
  6. Revealed: One in Four Europeans Vote Populist
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    Race and the Fertility Paradox
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    Important!  Danish Æblekage (apple charlotte) ...

    Danish Æblekage (apple charlotte)

    Danish Pastry, here it's known as Spandauers or Wienerbrød
  9. Scenic Commute to Work Improves Mental Health – Study
  10. Study: Diversity-Preaching Media Far Whiter, More Male Than US Workforce
  11. Berlin Police Rap Against “Hate”: “I Work For The Police But I Can Also Be Your Homie!”
  12. Google Admits in Court Documents that it Believes Free Speech is “Disastrous” for Society
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    A Heathen Prayer
  14. Sweden’s Possible Next PM Will Not Cooperate With Anti-Migration Party As Sweden ‘Functions Excellently’
  15. Belgian Catholic Church To Broadcast Islamic Call To Prayer During ‘Concert Of Peace’
  16. German Police Chief Warns Women “Not to Drink Alcohol” After Migrant Gang Rape
  17. Racist Sinead O’connor Claims She Won’t Spend Time With “Disgusting White People” After Converting To Islam
  18. Majority Of Germans Feel Strangers In Their Own Country Since The Influx Of Muslim Migrants – Study
  19. White South Africans Barred From Registering on Government Jobs Website
  20. White People Who Don’t Want to Be White
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    Blaming Your Parents
  22. Germany’s Rich Put Their Children In Special ‘Migrant Free’ Day Care Centre
  23. Migrant Brutally Kicks Puppy In Belly And Tries To Rape Woman – Swedish Police Unavailable
  24. The Dutch Pay Billions For Migrant Welfare And Will Become A Minority In Their Own Country
  25. Denmark’s Capital Ranked As 1st On Lonely Planet’s Cities To Visit
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