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    Important! Poll! Faith?

    Do men make Gods or do Gods make men?

    The main reason I don't follow monotheism is that if there is one god, why not two?, or twenty? or....once there's a precedent who sets the limits and why?
  2. Hey Hey it's Saturday skit

    That skit was done as a send up of MJ, not of the black community.

    I'm not a fan of Hey's kind of old and tired, but I think they were railroaded by Harry Connick Jr so he could be seen...
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    Poll! Prudish

    I agree with Barin, (sorry, my keyboard can't put the dots over the "a" in your name) there's a time and a place for everything.
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    Art thread

    I'll contribute to this.
    Here's a couple of sketches of mine.

    ...and I've got my coke forge running again J. Baughman so I'll work on some wrought iron to show you.
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    Art Plot

    Art is relevant only if it has something to say. If it resonates it will survive, if it doesn't no amount of manipulation will save it.
    I do however agree that it can be used as a means to separate...
  6. Making a happy world

    Start small. You had the right of it when you talked about developing community.
    I have a moral responsibility to sustain my family first, then friends, local community, general community... THEN...
  7. Two reasons that spring to mind 1. The Church...

    Two reasons that spring to mind

    1. The Church was cobbled together by men who couldn't get laid.
    2. If you can't tax it, outlaw it. :thumbup
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    Female promiscuity

    Promiscuity arguments for and against... good for the gene pool, bad bad bad say the missionaries.
    Maybe I missed the point but, all this and not one mention of STI's like Chlamydia, Herpes, HIV,...
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    Greetings to all

    I love fishing and am out there any chance I get.The stones that I fish off are 5 minutes walk from my place. Very handy.
    I only fish for surface fish such as Bonito, Salmon,...
  10. Voter's rights in Oz

    Hello Todesengel
    People have begun to demonstrate in Sydney, protesting about the "death of democracy" in NSW under the current government.
    They (we voters) are engaging local celebs to rattle the...
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    Important!  I'm here now

    Hello all

    I've just joined and I'm from Maroubra, NSW.

  12. Important!  Another Smith

    Hello J Baughman
    I will certainly send through some pics as I do more objects.
    As I said, I'm a part timer and the items I've made to date have been as presents to friends and family...and I didn't...
  13. Important!  New member introduction

    Hello All

    My name is Kim and I'm from Sydney, Australia. My forebears came from York and were a mixture of Anglo Saxon, Dane and Scot.
    I've just joined your community after bumping into it while...
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