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    Miss Ireland 2021: First black winner 'proud' of crown

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    Voting By Mail – A Really Bad Idea

    The 2020 USA Presidential election with 80 million postal votes and Dominion vote counting machines left no doubt about serious national election fraud.

    Serious questions:

    is national election...
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    Taliban Executes British-Trained Afghan Sniper in Front of His Family

    Imagine the slaughter if Afghanistan was not dependent on a lot of World Aid.
  4. Poll! Cultural Collapse Theory

    Simply we are giving our countries away and if you speak about it your an extremist who will be made an example of by being sent to prison.

    Elections are no longer honest or real. The results...
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    Is President Higgins Boycotting NI Centenary?

    Is President Higgins of the Republic of Ireland Boycotting NI Centenary by, without reason, turning down - an invitation to a service in Armagh marking the centenary of Northern Ireland attended by...
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    Brexit: Counting the cost of the Irish sea border

    Brexit was about regaining sovereignty / making our own laws and control of our borders as regards who can enter.
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    Important! Poll! Members of Congress And Their Staff Are Exempt From Biden’s Vax Mandate

  8. Immigrants Grab Over Half of Norway's Social Benefits Amid Ballooning Costs

    The story is the same throughout all Europe. While islam furthers world conquest, because of 'liberalism' and global marxist leaders, Europeans are oblivious to their demographic suicide.
  9. Do Russians hunger for Western-style government? Polling suggests most would favour return of Soviet system over liberal democracy

    In the West, if we have, polls on controversial issues: government, wars, welfare, education, health care, immigration, lgbt, pr, etc. all we can be sure is it's a one off and the results are rigged.
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    The day the swastika flew beside the union jack in Britain

    Without Churchill and the jewish 'focus' group bribing him WW II would not have happened.
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    “a leopard never changes its spots”

    The phrase “a leopard never changes its spots” means that it’s impossible for one to change their character, even if they will try very hard. The expression, sometimes also used as “a leopard can’t...
  12. Barry holding a gun and dressed in a Black Panther uniform.

  13. After Backing Open Borders and Migrant Quotas, Merkel Says Belarus Pushing Migrants to EU ‘Unaccpetable’

  14. Poll! 911 Images

    When the 'global cabal' completely got away with 2 world wars, 9/11 and duffer China Joe's installation were easy.
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    Russia’s foreign exchange reserves top all-time high, up by over $17 BILLION in August, 2021.

    Why are Poor Countries never invaded?
  16. Google & BBC staff are facing an onslaught of woke indoctrination, but it won’t work… people can spot bullshit a mile away

    PC BS.

    Our countries are being stolen from us and we're suppose to think it's right and proper.

    The 'elite' establishment know that the day of MSM: newspapers, radio and television is really...
  17. Irish MEPs criticise Poland for pushing migrants back at new border wall with Belarus

    It's OK for frog Macron to send 3rd world migrants to the UK, some days close to a thousand, but when Lukashenko plays the EU at their own game for 'international interference' / a failed colour...
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    Important!  Tory MPs Finally Back Farage’s ‘Send Back the Boats’ Approach to Illegal Migration From France

    The main reason the majority of the people of the UK voted for Brexit, was 3rd worlders coming to be 'looked after' by the welfare state which they have no right to and have ravaged.

    How far are...
  19. Stones thrown at Canadian PM on campaign trail

    Any Irish report or account is far left. Rep of Ire. is the baying donkey of the EU.
  20. Poll! Majority of Eastern Germans Feel Life Better under Communism

    There were many similarities between a divided Ireland and a divided Germany.
    There are no simple solutions.
    I always admired the freedom and independence that duchies and regions had in Holy...
  21. America Goes To War In Order To Replace The American Population

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    Important! Poll! The New 9/11: A Global Virus Pandemic

    The elite 'bought' club of the Globalist, Marxist RULERS:
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    As World is Distracted by Afghanistan, Germany and Japan Declare Independence

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    Shameless Blair lectures the world on military strategy, with no word of the deceit he engineered for an illegal assault on Iraq

    Professor Gideon Polya, an expert in thanatology (the scientific study of the cause of death) and author of Body Count: Global avoidable mortality since 1950, has estimated that the absolute Iraqi...
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    Important!  Germany: Afghan Knifes Woman for Working, Then Elderly Man Who Tried to Help

    As if she has done Germany enough harm, Mad Marxist Merkel wants another session of these migrants before she leaves office.
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