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    Important!  Re: The Biological Superiority Of The Nordic Race

    If Nordics were biologically superior, we wouldn't be in danger of extinction. All that biological superiority really means is Darwinian reproductive success.
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    Re: Classify 'Semitic-looking' Slavs

    a) Mordvins are Finns, not Slavs

    b) How are they so Semitic-looking?
  3. Re: Slavic Germany

    Funny, I remember Tore doing this far more than you. At any rate, I at least was willing to clash with Ross over his absurd opinions on Ukraine and the Baltic; you apparently admire him too much to...
  4. Re: Slavic Germany

    Hooray for them.

    Wow, that's really an accomplishment. Didn't they both fall in a matter of weeks?

    Wonderful. The British were an avaricious nation of international financiers,...
  5. Re: Slavic Germany

    Naval combat in the Atlantic commenced immediately upon declaration of war.

    You said only children or the insane demand population transfers or expulsions in this day and age. Ross repeatedly...
  6. Re: Slavic Germany

    Poland was a pawn caught in the middle, like Romania.

    My point was that if Poland was really so important, Britain a) would have declared war on the Soviets, who annexed the larger portion of...
  7. Re: Slavic Germany

    Obviously. I was asking if it was under Polish rule before the 11th century.

  8. Re: Why is French listed as a Germanic ethnicity?

    They should only identify as "Franco-Germanic" if they actually have significant ancestry from both sides. How frequent was German-French intermarriage in the region?
  9. Re: Why is French listed as a Germanic ethnicity?

    *Crickets chirping*

    No takers?
  10. Re: Slavic Germany

    So, to whom had the lands belonged before the 11th century?

    Prior to the marital union, Poland had been encroaching upon Lithuania militarily and for putatively religious reasons.
  11. Important! Poll! Re: AW: Brands of Alcohol You Consume

    I really enjoyed Erdinger when I was in Germany and had it with Spargelsuppe. I'm not sure whether I've seen it for sale in the US, though.
  12. Re: Aryans: Culture Bearers to China

    I've consistently questioned the methodology of these people touting 'evidence that Aryans brought culture to China.' Some mummies in a remote, isolated province do not constitute a cultural...
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    Re: The Nigger song by Metallica

    Apparently you are of the opinion that a Negro transplanted to Vienna would gain an appreciable increase in musical talent. That is the logical extension of your conclusion, at any rate. You still...
  14. Re: Slavic Germany

    Christianizing a pagan populace in fact historically has often involved extermination, whether it be Franks against Saxons or Teutonic Knights against Latvians.

    You don't seem upset by Polish...
  15. Re: Slavic Germany

    Perhaps because their Tatar allies decided to return to the steppes after the battle, and Poland was not strong enough to face the Germans alone?
  16. Re: Slavic Germany

    It should be remembered that, despite Polish complaints about German intrusions, it was the Poles who invited the Germans into their land in the first place in order to fight the pagan Balts.
  17. Re: Discussions into Progressive Reform of the Orthodox NS concept.

    I have a question, not specific to NS but relevant thereto, that I have pondered for some time.

    Is it acceptable, moral, ethical, etc. to mislead the masses of people in order to gain power,...
  18. Why is French listed as a Germanic ethnicity?

    One *might* get away with calling Normans Germanic, but I very much doubt that someone from Languedoc or Bretagne would be considered Germanic by other Germanics or would regard themselves as such.
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    Re: The Nigger song by Metallica

    If you can't discern the difference between the two types of 'environments,' you must be a real Amurikin.
  20. Re: Do you hold to the Austrian School of Economics?

    If you think the media control is absolute now, wait until there are no states left and we are ruled entirely by global conglomerates and told what to eat, drink, wear, listen to, watch, etc. by...
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    Re: The Nigger song by Metallica

    Yeah, I'm sure musical talent is entirely environmental.
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    Re: American Ethnicities

    In much of the South this may be true; it is hardly the case in Boston and New York.
  23. Re: Do you hold to the Austrian School of Economics?

    You and others took offense at things I said about Ireland, but at least I never sided with England. When did you become English?

    The English 'success' that is resented is the 'success' of waging...
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    Re: The Nigger song by Metallica

    Beethoven was born in Bonn, and obviously had "lowland" blood, given his last name.
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    Re: Hetfield and Newstead are racist...

    What timeless music has mighty Britannia produced? British attempts at classical music are risible when compared with what Russia, Italy and Germany accomplished.
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