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    Re: Vienna busts huge child porn ring

    Good, hopefully the lot of them gets a death sentence.

    Can I assume it was a jew that owned the company or played a role in this pornography? It's probably a 75/25 chance of actually turning out...
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    Re: Hallo From South Africa !

    Hallo, welcome to Skadi...

    Praat jy Afrikaans? Ek sien jy is van ou Bloemies!!!
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    Re: Cybersex – is it cheating?

    I was 1year and 18days old when my Mother gave birth to my Brother... I can remember everything.

    Perhaps some just have a better memory than others, or perhaps those with worst memories don't...
  4. Re: Show us proof of Holocaust, Iran tells Europe

    They will play the same tune as the rest of the zombies that walk our streets; "Why don't you just visit Dachau or Buchenwald and see for yourself" while they're showing pictures of burned Dresden...
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    Re: Ligers and 'hybrid vigour'?

    Looks like we're pushing our crap onto other animals now.

    Also one of the big reasons I love lions(Male lions). They just can't get away from their nature to defend their own species. Lionesses...
  6. Important!  Re: German Contributions

    Can't believe many people didn't really reply on this one...

    I've read that article on germancross quite some time ago though. It's interesting.

    Lili Marlene, I like it. Actually listened to it...
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    Re: Not with a Bang, but a Whimper.

    There was a documentary some time ago where they came up with another "theory" about the big bang. This time around they went all out covering their butts on almost every angle.

    Now they say...
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    Re: Black man robs a church during mass!

    Surely you didn't think blacks went to church merely to pray did you?

    They go to check out the place, entrances, exits etc.
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    Re: Zimbabwe, an example for SA


    Op 'n berg in die nag
    Le ons in donker en wag
    In die modder en bloed le ek koud
    Streepsak en reen kleef teen my

    En my huis en my plaas tot kole verbrand
    Sodat hulle ons kan vang...
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    Re: Zimbabwe, an example for SA

    I think that much is true when it comes to many Caucasians. We might be small in numbers over all, but pretty tough, intelligent and extremely strategic in general.

    The problem with the Boere is...
  11. Re: European Hindus oppose German call for swastika ban

    Ok what about this one:

    Pictures of Swastika's used in article.
  12. Re: Classify Richard Wagner, his wife Cosima and their son Siegfried

    What is the jews trying to Wagner as being jewish? They do that with all the great men. Apparently Hitler actually wondered how long it will take the jews to say Columbus was jewish.
  13. Important! Poll! Re: AW: What is love?

    This list is merely suggestive and rather out of touch with reality. Don't you think so?

    First you need to define the term "abuse", before such a claim can actually be made.

    Love by its...
  14. Important! Poll! Re: What is love?

    Schopenhauer basically stated that love is a trick Nature plays on us. It's a necessity for the survival of the species.

  15. Re: Is This True?

    Well it seems to be working "nicely". They brought in multiculturalism and degraded our history precisely to make us lose our identities. It seems to be working too!

    Don't the people on the Isles...
  16. Re: Spread of Religion - 5000 years in 90 seconds

    Not really, Judaism itself is a Pagan religion. It's also not monotheistic, but a religion of polytheism, or many gods.
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    Re: Austrians: The Ugliest People of Europe?

    :D I remember it like this from

    The scene is a bar in Berlin in January 1933, filled with Nazis. Goering is skulling stiens of beer with the brownshirts, Goebbels is sipping...
  18. Exhibition on "Sex Slavery" Under the Nazis

    An exhibition on sexual slavery under the Nazis will open Sunday at the former Ravensbrück concentration camp, organizers said.

    The Foundation of Brandenburg Memorials, which operates museums...
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    Re: AW: Austrians: The Ugliest People of Europe?

    You know that actually happened, well more or less. It wasn't a nurse though, it was a women(well a black) that just gave birth to her own child, she then went on a frenzy and killed other newborns,...
  20. Important! Poll! Re: Your opinion on gun control?

    That is exactly why they WILL NOT allow it, especially when it comes to Europe or Germany.
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    Re: AW: Austrians: The Ugliest People of Europe?

    Correct, it's "lost in the translation" if you want to put it like that.
  22. Re: My very very very weird Skadi-related dream

    That's a clear indication that the Polish immigration into England is getting way out of hand.

    First it was a few, and now they're just storming the place like they stormed the elevator!

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    Re: AW: Austrians: The Ugliest People of Europe?

    It's probably because the Germans didn't find it humorous like the rest when Germany was being bombed.

    "Sauerkrauts! They just don't see the joke in it, bloody Germans" :thumbdown
  24. Re: Sv: Re: "Young Jews don't identify with their ethnic group"

    Ugh, I'm so sorry to hear :~(

    Bagel? :)
  25. Re: "Young Jews don't identify with their ethnic group"

    If they believe in the holocaust then they are religious and have a strong tie with the rest of the cockroaches they call "My fellow jew".
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