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    Of course! Biden's DOJ drops charges against Chinese spies in the USA, but still holds patriotic protesters in gulags in D.C.

    Forget what the Biden regime says about 'getting tough on China,' because it's not going to happen and here's why: Those reports prior to the 2020...
  2. The Surfside Condo Collapse, the Media, & the Polish-Canadian Question

    Champlain Towers South, a condo building in Miami Florida, collapsed on June 24, 2021 at 1:25 AM EST. The event is commonly known...
  3. Flanders' first breastfeeding bench hopes to break taboos

    A dedicated bench set up on the Grote Markt in Kortrijk, in West Flanders, aims to break taboos...
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    Important!  Have we entered a new phase of climate change?

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    Rep. Paul Gosar Announces He Is Sponsoring 10 Year Immigration Moratorium Bill

    Jack Hadfield, National File, July 23, 2021

    Representative Paul Gosar announced on Friday that he is sponsoring HR 4643, that would put a 10 year moratorium on immigration to the United States.
  6. The Worst Countries for Women (Afghanistan Isn't on the List)

    Concern-trolling over the dismal plight of women in Afghanistan...
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    Important! Poll! CDC Pulls PCR Tests Because they Can’t Differentiate Between COVID and Flu; California News Silent

    California Globe reported inconsistencies with Gov. Newsom’s $100 million COVID-19 testing lab in December
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    Important!  Ecuadorian Court Greenlights Withdrawing Citizenship From Assange

    In 2019, Ecuador suspended the citizenship of Julian Assange, the...
  9. Important!  Cleveland Changing Name from Indians to Guardians after 2021 Season

    ESPN, July 23, 2021

    Known as the Indians since 1915, Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team will next be called the Guardians.

    The ballclub announced the name change Friday with a video on...
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    Important! Poll! Arkansas governor blames ‘myths’ for vaccine resistance

    Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said he’s been traveling around the state to...
  11. EU draft exempts private jets, cargo from jet fuel tax

    The European Commission has proposed exempting private jets and cargo flights from the planned EU jet fuel tax. A draft indicates that the tax would be phased-in for passenger flights, including ones...
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    Grading on the Curves

    Jared Taylor

    Race norming was a practice that arose as part of the tortured history of affirmative action. Supreme Court decisions of the early 1970s banned the use of employment criteria that had...
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    Important! Poll! Anthony Fauci defends US funding coronavirus research at Wuhan lab

    Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday defended the US giving hundreds of thousands of dollars for research at...
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    Rep. Ronny Jackson, ex-White House doc, predicts Biden will be forced to resign

    'Completely lost it!' Ex-WH doc-turned pol wants Biden to take cognitive exam 'now'

    Rep. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician-turned-congressman, says he’s “terrified for our country”...
  15. Important! Poll! Breaking Points: Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Revealed As A Complete FBI Setup




  16. Why This Document Could Change Racial Identity Politics at Aussie Universities Forever

    Stephen Gibbs, Daily Mail, July 17, 2021

    A regional Australian university will demand more proof that students are Aboriginal if they want to claim places meant for Indigenous candidates.
  17. Will the Orthodox Church Submit to the Pope?

    To increase the churches’ power, the pope could be accepted as first among equals.

    The Orthodox Church will soon recognize the pope as head of...
  18. Nine things you might be surprised are actually Austrian

    OK so we know about Arnie, but there are plenty of Austrian discoveries that you might not know are...
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    Important! Poll! 'Everyone in my life has noticed': How Denmark's Covid-19 lockdown helped people with ADHD

    A Danish researcher found that some people with ADHD responded positively to disruption to their...
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    Important!  Record 430 Migrants Cross English Channel in Single Day

    BBC, July 20, 2021

    At least 430 migrants crossed the English Channel to the UK on Monday – a new record for a single day – the Home Office has said.

    The department said it was taking...
  21. Why do the Swedes take such long summer holidays?

    Summer in Sweden means workplaces emptying for weeks on end and a flood of...
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    Memorial of Norwegian teen killed in 2001 racist...

    Memorial of Norwegian teen killed in 2001 racist attack vandalised

    A memorial to a teenage boy murdered in a...
  23. Important!  Lee Highway in Arlington County Renamed Langston Boulevard

    Sophia Barnes, NBC Washington, July 17, 2021

    Route 29 in Arlington County has...
  24. Multiracial White Nationalism? Thoughts on the American Populist Union

    Travis LeBlanc

    As a matter of obligatory oppo research, I occasionally peruse Antifa Twitter. I think all White Nationalists...
  25. Norway arrests three after weapons seizure linked to "right-wing extremism"

    Three men have been arrested, and weapons including machine guns and grenades have been seized in a case...
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