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    Classify Tom Hardy

    Wondering if someone can classify Tom Hardy, looks very British to me somewhere between Nordic and Med, maybe Atlantid? What do you guys think? Sorry I couldn't get any side shots.
  2. Poll! Whats Everybody's View on Relations with Other Races?

    Okay, I'd just like to set it straight that I am a nationalist and I always will be. I would never mix with somebody outside my folk. However, I see no problem with befriending somebody of color if...
  3. How Would I Go About Finding My Y-DNA Haplogroup?

    If any of you have done the DNA test can you please provide me with a reliable company who does this? I've done some research and I think that my Y-DNA is R1b but I will not know for sure unless I do...
  4. Not Celtic or Saxon - Majority of the British population descended from the Basques?

    According to this article, the majority of the British population is descended from the...
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    Important!  I got into Rock Climbing about a year ago and I...

    I got into Rock Climbing about a year ago and I love it. To me it's the best sport and it's just as much of a head game as it is physically demanding. I'm also a martial artist since the age of 13,...
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    Thanks for the input. I am in no way a Buddhist,...

    Thanks for the input. I am in no way a Buddhist, but find some of its concepts very interesting, for example karma and truth. I also believe that your morality and actions do indeed determine your...
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    Hello Everybody

    I am new to this form and look forward to talking to like minded people who hold folk and heritage true to their hearts! I come from Newfoundland, one of the most homogeneous populations in Canada...
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    Thoughts on Buddhism?

    What is everybody's thoughts on Buddhism? I've been interested in it for a long time and I want to hear what you guys have to say.

    I have read that the origins of Buddhism come from Aryans of...
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