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  1. The Tragedy of not being politically correct: Professor Charles Folen (1796-1840), Harvard

    Excerpt from the article "For He Was One Of Us: Friedrich Schiller, The Poet of America." by Gabriele Chaitkin, American Almanac, October 1996:
  2. Chicago Schiller Gedenkfeier, May 1905

    Thought to post also several pages of the "Chicago Schiller Gedenkfeier" Book of May1905. One can get almost melancholic when comparing the American culture of Theodore Roosevelt's time with today's...
  3. Theodore Roosevelt About German Thought and Culture

    207 years ago, on May 9th 1805, Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller passed away. A man, “whose fame” - as Theodore Roosevelt wrote in 1905 - “is now a an heirloom, not merely of Germany, but of...
  4. Rudolf Steiner about The Transylvanian Saxons

    "Such experiences as this journey [to Transylvania] were brought me by destiny." - Rudolf Steiner

    What a magnificent formulation!

    And this is the whole article. The Story of My Life, Chapter...
  5. Victor Davis Hanson: Germany Has Finally Triumphed

    A must-read for every open minded person:

    Who is Victor Davis Hanson?:

    Quote from Wikipedia:

  6. Impressed beyond Words.

    Am totally impressed by your knowledge and dedication. Especially considering your age. Especially! But as Einstein said: "There are only two ways to live your life. One is though nothing is a...
  7. Replies

    Charles Dickens About the Germans

    The following is a rarely quoted letter of Charles Dickens. It talks for itself. And even more so, for the character of this great and truly extraordinary Englishman. On this 200th birthday of his,...
  8. Transylvanian Saxons

    This Post is in reply to Kussmaul's kind comment to my introduction in the Introduction & Greetings Thread. Kussmaul wrote: "I've read about the Transylvanian Saxons. Very interesting. They turned...
  9. Transylvanian Saxons

    I am going to respond to this kind comment and your question in the Transylvania Saxons Thread because I think it is there where it belongs.
  10. Transylvanion Saxon Greets from Canada

    Hello Skadi Members.
    I am a Transylvanian Saxon living in Canada. Found this side by coincidence. Some posts here are extremely educating and well written and I think that behind those some truly...
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