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    Voluntary Eugenics

    So I've been thinking. Things seem pretty bad these days or at least that's what we're constantly told as genetic individuals. I really can't see much difference between the life I've been leading...
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    Important! Poll! One vs Two

    The thing with being single is that it's just so damn easy. No one looking over your shoulder. No uncomfortable moments. Just you, your thoughts and a beer. I guess some people have a problem being...
  3. Threatens = Bad choice of wording.

    Threatens seems like a headline intended to grab the readers attention. It should go more like Canada and U.S. agree on returning to strong national before international economies. I guess it just...
  4. New Ideas

    I feel it is every White's duty within the nation they were once a majority and now feel threatened to a create a unique movement. I will just give an example of the skinhead image export. The...
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    Important!  I've been known to pluck a string or two

    Yes, I play some instruments. I would probably say the guitar is my first love or maybe the ukulele when I was younger. There is definitely a history in the genes for music. My grandfather (mom's...
  6. Poll! Not so much Friends as Acquaintances

    In my life I feel I've truly had the pleasure and misfortune of associating with all races and ethnicities. With more a focus in the last few years of those unlike myself. At the end of the day this...
  7. Great Idea

    I haven't looked much into this. But the impression I get is a small minority of German nationalists are turning themselves in based on their beliefs that the story they've been told about the...
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    Important!  Sustainable Population

    If anyone is truly concerned about saving their race they should raise responsible, educated, successful, racially aware children. I do see a lot of DINK's (Double Income No Kids) in and around the...
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    Here's where I agree with Christianity

    You can say all the bad things you want about Christians and Christianity. But this is where I unanimously side with them and become proud of my upbringing. There is nothing that tee's me of more or...
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    Eye Roll

    Exactly. A political party need not bow to another political parties idea of a life lived. The fact that this party is telling another political party to adapt their moral ideology is complete...
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    Not to Bad

    What can I say? Have I been better sure. Have things been worse probably. But knock on plastic I'm here typing on Skadi and that's good enough for me. Some people want a lot out of life. The only...
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    Yes it is True

    Yes readers gorge on media messages that fit there views. Why? Well the same reason I'm interested in the information on Skadi. I feel somewhat instinctively drawn to it.

    It's the same reason...
  13. You're a Racist for calling me a Racist

    I see your point. The more the media, government or any organization uses the word. The more it reinforces the truth that race exists. It's not just a social construct but a fact of nature in which...
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    Out of Touch

    What and where are these trends you speak of? I would also be interested in a more detailed explanation between Canada and Europe. Please define the word pedantic as I lack half a brain.

  15. Important!  My Results

    Your cephalic index is: 81.3 (brachycephalic)
    Your height/length index is: 62.6 (hypsicephalic)
    Your height/breadth index is: 77 (tapeinocephalic)
    Your facial index is: 100 (hyperleptoprosopic)...
  16. Important!  Greetings.

    How's everyone doing. My name is Albionoria. Well at least as far as my identity on this forum's concerned.

    Albionoria is basically a code word for the Great White North and I'm not just talking...
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    Great Idea!

    Greetings everyone! My first post here so just wanted to say that all contributers at are providing a great service. So keep up the good work.

    This buy White economy idea be it national...
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