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    Re: Pagan Traditions Test

    1. Finnish Paganism.
    2. Old English Heathenry.
    3· Celtic Reconstrunionism.
    4. Slavic.

    Weird, strange, living one hour away from the Sahara it is something to think about.:)
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    Re: Cheap Battle Rifles

    I don´t know why do you need so much fire power, are you sure you ever use it? No combat experience? Never put your confidence on films or books, talk with veterans. About the gunnery: in Europe is...
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    Re: Can we get a new banner?

    I think this photo has a Microsoft copyright.
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    Re: Nazi paraphenalia.

    I collect song, I mean military marches from European armies from WWI to the end of WWII and patriotic songs and of course I listen to them, I collect pieces of uniform, badges and "combat-flags" and...
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    Re: How do you imagine Jesus racially?

    If Jesus truly existed he surely was a Jewish, so it is not a big effort to imagine him as one of Gazza Jewish settlers, a Jewish is a Jewish or have they evolved through the centuries?:)
  6. Re: Modern War - a racial tragedy - the German example

    Does a major presence of Atlanto-Mediterranid population could be considered a plus in "combat-situation"? Are Atlantlo-Mediterranid in some way related to Celts? Thanks in advance to help me to...
  7. Re: Modern War - a racial tragedy - the German example

    Sorry, I don´t understand mesonomic but I was told to be considered as Atlanto-Mediterranid, with a Cromagnoid type IMO, if that means something. If it helps in your thread and you could enlight me I...
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    So weit die füsse tragen!

    Cast: Berhand Betterman. Michael Mendl. Anatoly Kotenyov. Irina Pantaeva. Based on the novel by Josef Martin Bauer. The director Hans Martins was born in Baisingen (Baden-Wuttenberg) in 1963. And he...
  9. Re: What comes to your mind when you think of these countries?

    Greece is not always referred as the continental mainlant and Athens, there are still a few islands, whose name I prefer to keep for me which keep the very flavour of Mediterranean flavour. Of course...
  10. Re: Modern War - a racial tragedy - the German example

    1.75 cm height,and my body build would be considered very strong. It is very easy for me to build muscles.
  11. Re: Modern War - a racial tragedy - the German example

    Sorry, I got lost in your thread, too literate for me. But I served 14 years in an European army (not the Spanish one) and I was appointed NCO and years latter as war-services, first-liuttenant...
  12. Re: "Satanism" is Misguided Opposition, Nazism is the true Opposition (ie: "Satanism")

    Old Graecolatin Mediterranean religion has no a Good vs Evil theme, they are both sides of the same coin, in any case they are Man vs Woman theme, and their tensions have continued nowadays. In those...
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    900 Quotes By and About Jews

    "Why are the Jews hated? It is the inevitable result of their laws; they either have to conquer everybody or be hated by the whole human race..."
    "The Jewish nation dares to display an...
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    Re: Remembering Nagasaki

    Nagasaki was a direct warning for Soviet Russians, the first "American muscle" in the cold war.
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    Guy Sajer: The Forgotten Soldier.

    A very strage novel? Bioagraph? about the Russian front. It is been quite impossible to find avalaible threads about them but my first impression was quite satisfactory, that sense "less Hollywood"...
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    Re: The Causes of Anti-Americanism

    There are as many causes for Anti-Americanism as there could be for Anti-European Union. But in Spain it could be said that there are two opposite and at the same time contradictory feelings marching...
  17. Re: Profile info and the Reputation icon.

    Oh! The looks now is quite similar to Stirpes! What is the use of the little flag icons?
  18. Re: What will happen to Europe if Turkey is admitted into the European Union!!!

    Good blog!:thumbup Need more time to read it, but if I can send you send you any significant material in September it is done!
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    Re: Religion and Nationalism

    The case of German nationalism is still one of the most important examples to study in Europe. For me it is a challenge (no offence). Italian nationalism would be another case, but I´m agree with you...
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    Re: Re : Nationalism vs. Imperialism

    We could try to simplify the question: what is the genesis of a nation? A nation can only be identified as in oposition to another one, how do you recognise yourself but on your foe´s eyes? The name...
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    Re: Religion and Nationalism

    Although you shouldn´t forget the Thirty years War, it could be said that German unification was a clockwork miracle by Bismarck and Prussian army.
  22. Re: Sven Hassel: a new vission on WWII German Soldier.

    Have you read the threads about Sven Hassel and the explanation of Mumbuto in the Comissar?

    Have you ever thought about a poetic licence respect panzers in a penal regiment? In any case the...
  23. Re: What comes to your mind when you think of these countries?

    Albania= Muslim families living in the mountains
    Austria = Expensive countrie
    Belarus= Democracy?:D
    Belgium= Jokes in French.
    Bosnia and Herzegovina = A decent place to fight.
    Bulgaria = Too...
  24. Sven Hassel: A New Vision on the WWII German Soldier

    Always polemical, but a classical, with thousands of followers around the world and specially in Spain Sven Hassel has re-built the War-novel depicturing war and soldier as it is. From his own battle...
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    Re: Time-traveling

    - Be a Roman soldier and take part in a cruxifiction.:)

    - Be a Norse ravaging a hamlet on the British shores.;)

    - Be a Crusade torching Muslims.
    Fight for Catalonia in X, XI, XII,...
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