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  1. Will the Orthodox Church Submit to the Pope?

    To increase the churches’ power, the pope could be accepted as first among equals.

    The Orthodox Church will soon recognize the pope as head of...
  2. Norway arrests three after weapons seizure linked to "right-wing extremism"

    Three men have been arrested, and weapons including machine guns and grenades have been seized in a case...
  3. Important!  Lee Highway in Arlington County Renamed Langston Boulevard

    Sophia Barnes, NBC Washington, July 17, 2021

    Route 29 in Arlington County has...
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    Important!  Record 430 Migrants Cross English Channel in Single Day

    BBC, July 20, 2021

    At least 430 migrants crossed the English Channel to the UK on Monday – a new record for a single day – the Home Office has said.

    The department said it was taking...
  5. Multiracial White Nationalism? Thoughts on the American Populist Union

    Travis LeBlanc

    As a matter of obligatory oppo research, I occasionally peruse Antifa Twitter. I think all White Nationalists...
  6. Why do the Swedes take such long summer holidays?

    Summer in Sweden means workplaces emptying for weeks on end and a flood of...
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    Important! Poll! ‘This is not a pandemic,’ Biden says — but kids under 12 may have to wear masks


    President Biden on Wednesday declared that “this is not a pandemic” as he spoke about reopening the US after COVID-19 — but he also said that children under age 12 may have to...
  8. Nine things you might be surprised are actually Austrian

    OK so we know about Arnie, but there are plenty of Austrian discoveries that you might not know are...
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    Important! Poll! 'Everyone in my life has noticed': How Denmark's Covid-19 lockdown helped people with ADHD

    A Danish researcher found that some people with ADHD responded positively to disruption to their...
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    Memorial of Norwegian teen killed in 2001 racist...

    Memorial of Norwegian teen killed in 2001 racist attack vandalised

    A memorial to a teenage boy murdered in a...
  11. Is ‘Icelandia’ Hidden Under Iceland?

    Is there a sunken continent hidden under Iceland? Are our ideas of how Iceland was formed about to be...
  12. NASA finds mysterious system beneath Antarctica 'connected to whole Earth'

    NASA has found a mysterious system lurking beneath the ice of...
  13. Private Israeli malware used to spy on journalists, activists: report

    Activists, journalists and politicians around the world have...
  14. Important!  Racial Bias Reports Threaten Tulane Med School Accreditation

    Associated Press, July 9, 2021

    Allegations of racial discrimination in the Tulane University School of Medicine’s Graduate Medical Education program have prompted an accrediting organization to...
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  16. Progressives Responsible For Mass Black Looting In South Africa

    The rioting, arson and looting in eastern South Africa is...
  17. Germany’s Lufthansa opts for gender-neutral plane greeting

    Europe's largest airline group Lufthansa said Tuesday it was retiring "ladies and gentlemen" as an on-board greeting in favour of...
  18. What do Austrians think about foreigners?

    A new report about migration and integration in Austria shows there are big differences in how Austrians view...
  19. Aberglaube: Eight strange Austrian superstitions

    Practical, punctual and fond of preparation, Austrians are also surprisingly superstitious. Here...
  20. Important! Poll! Democrats worried Arizona audit may uncover fraud

    Democrats worried Arizona audit may uncover fraud
  21. Boris Johnson says people guilty of racist abuse of footballers online will be banned from matches

    The PM says he is "taking practical steps to ensure that the football banning order regime is changed", but he is taken to task by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer over the government's...
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    Important! Poll! Covid: WHO urges China to co-operate better in virus origin probe

    The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has urged China to be more co-operative with the WHO's second phase of the investigation into the origins of Covid-19.

    Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus...
  23. How Conservatives Can Capitulate To The 1619 Project

    A fierce battle is being waged over American history, pitting liberals against conservatives over how to present our past to children. Conservatives argue American history should inspire a civic...
  24. White militias fill lawless void in South Africa after worst violence since apartheid

    Watching overloaded looters ascend the...
  25. ‘Mass Graves’, Religious Hate, and European Erasure

    This article will assess the current political...
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