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    Re: A Good History of Pomerania

    Yes, as far as i've ever heard it, it's Hinterpommern. It's probably just been alternately called Westpommern so English-speakers will be able to identify the region better.
  2. Re: East Germany –differences between carriers of surnames of Germanic and Slavic origin?

    It's interesting when you look at the surnames in particular. For example, my mother's family, which came from former Hinterpommern have names that are not fully of German etymology, like Peske,...
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    A Good History of Pomerania

    Covers Vorpommern, Hinterpommern, and WWII expulsion.
  4. Re: Question on the frequency of inverted breastbones (East Baltic trait)

    this website about native american ancestry sounds eerily familiar to the one posted about baltic ancestry.:-O hmmm...i wonder...
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