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    I like nail art; but I prefer it on natural ones....

    I like nail art; but I prefer it on natural ones.
    Acrylic nails in my opinion are very ugly... not to mention it is more plastic waste into the planet.

    I have several nail polish, from basic nude...
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    "American Gods" and Racial Quotas

    "Widely regarded as one of the great fantasy novels to be published in the 21st century—and winner of a plethora of...
  3. Millennial Men Are Significantly Weaker Than Their Fathers, Study Shows

    "Young American males are losing touch with a critical element of true masculinity. If you’re the average Millennial male,...
  4. I can confirm that; I've seen lots of differents...

    I can confirm that; I've seen lots of differents types of Amerindians here (from Central and South America as well; they not only are very different from eachother - we can tell if they are from...
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    "All the East is Moving..."

    by Tom Holland

    For many years, German leaders had been struggling to cope with an influx of peoples across...
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    3,068 And it will...

    And it will continue, unless France (as the rest of Europe) decide to "Russia" up.
  7. The Voice of the Trees by Bartholomäus Traubeck

    "Utilizing various make-shift components, German designer Bartholomäus Traubeck has managed to create a modified record player that takes wood slices of a tree and makes music from its inner rings."...
  8. Lab-Grown Burgers 'Will Be on the Menu by 2020'

    As an assumed carnivore, I'm curious as how it would impact the current system of the meat market.

    Scientists set up company to make stem cell meat an affordable reality Lab-grown burger from...
  9. New Moslem Strategy: Convert to Christianism

    AMSTERDAM — Hundreds of Pakistanis and Afghans have been lining up at a local swimming pool in Hamburg, Germany, to be baptized as Christians. In the Netherlands and Denmark, as well, many are...
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    Important! Poll! I like both... even though I identify myself more...

    I like both... even though I identify myself more with cats.
    It's hard to talk about preferences, since I like animals in general... if I see a goat / sheep / cow / horse / bird whatever... I'll...
  11. 1. Don’t bring up your own views without good...

    1. Don’t bring up your own views without good reason
    Only my closest friends know my TOTAL views, even because it's life-threatening in Brazil being open about them... :~( But still, I stand against...
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    Great Moravia: The Forgotten Kingdom

    Great Moravia was an important, if short lived, autonomous state in medieval Central Europe. It is important for many reasons, but among them because it is the first known kingdom of the Western...
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    You nailed it. Palliative measures won't work...

    You nailed it.
    Palliative measures won't work and are just a waste of money, in the short and long run. :~(

    And really, I don't see any sense in making accords to hold up the migrants down there,...
  14. Dead Could Be Brought 'Back to Life' in Groundbreaking Project

    Scientists believe that a combination of therapies could stimulate regeneration

    A groundbreaking trial to see if it is possible to regenerate the brains of dead people, has won approval from...
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    The infinite World of Warcraft; waiting for the...

    The infinite World of Warcraft; waiting for the next expansion (Legion).
    Not playing anything else than that atm.
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    Important!  The Making of the Fittest: DNA and the Ultimate Forensic Record of Evolution

    By Sean B. Carrol:
  17. The Country Where Blacks Have Naturally Blond Hair

    Solomon Islands, a country located in the Pacific Ocean, about 10% of the native population of black skin, has naturally blond hair. Some believe that the color would be the result of too much sun...
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    Welcome! :D

    Welcome! :D
  19. Welcome! :)

    Welcome! :)
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    My study material

    Hello! I'm making progress with these ones:
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    Greetings to All from Sao Paulo, Brazil!

    I'm a 29 year old female; and some of you maybe remember me from Germanic Worlds / Germanic Folk as Samaele.

    My mother's family is Dutch and my father's family is a mix of Normans and Germans. I...
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