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  1. Jewish Converts Who Changed the Catholic Church

    On 30 July 2012, The Jewish Daily Forward published Professor John Connelly's essay, 'Converts Who Changed the Church.'

    "Fifty years ago this fall, Catholic bishops gathered in Rome for a...
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    Macabre Isn't the Word! ‘Miss Holocaust Survivor’ Crowned!

    How many survivors is that now?

    Is anyone keeping count?
  3. Teacher Hasnain Manji Sexually Abused Children for 22 Years

    Islamic school teacher sexually abused children over 22 years - Court - London 24

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    Enoch Powell Still Speaks to Us Today

    On 11 June 2012, Charles Moore, former editor of The Daily Telegraph, said this in The Telegraph:

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    Ritalin for the Kids: "trouble for the Future"

    On 7 May 2012, Liberal Democrat MP Tessa Munt, was quoted thus by The Daily Mail:

    The Mail added:

    The “school playing fields” and the “activities in a natural environment” issues were...
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    Jewish "racism" in All Its Glory!

    Contrary to all expectations, (and hype) what's good for the Goyim goose is most definitely not good at all for the Hebrew Gander!

    Check out a few more examples of...
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    Talk About Anything?

    Just got banned from The British Democracy Forum.

    The "hate videos" in question actually pointed up the hate and deceit of others. I got...
  8. Population Analyst Wants Massive Reduction in Human Numbers

    On 26 of April 2012, John Vidal said this in The Guardian:

    Cut world population and redistribute resources, expert urges | Environment |

    The Guardian quoted Ehrlich thus:
  9. Secrets and Lies (Video): Analysis and Debunk of the "Six Million" Stat

    A YouTube analysis and debunk of the "six million" stat. (And related issues)
  10. Mass Immigration and How Labour Tried to Destroy Britishness!

    On 22 February 2012, Simon Heffer opined thus in The Mail Online:
  11. Baroness Warsi Speaks Up for Christianity!

    On 13 February 2012, Tory Party Chair, Baroness Warsi, said this in The Telegraph:

  12. Out of the Mouths of Comedians and Cartoon Characters

    During a 14 September 2006 edition of the BBC2 programme, Extras, Ricky Gervaise's character, Andy Millman, has the following question put to him by Keith Chegwin:

  13. Watchdogs Accuse South Africa of Black-on-White Genocide

    Looks like the watchdogs are catching up.

    'Bout time.
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    Raised to Be an Oddball?

    Beck Laxton and Kieran Cooper reveal the sex of their 'gender-neutral' child.
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    Hi SS. It may be that my writing skilles are...

    Hi SS.

    It may be that my writing skilles are limited, it may that you're looking at it on the computer, which is never the best way to read something at length.

    It may also be that you have...
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    They All Despise the British

    On 12 June 2011, Nick Ferrari said this in The Daily Express: - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | Columnists :: Tony Blair is clueless as ever

    If Nick Farrari is right...
  17. "You're with Israel or You're with the Terrorists!"

    At Facebook, the "women of the world" have decided thus:
  18. Kuwait Moslem Asking for Legalization of Sex Slavery!

    In the 7 June 2011 edition of The Daily Mail, Salwa al Mutairi, a Kuwaiti political activist and TV host, was quoted as having said that sex slavery be legalised and non-Muslim prisoners from...
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    The Headhunter

    The first three chapters of The Headhunter are previewed here:

    There is a link to the book's Amazon page at the above and it may be...
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    The Headhunter

    The Headhunter by Michael Whitehouse is out now as an Amazon ebook and can be purchased for $3.69/£2.28 for viewing on a Kindle or Kindle for PC.

    A free download for KPC is available at Amazon -...
  21. It's "not in the public interest?" Open season...

    It's "not in the public interest?"

    Open season on our little girls then.

    As usual.
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    Osama Bin Laden has been dead for almost ten...

    Osama Bin Laden has been dead for almost ten years.

    Top insider Steve Pieczenik' spills the beans on the Alex Jones show!

    Pieczenik's big shot...
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    Here's something from a 13 Jan 2011 bona fide...

    Here's something from a 13 Jan 2011 bona fide source:

    France, Britain To Hold Weeklong Air Exercise

  24. Important!  Yes, it does. I like the idea of the site and...

    Yes, it does.

    I like the idea of the site and will put it in at my own ( home page.

    I've only just discovered this site, which goes to show something or other.

    If anyone...
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