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  1. Re: Far-right party calls for Jews to join war on Islam

    Of course I am not a jew lover, but in the first place, the public will have less problems with solving the islamic matter, After this we will concentrate on the eternal enemy, once again...;)
  2. Re: Waarom wij (moeten) Heidenen zijn!? Waarom zouden we het worden!?

    Dank u voor het artikel ! Ik ben heiden, maar dan wel als 'state of mind'. Ik ben nogal gekant tegen uiterlijk vertoon. Ik probeer eerder mensen bewust te maken in gesprekken, en laat zo een heidense...
  3. Re: Is modern-day Belgium/France Germanic?

    It should be..
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    Re: Jeugdstorm Nederland

    De juiste ideeën maar de foute aanpak. Laat de nsdap taal gewoon vallen, en richt je op de huidige samenlevingsproblematiek. Op deze wijze richt je enkel schade aan voor de radicaal-rechtse partijen...
  5. Re: Netherlands: Pedophiles to Form Political Party

    I totally agree here. When the time is right, we will bring them to justice. I would say hanging them in the town square or something, let the people have their way...
  6. Re: Far-right party calls for Jews to join war on Islam

    As a flemish i totally agree with Vlaams Belang. The biggest danger for Flanders and Europe are not the jews right now. Islam is a big problem now, if not the biggest. It is normal for the biggest...
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    Re: History of Flanders

    thanks a lot for the info on our wonderfull nation. Some of it was new to me.
  8. Important!  Re: The Rape of Europe: Young People, Get Out and Emigrate!

    I see the same in Flanders everyday. We resisted over 60 years ago, and we wil again. Only this time in a more intelligent way I hope. Many Europeans just go with the flow and are wiped away without...
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