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  1. Re: What comes to your mind when you think of these countries?

    That's right. I said Little Pakistans, not Little Pakistanis. I meant no offence, OB, England is a beautiful country with a rich history. But we shouldn't forget the negative aspect which is...
  2. Re: What comes to your mind when you think of these countries?

    Albania: Kosovo, criminals, muslim scum, too bad for the non-muslim Albanians
    Austria: mountains, Vienna, Tirol, Habsburg
    Belarus: comrade Luka
    Belgium: Flanders and Wallonia, strange Flemish...
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    Important! Poll! Re: Education level on this forum?

    I think most people are quite educated here. At least I am. ;)
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    Re: Theo van Gogh killed (The Netherlands)

    First I thought the second picture was made on the Westbank. But I looked again, and I see it's Amsterdam! :-O :(
  5. Poll! Re: Colonial Identity: Ethnic Mosaic versus Melting Pot

    Melting pot. To choose for a new fatherland is to choose for a new loyalty. The mosaic model will cause a fractured society, and a fractured society can't be a happy society. A mosaic model will...
  6. Important! Poll! Re: Is it 'OK' to have inter-religious relationships?

    I voted for the last option, but for me a muslim is out of the question!

    It also differs how serious one takes religion. I'm an agnost, but I wouldn't have much problems with a catholic or...
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    Re: Football teams you can't stand!

    AS Monaco
    Turkish clubs in the UEFA
    Israeli clubs in the UEFA
    The 'French' national team
    KSK Beveren, a Belgian club without Belgian players....
  8. Re: Egyptian father angry at having no sons stabs his seven daughters, killing 4

    The doctrine of a certain 7th century child molesting desert pirate regards women as absolutely inferior. Marx said that religion is opium for the people. I say Islam is as dangerous as heroin.
  9. Re: Unacceptable

    Lots of Brazilians are from European descent for instance.
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    Poll! Re: National Movements: Are you involved?

    Are you involved in a way or another within a Political National Movement?
    What is the Movement and what are its main principles?
    If you are a Pan-European Nationalist how do you view your...
  11. Re: Desperate situation, back to back, who would you depend upon at Skadi?

    I can handle it myself. If they are negroes: I'll throw a banana in the crowd. If they're Arabs, a sheep.
  12. Re: European Preservation?

    Blocking immigration is very important and possible in the near future. But is it really possible to deport every single non-European from our soil? It would be great, but can it happen? I don't...
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