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View Poll Results: Do you want to see ethnic Russians in the Brotherhood of White Nations?

  • Yes, Russians are our white brothers. We should incorporate all the lands of the Eastern Slavs with the ethnic authonomies of Russian Federation (excluding Caucasus, maybe), 'cause it's silly to loose strategically important and 90% europid middle-Volga region, and Yakutia, which is full of diamonds and is 3 000 000 square km large but has only 500 000 of ethnic Yakutian population (the same with Buryatia and Tuva).

    38 46.34%
    1. Agrippa,
    2. ares,
    3. Bomberpilot SFB,
    4. cielblanc,
    5. Deling,
    6. Desert Fox,
    7. Gabba,
    8. Horagalles,
    9. Janus,
    10. Jote,
    11. Kaiser,
    12. la_Luna,
    13. Lusitano,
    14. Mercator,
    15. Moody,
    16. ogenoct,
    17. Oski,
    18. Rragnarrakk,
    19. Siegfried,
    20. SiegUmJedenPreis,
    21. Weg
  • No, Russians are half-breeds, mongrels and the Third World, there's no place for them in the White World!

    4 4.88%
    1. Emotionell,
    2. Vorkämpfer
  • No matter how white and nordic (-sh) they are, we'll never forget them their crimes against the West. Russians, keep out!

    8 9.76%
    1. Baaß,
    2. Enlil,
    3. PolitischerSoldat,
    4. Pro-Alpine,
    5. Stillerleser
  • Yes, they are our brothers by race, but we should incorporate them partially, we don't need so much territories, maybe to Ural, not further.

    7 8.54%
    1. Admirer of Perun,
    2. Austria,
    3. Shiloh,
    4. Thusnelda
  • Yes, they are a lawful part of our race. We should incorporate all ethnic Russian (Belorussian, Eastern Ukrainian) territories from Transnistria to Vladivostok, including a half of Kazakhstan, but without their Asian authonomies (Kalmykia, Tatarstan, Tuva, Buryatia, Yakutia etc.), no matter how strategically important they are.

    12 14.63%
    1. Beornulf,
    2. HrGoethe,
    3. Perkele,
    4. Prometheus,
    5. randle,
    6. SineNomine
  • No. Russians are mongrels, but we need their lands. We should conquer and annihilate these Untermenschen. Their lands should be ours!

    3 3.66%
    1. BenutzerXY,
    2. Prätorianer
  • We should wait till they extinct in 30-50 years and then populate their lands before the Asian hordes do that.

    1 1.22%
  • I'm Russian, I feel my folk a part of white race, we should be a part of it with all our ethnic Russian (including Ukrainian and Belorussian) lands!

    6 7.32%
    1. Bagpiper,
    2. Lynx,
    3. Varyag,
    4. VseUmnieYaDurak,
    5. Yaroslav
  • I'm Russian, but I hate these selfish and arrogant Europeans. We should stay with our ex-Soviet brother-nations or exist on our own.

    3 3.66%
    1. goldgrube,
    2. Japetos