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  • Sunday, January 29th, 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Hell Cell
    How do you go about stating a blog I'm a bit new to the internet game more of a book reader.
    Here's a good Blog site, just sign up for a free Blog

    Here's an example of one of their blogs, this is also a good blog by a young british nationalist
  • Sunday, January 29th, 2006
    Hell Cell
    How do you go about stating a blog I'm a bit new to the internet game more of a book reader.
  • Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Hell Cell
    I would love to get this out to the mass public.
    You could start a Blogg, and have that as your opening article
  • Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
    Great essay. Very insightfull and well thought out. I truly believe that a great many people of Nordish/Nordic descent would agree with most of what you said but are still bound by the shackles of Christianity and an inherent altruistic nature which is the achilles heel of the Northwestern European man.
  • Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
    Hell Cell
    I would love to get this out to the mass public.
  • Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
    Superb Piece mate

    I can't say much else, but you hit the nail on the head, i wish that was posted in National Newspapers, so the masses could chew it over.
  • Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
    Hell Cell

    The Destiny of Nordish Man

    There are some facts so needed for open analysis that for them to be overlooked is either naive or sinisterly suppressed for discussion for whatever reason. Take the fact that the further west you go from Asia through to Europe and the more ultimately from southern Europe to northern Europe the more liberal the Religion and less restrictive the Religion of each Nation becomes. Is this some kind of World wide coincidence? Maybe, to the air brained twisted logic of the liberal then yes that is all it is but to hard-headed thinkers this is not the case and it is vital we look deeper into this pressing situation of World affairs.

    Religion itself was a vital part of social development and progress through the ages. In time of paganism and barbarity among the peoples of the Earth it conveniently offered rules and structure to the peoples that lived in those far gone times. If you take for granted that the holy books and the teachings they espouse were the work of men and not the word of God, and I for one do then you must also as a matter of course understand that each respective religion adopted was moulded to that society, and further more is an expression of that peoples way of thinking arising from the way their minds had evolved to adapt to what ever environment that particular race of people found them selves in.

    I will start in the religious hot bed of Asia along with some of the religions their and then work my way to the European peoples.

    The East

    In Asia we have Islam and at 600 years old is the youngest religion out of the five major religions across the planet. It is a religion of the harshest order. It is repressive to other forms of faith as well as women. It is in fact despite what the liberals claim a religion of oppression and hatred. Its holy book the Koran is a blue print for war and take over that makes Muslims view the infidel with utter contempt.

    Verses have been altered to the western public to make it appear tolerant when in fact it is not so. It orders the right to rape none Muslim women, to destroy cities that host any sinners and to show your neighbours how harsh you can be.

    Now this religion is the religion of the Arabs and those of similar racial stock such as Bangladeshis and Pakistanis now this is no coincidence. You see with or without out their religion these are spiteful little races in any case and the religion is just a manifestation of this genetic trait.

    You see once you take it as fact that the holy books of all religions are not from the word of God or of any true prophets then you have to except they are the work of men and the main function of religion is there for not to worship God, although superficially to the blind masses that is the case, it is primarily to bring order to a society of peoples in a way that works with there racial conciseness and to point them in to a common directive (including war or hostile take over) and set of shared principles that fit their racial mind set.

    The Arab race and their kindred races in deeper Asia have taken up Islam and moulded it to their way of thinking because it suits their races morals and inborn attitudes. They are more easily succumbed to control and less open to new ideas than their Christian White counterparts and for what ever evolutionary reasons not remotely liberal minded and are in fact at opposition to West because of this fact.

    They use the reason of war in Iraq or any where else as a decoy to the real aim of this aggressive religion and the kindred races that follow it in the Asian and African Continents and that is to make a World Islamic state through immigration and out populating gradually turning the natives of each country into Dhimmi (unbelievers) and thus second class citizens.

    The Dhimmi are tolerated in Muslim lands but only under Muslim domination. The Dhimmification of Britain’s people is easily evident to all who dare to look hard enough. The fact that more Council tax and special mortgage rights goes to Muslims because of Islamic rules of debt at our expense is our Dhimmification. The endless beatings of out numbered white men in areas where Muslims are in superior number is our Dhimmification. These along with the new laws in Britain where you can not criticise Islam is a law taken from Islamic Countries. (Note: Judaism also preaches that unbelievers or the Goyim as they refer to us also have second class status and this is practised in Israel in terms of land rights and so on).

    The liberals in their short sightedness and blind arrogance while trying to race mix us do not see that their very ideals will be the first thing to go if Islam does take real root in Britain and even if it does not, the racial make up of Britain in a few generations will be such that liberalism will also be dismantled because third world people are prone to succumbing to harsh undemocratic regimes which are anything but liberal and development in all fields stagnate.

    However like the Christian religion Islam is not a one set religion. As it moves further west and the people lighter and more European looking the religion becomes more tolerant and less strict and then you get it’s most liberal form in Turkey the nearest Asian country to Europe and racially the closest to our European peoples. So there it is the most liberal Muslims are the closest racially to Europeans.

    You see the Islamic religion and the races that follow it are one and the same it is their racial consciences coming through, the expression of this religion is fundamentally a manifestation of their intolerant mind set as a race of people, and further more from this has hindered their cultural developments and achievements which are pretty slim on the ground and another source of resentment against the West who have achieved so much in terms of social quality and scientific development.

    In fact I think it is quite mind boggling and arrogant when Muslims (and others in general) come to this country for a better life because their own country is either torn by conflict, fleeing persecution or because it is poor (don’t fancy making footballs for 2p an hour) and then do nothing but condemn the host nation and say how Islam could improve it. Do they not have the rationale to see that their countries are in the position that they are in is because of their religion and mind set and there for inherent genetic racial expression. They should revert critising our nations and take their own house in order because actions speak louder than words and at the end of the day they are emigrating or even fleeing from their country because it is poorly or harshly run. to come and live in ours. That says more than any insults they can throw our way.

    They want to demoralise us make us feel culturally inferior and maybe we are living in a moral void yes right now the west is living in a moral void. However only because of the left wing establishment that undermined our National pride from the 60’s onwards created this void.

    The ones who took away family stability, values and mocked the British empire for the sake of historical white guilt. They are ones who dragged our society in to the mud creating this moral void with out a clue what to refill it with (in fact they probably like it unfilled to suit their decadent irresponsible life styles). Yet at the same time never condemning Islam and the cruel empires it espouses especially into Europe in the Middle Ages, strange that.

    Small wonder the Muslims in Britain feel culturally superior to us as they walk down the high streets of Britain. These lefties who are so cynical and “insightful” about all things white and western but suddenly play dumb when it comes to third world cultures. They make me sick and these liberal leeches need to be kicked out of all kinds of power, influence and cultural development in the Northern European World and kept out there after at all cost.

    You see the Muslim agenda wants us fill that moral void with their primitive and laudable religion. That old saying springs to my mind “Be careful what you wish for you might just get it”. Because I say to the Muslims you’re right we do need to fill that moral void created by the liberals and global capitalists over the years both benefiting from this in their own way. However it won’t be Islam that fills that void it will be the national reawakening of the European peoples a new dawn of nationalism as well as racial awareness.

    National Awakening

    We will have found a new found pride in our peoples and all the good things that go with it. We will create a truer northern European culture with out the tentacles of Globalisation, not to mention the down beat of a liberal media and education system to cull it. Women will take pride in them selves and want children because they will want to provide for their race as they would have been taught to honour it accordingly. Men will act with courtesy as they did before the 60’s because they would have found pride in them selves and in built confidence that no amount of alcohol and narcotics can provide. We will tell our enemies where to go and say that this is ours not your and never will be. Nationalism is the white mans salvation from this mess that the capitalists and liberals have put us in I long for its swift coming in Europe.

    Now I know there are other religions in Asia in fact we have Buddhism which is the religion of the intelligent Orientals a true religion of peace and one you would expect of the Higher Races of the Mongoloid families however it is, being a religion of peace also easy prey for a Religion of aggressive take over such as Islam, and through out Asia’s history Buddhist Oriental countries were over run by Muslims. This was the case in Afghanistan amongst many others.

    Then there is the Hindu religion which was a religion set up in India by conquering Europeans who used the religion to create order among the conquered people of India. It also used this religion to preserve its Nordic stock and the religion to this day has a caste system because of this. It is a Religion unlike other Religions in the sense it was set up by a peoples in respect with keeping order in an Environment where it was the minority to more primitive peoples.

    The West

    Now in Europe or rather Europeans we move on to what is their adopted religion Christianity? Now whether you believe in God or not any one can see Christianity for the most part has been a force of good in Europe.

    Like the Islamic World it gave our peoples a sense of good and evil it blunted that savage streak within us (although never quite fully) it made us fear the wrath of God to be frank, and it worked. As soon as Christianity was the established religion in Europe it bonded the people in each respective nation state from Spain to Sweden.

    It also united the Christian countries against Islamic invasion several in fact, the most memorable being the attempted take over of the Austro Hungarian Empire in which Prussia and Poland came to Austria’s aid in Christian unity. In fact all wars against the Saracen (the ancient name for the Muslims) by united European countries were united in the Christian faith that was what gave them strength in unity. With out it each European state may have been fending off the Muslim hordes alone and out numbered and one by one each European Nation would have fallen to the Black flag of Islam.

    Northern / Southern divide

    However for one reason or another whilst the southern European countries retained Catholicism and devotion to the Pope the northern Countries of Europe rejected the old testament and adapted the Christianity to their version the New Testament. In England it was known as the Protestant movement founded by Henry VIII after the Pope refused him the right to divorce. In Germany and Scandinavia it manifested it self in the form of Lutheranism another more tolerant form of Christianity founded by the virulent anti-Semite Martin Luther.

    So as historical fact all the Nordic Countries adapted their form of Christianity to a more tolerant form. Coincidence I think not you see the Nordic race is a race that arbores too much control from out side or alien influence, it as a racial expression shows properties of tolerance, individual freedom, rights for women and homosexuals and above all democracy in its truest most uncorrupted form. This is why all the Nordic nations (England, Germany, Scandinavia and so on) adapted Christianity to a more tolerant form.

    Southern Europeans retained the more stringent Catholicism, it is simply racial manifestation through religion and more broadly culture. Liberals will argue that religion shapes the people and say the influence of the Pope was further from Northern Europe geographically so that is why Northern Europeans had a more open form of Christianity. But yet again they are blanketing over the details.

    Nordic Pagan Religion

    The Northern European lands long before Christianity had a pagan religion that valued learning through experience and discovery rather than fixed rules of modern religion. The God of this religion was Odin a God who gave an eye for the eternal wisdom of the Universe. This story was to be told in all the lands of the Nordic peoples. So the Northern European race has all ways been a tolerant race that valued freedom of thought. It is a Race that will always produce a culture that encourages seeking out the knowledge of the World. It is this tolerance and knowledge seeking that I can’t stress enough is what gave the west it’s edge rather than out right intelligence. It’s refusal to remain stagnant while the rest of the races did is why it advanced beyond any of the other races around the globe. It is the creative race the race of social reform the race of practical innovation and everything to which has made our quality of life better has been through the creative spark of the northern European peoples.

    If it goes then the great civilizations admired and sought out by all others will die out within a thousand years. This happened in Egypt, it happened in Rome and it happened in Greece also. The races that founded these great civilisations were of Nordic stock and as they slowly miscegenated the civilisations each declined in quality over time. They were succumb to non creative peoples living off civilisations that they them self as races could never hope to produce and contemporary populations of Egypt, Rome and Greece are the result of this fatal mixture to the peoples that founded those civilisations.

    If these ancient civilizations had been less tolerant they may have survived but it was not to be. Can we see the similarities happening in the western nations today? History truly does repeat itself. Talking of the Greeks (not the ancient ones though) Greece has the most stringent form of the Christian Religion In fact many forms of Christianity in the south east of Europe resemble parts of Islam, like in Moldova and so on. So the racially similar to the Asiatic Muslims have the strictest form of Christianity and in turn the most closely to European racially of the Muslim countries Turkey have the most tolerant form of Islam. Coincidence? Only to a liberal simpleton!

    This don’t just manifest its self in Religion it manifest its self through out the cultures of Europe, the Scandinavian Countries are famously tolerant and on the other hand the Mediterranean European countries are still quite repressive to women and very corrupt.
    It all points to racial inheritance and expression of the people. It is no coincidence that Nordic countries share similar qualities and values and in turn Mediterranean countries also share similar values with each other. I can’t state this enough: It is the race of the people that determine the destiny of the Nation and the state of a society.


    You see the manifestation of liberalism in our Northern European homelands and colonies I believe is against the wishes of the vast majority of the Northern European peoples. You see they are a naturally the most tolerant and virtuous people on Earth. Only in Northern European Countries will you find true equality for Women, Homosexuals and even animal welfare as a National policy. Compare this to the repressive Asian and savage African Nations where forced castration and stoning of Women are common place. These are just the beginning of the horrors in the dark continents, and to a lesser extent in Southern Europe where Women still have limited rights and Religion still shadowing over the lives of its people to this day. This is in contrast to the fall of religious belief in the northern states of Europe. This shows the racial ideological gulf between the northern peoples of Europe and the rest of the races around the World. The Nordic mans tolerance is second to none only when he is present in abundance does a nation show examples of freedom and rights for weaker groups in society. Only in Nordic countries are new discoveries and innovations made. His open mind, tolerance and willingness and desire to make progress, discoveries and understand the Universe around him. These great qualities have made him the leader amongst the races of men.

    However this quality has also been used against him this tolerance a human quality is easily manipulated politically and here we come to liberalism. You see liberalism and tolerance are simply not the same thing. Tolerance is a great quality some human beings process. Liberalism is a political doctrine that as a result of the unique level of tolerance in Northern Europeans makes his Nations prone to its deadly lure. Rights for women whilst is a great display of tolerance in Northern European man under liberalism becomes angry misguided feminism in which the idea is that aping the worst behaviour in men and in turn emasculation of men is some how female empowerment. I believe the opposite is true it simply robs women of their femininity and makes them nothing more than weaker versions of men. Where tolerance for other cultures even when not returned in Nordic nations under liberalism leads to its own culture being eroded, where its women are raped by racially less tolerant men for dressing to scantily, this is plain wrong.

    In fact because of mass immigration to the Nordic countries mass rapes of white women at the hand of Muslims have occurred and scandalously covered up by the media in Scandinavia. With the exception of Denmark

    When this epidemic was brought up in Denmark an Imam of the Muslim community simply stated that any woman not wearing a hajji deserved to be raped. This clearly demonstrated the gulf between the races in moral out look and the outcome in terms of culture.

    My point is that tolerance whilst a force of good in the past for the Northern European in terms of scientific and social progression along with human rights, especially for women has now become a weakness used by the intolerant and racially stagnant to exploit him. Especially Muslims! Only in Northern European nations will you find multiculturalism forced on the tolerant masses by the forces of liberalism. England blew on July 7th because liberalism manipulated the tolerance of the English in to letting darkness in its land. Darkness used our tolerance through the channels of liberalism against us. Degeneration of our culture is tolerated and promoted in the name of liberalism, remember the people tolerate it but never support it in any of its vile forms.

    I am all for tolerance it is in my nature but what I am not for is for it to be taken to far by twisted liberals who don’t have the sense to know where to draw the line. This is when you get a gaping moral void in society and it is clear to see from drug abuse and general lack of personal respect in the contemporary western World.

    There are simply no multicultural societies out side of the western World (no out spoken liberals either hey why’s that?). The tolerance of the European is simply not returned. The fact that the peoples that once in slaved over a million of our peoples is welcomed here and I do mean the Muslims is a great example of our great spirit and a poor showing for theirs in not showing the same tolerance, for it is well known that religious or cultural minorities in Islamic nations are shown no such tolerance or welcoming.

    We are already seeing the erosion of free speech in multi cultural Britain where any thing that does not fit in with the political correct agenda is sinisterly suppressed. Our society was built on debate and rational thought and now we are stagnating like the third world in order to accommodate third world people. How twisted is that.


    We are at the cross roads of our race’s destiny. What is the solution do we carry on tolerating liberalism and succumb to a catastrophic race mixture that will turn us in to a mirror image of the backwards third world or do we resist our tolerant nature become hard headed through insight and determination. I propose we quell our guilt, kindness and tolerance. I believe that a few generations of going against our good nature will preserve it and our race for eternity. That is our ultimate Paradox!

    We can be mixed back in to the dark age or we can be at the forefront of the space age it is down to us! I only hope we waken our peoples to this dilemma we now face. The Nationalists of the western World are the only saviour for the Northern European Peoples of the World, if only enough of them new it.

    Below are three images the past represented by Odin's face a symbol of Nordish enlightenment, the boat represent our rocky road right now across the see of unceratinty and lastly a hardened Northern European seeped in heritage, but also wrapped in the technology only he can create to wage the defence of our homelands.

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