Skadi Forum Rules

Welcome to Skadi Forum!

Please have a look at our rules, so that you know what is expected from you as a Member of Skadi Forum. By signing up, you explicitly accept these rules, as well as the right of the Skadi Forum Staff to enforce them at its sole discretion.

If you are found to be infringing upon these rules you will face disciplinary procedures: warnings, infractions, moderation, bans, IP-bans, civil and criminal proceedings, or other measures, depending on the gravity of your offense.

Mission Statement

This is a Free Speech Forum for people of Germanic heritage, so you can voice your opinion freely if displayed in a civil and non-provocative manner, even if it is considered politically incorrect by the majority of your contemporaries or Skadi Forum Members. We do not discriminate against philosophies, religions, ideologies, cultures, ethnicities, sub-races, or ideas within the wider framework of Germanic preservation. We do not support arcane anti-free-speech laws imposed by any government, so you can utter your opinion without fear.

Skadi Forum supports the preservation of our Germanic heritage, the development of an all-Germanic consciousness, as well as the defense or reestablishment of the Germanic leitkultur in all Germanic states, communities, and places of settlement. Skadi Forum acknowledges the differences between Germanic cultural branches, such as the Anglo-Saxon, the German, the Netherlandic, and the Scandinavian, and supports their future advancement and their regional diversification in accordance with their nature.

Although we do not desire to define ourselves negatively, we, in light of reoccurring misunderstandings, desire to express clearly that Skadi Forum is not a white nationalist, white supremacist, pan-European, pan-Aryan, Hollywood Nazi or racist forum and that it considers such and similar unitizing, collectivist, totalitarian, oppressive and anti-pluralist ideas incompatible with our freedom-loving Germanic spirit and our diverse and enlightened Germanic societies.


1 (a). This is a board for people of Germanic heritage. Views, ideas, and contributions that are hostile to Germanics or their heritage are not permitted.

(b). The account of Members that are judged to be, even if only partly ethnically non-Germanic, may be unappealably terminated if their contributions, either individually or in combination with the contributions of other such members, either by force of their numbers or their impact, are increasingly considered a risk to the integrity of or a burden to Skadi Forum, its Mission Statement, or its Germanic community.

2. There must be no instigation to, condonation of, approval of, planning of, or suggestions to illegal activity at the board of any sort. Illegal is considered whatever is illegal under the municipal, state, and federal jurisdictions of this server, as well as what is illegal under International Law. This includes in particular, but is not limited to, slander, libel, illegal defamation, and illegal threats against identifiable persons or groups; and instigation to, condonation of, approval of, planning of, or suggestions to genocide or other criminal measures, whether in the past, present, or future.

3. Ad hominems, insults, mockery, vilification, ridicule, and the exhibition of any other objectively offensive conduct against Members, even if only in retaliation, are not permitted.

4. Vulgarity, bawdiness, drunkenness, lewdness, obscenity, profanity, curses, discourteous and ungentlemanly conduct towards female Members, disrespectful conduct towards elder Members, and other objectively unrefined conduct, even if only in retaliation, is not permitted.

5. Ad gentems, racial slurs, and aspersions against any identifiable group, even if only in retaliation, are not permitted.

6. We allow fair and benevolent criticism of all races; subraces; ethnicities; peoples; religious, cultural and social communities; as well as of ideologies; philosophies; or any other ideas; as well as of persons and Members; attitudes; and conduct, if presented in a civil and non-insulting manner. Your attitude and presentation shall determine whether you will face disciplinary procedures.

7 (a). The posting of images, videos, audio recordings, or any other information of Members, Ex-Members, or, potentially, of other private persons, without their consent, that makes them identifiable as real persons, even if previously publicly shared, is not permitted. The revelation of personal and private information of Members and Ex-Members, or, potentially, of other private persons, that can breach their security and safety, even if such information has previously been publicly shared, is not permitted. Posting links or other access data to such information is equally not permitted.

(b). By making such information available, you free Skadi Forum and its Staff explicitly from all obligations of guaranteed privacy and confidentiality tacitly or explicitly given to you at any time or under any circumstances, due to their personal relationship to you or not, as well as due to their Staff membership or not, and the Skadi Staff shall, in its best effort to minimize such occurrences and to solidarize itself with the victim, cooperate, on demand, with such Members, Ex-Members, or persons affected, voluntarily and free from legal emergency, to its utmost possibility and under the full extent of the law, in particular by providing any information it possesses about the perpetrator, including, but not limited to names, photos, employer, telephone numbers, residence or location, the complete posting record, email addresses, and IP addresses, from private mails or otherwise.

8. Defamation and insults directed against, Skadi Forum, their Staff, or their respective decisions, are not permitted.

9. The publication of copyrighted information exceeding the fair use clause is not permitted.

10. Pornographic depictions and depictions of nudity are not permitted.


11. The general board language is English. Communications in languages other than English are only permitted in the appropriate language sections.

12. Posts without a serious message and without information value for third parties are not permitted anywhere but in Lowbrow sections.

13. Posts that are off-topic are not permitted anywhere but in Lowbrow sections. Posts are off-topic if they leave the wider category into which the topic belongs.

14. Trolling is not permitted. Trolling is the posting of absurd statements with the intent to provoke reactions. Statements are absurd if they can be empirically refuted beyond reasonable doubt or are logically ridiculously incongruous, in particular if not even a serious attempt, both by evidence and logic, to prove their validity is offered. It shall be presumed you have the intent to provoke reactions if posting of such absurd statements manifests itself as persistent or continual, especially if they recur in related topics.

15. Retardism is not permitted. Retardism is contributing little to nothing of value and posting persistently or continually, as far as content, grammar, or spelling is concerned, beneath an intellectual niveau that can be fairly expected from a gifted Germanic teenager that has been exposed to a classic education.

16. The use of political acronyms, political set phrases, and political greetings is not permitted for other than reference purposes.

17. The abuse of block letters, fonts, colors, other text attributes, and smilies is not permitted. Abuse consists in using them for purposes other than occasional accentuation.

18. Signatures must be pleasing to the aesthetic standards of the eye, and must be compliant with all other rules. Political symbols, political devotionalia, signatures that express an ideological leaning, as well as cruel, sexual, offensive, provocative, highly controversial or plainly disgusting motives are not permitted. You are permitted to use one graphical signature image. Staff has the right to edit or remove any signature as part of its editorial discretion.

19. Avatars must be pleasing to the aesthetic standards of the eye, and must be compliant with all other rules. Political symbols, political devotionalia, avatars that express an ideological leaning, as well as cruel, sexual, offensive, provocative, highly controversial or plainly disgusting motives are not permitted. Staff has the right to edit or remove any avatar as part of its editorial discretion.

20. Profile pictures must be pleasing to the aesthetic standards of the eye, and must be compliant with all other rules. Political symbols, political devotionalia, profile pictures that express an ideological leaning, as well as cruel, sexual, offensive, provocative, highly controversial or plainly disgusting motives are not permitted. Staff has the right to edit or remove any profile picture as part of its editorial discretion.

21 (a). Skadi Forum maintains friendly relations with many other forums and websites. Defamation and insults directed against these sites, boards, their decisions, their owners, and, potentially, their Staff, are not permitted, and will be removed per gentlemen's agreement.

(b). If you just got banned from another forum or don't like its orientation or Staff, then Skadi is not the right place to vent about it. If you are a Skadi Regular, have a good record on Skadi, and think the decision has been unfair, contact Staff, and we might be able to help you by mediation.

Signing Up

22. Only one account per user is permitted, and only one user per account is permitted.

23. The use of political acronyms is not permitted. User names related to or associated with a political ideology, its leaders, or its organizations are equally not permitted.

24. The use of block letters and spaced type is not permitted, nor is the excessive use of numerals or other non-alphabetic characters.

25. Offending, obscene, extreme, and in general idiotic user names are not permitted.

26. Staff shall rename, ban, or delete such accounts without prior warning at its own discretion.

The Staff

27. The Staff members are the enforcers of the rules, and enforce them at their own discretion. The Staff possess full editorial discretion to remove, move, edit, split, merge, change, stick, unstick, open, close, or amend posts, threads, and attachments of Members for purposes of rule enforcement, categorization, and to manage their readability, accessibility, or availability. Threads, posts and attachments that violate the rules can be removed, moved, or edited by Staff without notice.

28. Members, both Regulars and Non-Regulars, can be disciplined by Staff for a single Felony or a plurality of Misdemeanors, without giving a reason to the public or the affected Member. They shall, in due time, report about such measures and their reasons in the Staff Forum.

29. Staff will exercise this right in the best interest of Skadi Forum, its Community, in highly weighted appreciation of its Mission Statement, in application of acknowledged principles of justice, such as in dubio pro re, proportionality, resocialization, and individual and general deterrence; and in appreciation of all concrete criteria of justice it has at its disposal, including but not limited to, the Member's general conduct, the quantity and value of past contributions, circumstances that lead to the rule violation, the Member's behavioral history, his gender, his age, and, if available, his intent, motivation, and all personal circumstances that might have contributed to the rule violation.

30. If you have been warned, infracted, or your post or threads fell under activity of editorial Staff discretion, and you disagree with the measure, you can address the Member of Staff who has set the disciplinary measure. He shall fairly hear your appeal and all arguments you cited in your favor, and will, having discussed the issue with Staff and benevolently appreciated their input and concerns, either revoke, mitigate, or uphold, but never tighten the measure, with additional requirements and conditions set forth or not. All such complaints that do not follow these proceedings, in particular all those that are posted publicly, shall be simply deleted and ignored, at best tightening the measures.

31. If you are still dissatisfied with the decision of the member of Staff, even after your case has been heard, you are free to appeal to the Witenagemot. Such complaints will have to include the complete history of the conversation you had with the respective Member of Staff, including his decision and reasoning, and all arguments you can cite in your favor, in particular a coherent motivation for the extraordinary injustice done to have the particular Member of Staff overruled, thereby threatening the harmony amongst Staff and the very integrity of Skadi Forum. If well-founded, your appeal shall be granted, or a mediating solution shall be found. All appeals that do not follow these proceedings shall be simply ignored.

32. Decisions of Members of the Herþra can be overruled by a simple majority of active Staff via an anonymous poll limited to 48 hours.

33. The Lögsögumaður is the foreman of Staff, the overseer of rule enforcement, as well as the custodian of Skadi Forum and all its past and current activity. The Lögsögumaður holds the right to alter any Staff decision, to discipline any Member and to modify or amend any contribution by Staff or Members at his own discretion, being only bound by Skadi Forum's Mission Statement, his conscience and the best interest of Skadi Forum. These decisions are not debatable by Members or his subordinated Staff.

34. The Þeudanaz is the final solicitor of the rules and their enforcement, as well as the sole composer of and judge over Staff. The Þeudanaz reserves the right to discipline Members and Staff at its own will for any reason within and beyond the scope of Skadi Forum. These decisions are not debatable.

35. Rules are subject to change at any time without notice.