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What Is Your Favorite Kind of Cheese?

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    Originally posted by Siebenbürgerin View Post
    Telemea is a semi-soft, white cheese with a creamy texture used often in Romania as a table cheese for snacks, in salads and in a variety of dishes (e.g., omelettes, crepes, pies). Could say like it's a local version of feta.

    Urdă is another Romanian cheese similar to Ricotta in the way it is produced. Traditionally used in the preparation of several desserts, such as clătită and plăcintă.

    It remind me of the Quark/Topfen cheese. Topfen is also one of my favorite for desserts.

    Mozzarella I like in just about any form, on pizza, grilled, though usually I eat it with tomatoes as quick snack.

    Emmentaler on its own as cheese or as strips for sandwiches or grilled/melted cheese. Emmentaler is a cheese ingredient I use for many foods like macaroni with cheese, (chicken) cordon bleu, baked chicken breast coated with melted Emmentaler, etc.

    A simple and quick favorite dish with this cheese (or with other cheeses like Gruyere) is the croque-monsieur.

    Or the madame, if adding a fried egg:

    I like the Raclette cheese for melting, can be used on many recipes including desserts.

    I like fondue but have tried melting Raclette in the microwave and it is the worst smell imaginable. Feta cannot be melted, only burnt, because of the dryness.


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      Hmm the smell of raclette can be strong and peculiar especially if it's not heated/melted enough. I've not tried it in the microwave to be honest, but only in pans or on grill. I've also got this small special grill and melting tool (it's called a raclette itself) where I can melt cheeses on the lower level. On the upper level I can grill meat or vegetables.

      But yes it still smells a little bit compared to other cheeses but the taste is good. Some cheeses smell bad but taste well. I'm not usually a fan of stinky cheeses but raclette is really good especially melted over potatoes and ham with some pickles on the side.

      Usually if I grill cheeses in the kitchen I open all windows wide and turn on the hood on maximum to vacuum the smell. In microwave sometimes the smells of food are stronger since it's a contained space, for example buttered popcorn in microwave smells worse than on the stove.

      I've grilled it once by a fire while camping, the hotter it gets, the better and taste balances the smell. Hot like almost burnt.

      But of course best is when it's grilled traditionally, like in Swiss or French restaurants:



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        I tried eating Raclette cold and it didn't do anything for me either, but left it in the refrigerator for a week, trying to force myself to eat it the second time and swore never to buy it again. I really like Limburger, but that was different. I have not tried melting Limburger, but I guess I just might some time. I like how musky the smell and taste is, so basically "huff" it in, LOL.


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          Originally posted by Hersir View Post
          "Yellowcheese" (Gulost)
          Originally posted by Baorn View Post
          No offense Alfadir, but I bought that cheese several times in a red wrapper, each occasion hoping it would be more enticing. Sweet cheese? That's weird.

          Blue Stilton from England, Munster from France, Colby Jack from America, Havarti from Denmark, Limburger from Germany. I can eat them all the time and not be tired of any.

          Hersir, that's actually what I meant. I prefer Jarlsberg. I'm guessing that people who like Gjetost probably like Rakfisk...

          At my local Kroger deli, I saw Limburger and Gjetost side-by-side a few days ago. As much as I wanted to think the Norwegian cheese to be better, I had to admit that I was overcome with salivation for the Limburger and scarfed it down in two minutes. I have no patience to let it sit, as the packaging suggests true fans do. If I had thought of buying two packs, I could eat one and let the other sit, but it is, I think, about $6.99 per block.


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            Sharp Cheddar... Mmmmm.