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Vikings May Have Invented the Pizza

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  • Vikings May Have Invented the Pizza

    Old article but interesting piece of information.
    Not only did they probably discover America, the Vikings may also have invented the precursor of the modern pizza more than 1,000 years ago, according to findings published by a Norwegian archaeologist.

    Flat, round crusts with an array of tasty toppings and toasted on stone platters in large pizza-style ovens were being consumed by hungry Vikings as early as the 9th century AD, researcher Astri Riddervold said in Oslo's Vaart Land newspaper yesterday.

    Digs have unearthed the ovens and the stone platters, she said, adding that the toppings clearly ran the gamut of ``everything available at any given season'' of the year.

    She said the evidence indicates that seafood pizzas were a particular favourite for some 400 years up until innovations in grinding procedures and yeast-production gave rise to bread baking in the 13th century, ushering in the demise of pizzas in Scandinavia until the 20th century.

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    Cant really say how they can call it pizza, they didnt use tomatosause:


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      Not all pizza uses tomatosauce, believe me.
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        In her book ,Great Whole Grain Breads, Beatrice Ojakangas has a recipe for this kind of flatbread with ham and cheese. It is in a box right now but I will post it after I get moved. It makes a tasty and relitively quick dinner but the lack of olive oil, garlic, oregeno, basil and any form of tomatoes means that I just cannot think of it as pizza.
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          It's the same crap as we hear it with the noodles. Did XY invent it or YZ? It's just silly because such simple dishes as basic pizza and pasta can be produced just as easily as bread. Many peoples have invented that but in each culture it developed to a different dish. Pizza was invented in Napoli because that is the only dish with the name pizza. Vikings might have had a similar dish and Arabs aswell but pizza is pizza and their dish is another one with the same concept.
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            Flatbreads lend themselves to toppings so it ought be no surprise if Vikings did it. The medieval English trencher would have topping. So its not as surprising as some people think if Vikings were baking "pizza".


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              They didn't bake pizza. It's fake news.