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    Originally posted by Georgia View Post
    [FONT=Georgia] I am not a big alcohol drinker, never have been, never will be. [...]The Kristallweizen is "dear" to me, because it tastes just like the Kristallweizen in Germany and is actually a German beer. I am pleased I am able to purchase it about 2 hours from where I live, the store actually carries a large selection of different beer from all over the world. One 500 ml bottle is right at 4 FRNs.
    So, it is cheaper than I thought! The Bavarians are humane to them Southerners.

    (with 'dear' I meant = expensive, because in England, the word still can be used in this meaning. Now I know in USA it cannot, another difference between them.)


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      Last night- leftover meatloaf my sister made when she visited and baked sweet potato, with cranberry juice to drink.

      Tonight -Steamed Cauliflower with White Cheese sauce, Kaiser Semmel, Deer Salami, Apple Juice and Coffee.

      I am very tired lately and don't feel like cooking much.
      Life is like a fire hydrant- sometimes you help people put out their fires, but most of the time you just get peed on by every dog in the neighborhood.sigpic