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Slow Economy Leads to More Folks Eating at McDonalds

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    Originally posted by Unity Mitford View Post
    if men were paid properly so that women did not have to work outside the home, there would be less demand for this toxic processed food
    I could not agree more! I think one reason that fast food is so popular is because not many people know how to cook. I suppose there is no time to learn how or to do so when everybody in the family works full-time jobs.

    I have some friends who are trying to move out of their parents' houses and they were trying to convince me that fast food is cheaper than cooking from scratch! I honestly don't know were people get that idea from.
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      Originally posted by ChaosLord View Post
      Fast food shouldn't even be considered food. It's garbage, plain and simple.

      Actually, eating out costs much more than preparing your own meals. While groceries may cost "more" up front, they tend to last longer and deliver bigger portions than our fast food nemeses. Let's also not forget the health benefits of home cooked meals over processed crap.

      However, this is only the result of our time-consumed and over-worked lives. There is never enough hours in the day for most of us and a faltering economy only compounds this problem.
      In many cases it doesn't even cost more up front. Look at ordering a pound worth of hamburger from fast food dollar menus compared to buying a pound of ground beef at the grocery store. $4 (4 quarter pound burgers @ $1 each) vs $2.50 (local price). Remember, you're comparing 73% lean beef and not the more expensive leaner cuts.