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  • Hello, Need Help

    hello all greetings from Northern Ireland .I have just joined and I'm having problems posting .Ive been wanting to post a topic and have a discussion with you all and tried in the introductions section .Could someone point me to the moderators please .Thanks

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    Hi and welcome to Skadi. Your thread went through and is located here, but because you are a new member, it needed to be validated by a moderator first. Members' first few posts (usually no more than 10) are moderated, for more information about this please see here. So just post as you would normally, but give it anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for the post to be reviewed and approved by our staff.


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      You were banned because you are not Germanic and were spouting a bunch of nonsense about how Celts were the "truest white people." You are now banned again.
      Most people think as they are trained to think, and most people make a majority.