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    I hope it passes with flying colours. The European race would be comprised of Indo-European, Finno-Ugric and Georgian nations. Turkics and Afro-Asiatics are Asian and African respectively.
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    If you mean race in a physical and not linguistical/cultural sense, that map makes no sense.

    Very roughly speaking, the world can be broken down like this(I'll leave out Europe because it should be sufficiently known):
    • MENA's are peripheral "Whites"/Europoids, with some low to moderate Sub-Saharan(all over the territory) and low Mongoloid(in the eastern parts) influence. Tajik's etc are the same with a stronger Mongoloid influence.
    • Eastern Africans are Blacks with a low to moderate Europoid influence.
    • Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Indians(some more, some less) etc. are a mixture of Europoids with moderate to strong (proto-)Australoid/Veddoid influence.
    • China, Mongolia, Japan and Korea are for the most part classically Mongoloid. So is much of the Siberian part of Russia but with perhaps a small Europoid influence.
    • The peoples to the south of China are Mongoloid, with a moderate to strong (proto-)Australoid influence. As are/were the Maori, for the most part.
    • Even further south, the original peoples of Papua New Guinea, Australia and Tasmania are largely Australoid.
    • The pre-European Americas are a special case but mostly Mongoloid with a rather(it's not quite the correct word for it; ancient connections via Mal'ta ANEs) Europoid-like influence and specific natural selection in the southern parts below Canada.

    All of this is well reflected in genetics. The relationship between non-African peoples can be figured from this PCA, which measured the shared genetic drift of these populations with the Mal'ta skeleton:

    If we include Sub-Saharn Africa, we get this PCA:

    I'm sure this has been covered in much more depth on here a dozen times, though.
    "Die Lehre von der Spaltung in Norddeutschland und Süddeutschland ist irrig, falsch und verrucht. Es ist eine Lehre von einem bösen Feind ausgegangen. Es gibt ein Norddeutschland und es gibt ein Süddeutschland wie es eine rechte und eine linke Hand am Menschen gibt. Aber der Mensch ist eins und hat nur einen Sinn und ein Herz, und Deutschland ist ein und soll nur einen Sinn und ein Herz haben." - Wartburgfest 1817


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      I'm amazed at how Caucasoid the Himalayan peoples are, but it's obvious that they extend out from the Iranids. Other than a few secular royal types in the Levant, I don't find much resemblance with the peoples of Europe. As for Ethiopids, Iman, for instance, would likely have a Semitic background distinguishing them from the general Hamitic population of North Africa. I'm afraid I sense dishonesty about the origins of MENA peoples, due to religious nonsense. They can be no more than a transitional type between Caucasoid and Negroid, the same as Turks being a blend of Caucasoid and Mongoloid. I'm also annoyed with the way that Jews want society to be as diverse as their home region by trying to breed a worldwide population consisting of miscegenated bastardy. BTW, I don't see Subcontinentals as foreign as either Afro-Asiatic or Turk and it's not merely language and religion. I genuinely see them as the furthermost part of the Caucasoid peoples and the fact that they assimilated the Mongoloids of Indochina and Indonesia is proof that the Indic peoples are not themselves tributary clones, but equally "Aryan". Therefore, those of Indochina and Indonesia are the hybrids, not Afghans, Pakis, Indians, Bengals, Ceylonese or maybe even Burmese--admittedly, a transition between the Subcontinent and those more generally Eurasiatic.


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        If I was making a purely linguistic map, it would look like this below:
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          In my latest updated map, differences between Nords and Meds are more clearly displayed, as are their colonial trajectories (Lebensraum) outside their homelands.
          Red is largely Germanic, Uralic
          Purple is largely Italic, Greek
          Orange is largely Satem, Georgian
          Blue is largely Afro-Asiatic, Niger-Congo
          Yellow is largely Turkic, Tai-Kadai, Sino-Tibetan, Austroasiatic, Austronesian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian
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            If you noticed, Protestant Nords are admixed by Uralics, Catholic Meds are distinguished by Basques, Orthodox Easterners are demarcated by Georgians, with Hindu and Buddhist Indo-Iranians differentiated by Dravidians. Each Indo-European Bloc has a substrate, but even though there are old overlaps with the Turks and Afro-Asiatics, as well as new ones among Austronesians and Niger-Congoids, those are not representative of any indigenous heritage. It is worthy to maintain the subracial variety of Indo-Europeans, which entails assimilation of the indigenous non-Indo-European Whites, but abject foreigners ought to be refused family membership. This means ensuring White fellowship among indigenous White countries of the First World, but White domination in Turk and Afro-Asiatic overlapping countries of the Second World, also economic dependency of Austronesian and Niger-Congoid overlapping countries in the Third World.
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              Whoever tries to link up the European Union with North America and Australia is wrong, because the European Union and South America go together, while it is Britain that links up with North America and Australia. I don't want anything to do with Europe, which is a Med institution, so I invite Nords to join Britain in the fight for freedom and fellowship among equals.

              I​​​​​​ realize that the map I made distinguishes between Protestant Nords and Catholic Meds, but not between Orthodox Easterners and Hindu/Buddhist Subcontinentals. I'm not sure what color scheme would work in this case, but at least the division is obvious on the map, since Turks inhabit the lands between them.