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I registered a few weeks ago, never posted, and now I cannot log in any longer. Why?

Every few weeks, our system automatically deletes the accounts of members that are no active contributors. You do not need an account to read the threads and posts on Skadi Forum, so we see no purpose in having non-contributing members. We want to reserve precious system resources such as the PM system and access to attachments to contributing members only.

If you were not aware of this policy and your account was deleted, feel free to sign up again, and become a contributing member of our community. We are looking forward to reading your opinions and thoughts!

Why don't my posts show up?

If you are a New member or have not posted much, this happens due to the fact that every member's first 10 posts are moderated. This is a measure to prevent trolling, spam and other inappropriate post content. Please allow some time until your posts appear, especially if you write them during late/early hours. If one or more of your posts do not show up at all, it means that the content was not approved by the moderators. Please have a look at the Forum Rules if you are unsure about the content of your posts.

Why do I encounter a message reading "Invalid Thread specified..." when I follow a link from the Latest Replies statistics?

This happens if the thread in question is still awaiting validation, i.e. needs to be reviewed and released to the public by a Staff member before you can read it. Just have a bit of patience and try again later, as this process should go rather quickly, unless you are surfing at early/late hours, when no Staff might be online.

I have made 10 posts, yet I have not been promoted from my newbie status. Is there a problem with my account?

The user promotion scheduled task runs automatically once a day. That explains why sometimes one may have more than 10 posts yet still be a newbie for a little while.

Another reason why one may have over 10 posts yet not make it to the Junior Members usergroup is if one is placed on extended moderation, but in such cases the user title will read so and the member in question will usually be informed.

I have been placed on extended moderation. Why?

Profiles which are only vaguely and ambiguously filled, many one-liner posts in a row, posts with little substance, posting links and advertising in introductions, poor formatting, might lead to having your account moderated for an extended amount of posts.

What are those spheres below usernames?

The orange and red spheres are indicators of user ranks:

° 1 orange sphere: user is a Regular Member

° 3 orange spheres: user is a member of the Herþra usergroup (Moderators)

° 4 orange spheres: user is a member of the Witenagemot usergroup (Administrators)

° 5 orange spheres: user is a member of the Þeudanaz usergroup (Senior Administrators)

° 1 red sphere: user is a member of the Þengaz usergroup (Funding Members)

The brown spheres are indicators of postcount. The more posts a user has, the more filled/shiny brown spheres he gets. If he has no filled brown spheres, it means that the user's account is inactive.

Why can't I upload an avatar?

In order to use an avatar, you must become a Junior Member (have at least 15 posts).

Why can't I add a signature?

In order to use a signature, you must become a Junior Member (have at least 15 posts).

Can I choose a custom usertitle?

Custom Usertitles are restricted to Staff and Funding Members. If you belong to one of these categories, you can specify the text you want to display by editing your profile and entering the text you want in the Custom User Text field.

Why can't I play in the Arcade?

In order to play in the Arcade, you need at least 15 posts.

Why can't I view the members list or other members' profiles?

In order to be able to view the members list, as well as other members' profiles, you need to be at least a member of the Junior Members usergroup, where you will be promoted after having made 10 posts.

Members of Staff, as well as Funding Members also have the possibility to restrict profile viewing to members on their Buddy List only.

When do I become a Regular?

Becoming a Regular depends on your reputation level, number of days since registration as well as postcount.

If reputation level >=30 AND days registered >=30 AND posts >=100


If reputation level >=25 AND days registered >=60 AND posts >=75


If reputation level >=20 AND days registered >=90 AND posts >=50


If reputation level >=15 AND days registered >=180 AND posts >=25

then members are promoted to Regulars.

Could you please delete my posts and my account?

As a rule of thumb, yes, we could, but no, we won't.

Before you post anything, remember that words have consequences -- both for you and others. This is true even if they're posted pseudonymously on a discussion board.

Don't come back in a few months or years and ask us to delete your account and your posts because you can't take the heat, you've "changed your mind," you think that Skadi has become "too liberal" or "too extremist," or because you desire to make a politically correct career. It wouldn't make any difference anyway, since public posts are cached by search engines and recorded by countless other people with varying motives.

Deleting accounts and posts makes existing threads unintelligible and searching difficult. If you plan to leave Skadi, simply don't log in anymore. Please spare us gala performances of all kinds. We shall also not ban your account on request.

The only exception is made if you can believably accredit current political persecution due to the content of your posts. In this case message a helper or an administrator, and we shall be able to help you by suppressing the posts in question or your whole account.

I would like to delete my personal pictures and/or my classification thread. How do I proceed?

The easiest way to make your pictures disappear would be by uploading and linking to them via an imagehost instead of attaching them, then simply deleting them from the same imagehost. Doing that would render the links invalid and require no further editing of the thread or posts in question.

Alternatively, should you have uploaded them as attachments, you can message a Staff member and ask them for help. Please note that we will however not delete your entire posts or account, save for a few exceptional situations.

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