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What is Reputation?

The forum has a reputation system enabled. The reputation system's purpose is to provide you with an indicator of each user's benefit brought to the forum. You can rate posts by clicking on the following image in the users' postbit:

How can I find out how high the reputation score of a user is?

The reputation score of each user can be found in the postbit, on the left of each post. It presents various colours, depending on the number of reputation points:

Highly postitive reputation:
Postitive reputation:
Balanced reputation:
Negative reputation:
Highly negative reputation:
Disabled reputation:

Hover your mouse over these images and you will see a description for each reputation score: e.g. "User is a sage". With the exception of Staff and Funding Members, users cannot disable their reputation. Users receive a number of 10 reputation points upon registration.

What is Reputation Power?

The reputation score changes once the user has been awarded reputation points. Users with a high reputation score or Administrators have a different reputation altering power from that of users with a medium or low reputation score. Reputation power is the amount by which a user can alter another user's reputation score and it depends on the following criteria:

Registration Date Factor: For every certain number of days since registration, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power.

Post Count Factor: For every certain number of posts, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power.

Reputation Point Factor: For every certain number of reputation points gained, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power.

Reputation points from users with a reputation-altering power of 0 or lower do not alter the user's overall reputation score.

How do I find out what my reputation score is?

By going to your User Control Panel. There you can see a list of your most recent reputation ratings, including the date they have been issued and their author. Moreover, you can find a "Respond" to reputation option. Clicking it creates a new Private Message which you can send to the user who added to your reputation.

The following image also appears in your postbit: Clicking it likewise displays your reputation score. Other users, however, can only read the description of your reputation score.

The description for this reputation score varies and is split into 13 categories, starting with a reputation score of - 999999 points and ending with another of 5000. Users whose score exceeds these limits have all the same description, regardless of score. - e.g. "User is a deity" for over 5000 reputation points.

You may find one of the following reputation symbols in your User Control Panel:

User has altered your reputation positively:
User has altered your reputation negatively:
User has not altered your reputation (his reputation altering power is 0):

Users with a reputation score of or less than 15 points can rate and comment on posts, however their ratings can not alter users' reputation scores.

How can I alter another user's reputation score?

Click on the following image in a user's postbit: , and a box will pop up. You may now choose to either add or subtract reputation points for posts, and eventually leave the user a comment. The user will be able to read it by checking his User Control Panel.

The popup box closes automatically after reputation has been issued to the user.

A post can be awarded reputation only once. Own posts cannot be awarded reputation.

The issuing of negative reputation points is restricted to Staff and Funding Members.

How should I use the reputation system?

Regardless if you agree with a post or not, please be considerate and alter the user's reputation fairly. Don't take into account details such as orthography or your personal opinion about the user, rather how helpful the user's post has been, what benefit it brought to the forum, etc.

How should I not use the reputation system?

The following is not permitted and considered to be a misusage of the reputation system:

- adding to your own reputation through the usage of multiple accounts

- threatening other users with negative reputation points

- threatening other users in order to add to your reputation

- issuing the same user negative reputation points in a row through the usage of multiple accounts or with the help of other users

Users who have been found to infringe the terms above will be banned from using the reputation sysem. All reputation additions/substractions are logged.

I have been unfairly awarded reputation. What can I do?

Should you feel that you have been unfairly awarded reputation, please address your concern to one of our Staffmembers.

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