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Monday, March 10th, 2008, 03:46 AM
Dear members of the Althing,

As some may already have noticed, we recently chose to rename the "Relationships & Sexual Morality" section into "Relationships & Gender Roles". So what does that mean to Skadi Forum posters? No, don't be afraid, it doesn't mean that we are asking our female members to build a trench behind their hearth, nor does it mean that we are asking our male members to go to Iraq without delay. We merely saw that many threads in this section which fit within its intended scope dealt with Gender Roles in one way or another. ;)

The reason we felt that this step became necessary is because the choice of recent threads posted in said section no longer resembled what we had initially set out to achieve with this section. It was a section that should have been used to discuss certain moral concepts to do with romantic relationships.

The type of thread we had envisaged to be in that section would be ones questioning whether traditional family models were appropriate for our day and age, whether virginity before marriage was tantamount, or even whether open relationship were the best thing since sliced bread or an unnecessary evil.

Of recent, however, we have had various threads popping up which went into graphic and personal detail, or which were purely conversational in nature, or just generally irrelevant to the board mission in any way, shape or form.

We felt that such a trend was fairly alarming. A section which we had created as a high-brow section turned into a conversational dumpheap for the board, gradually becoming one of the most active sections whilst not maintaining the hopes of high standard that we had placed in it. Indeed, we have even had outsiders ask whether the Althing was a dating board after all!

When this trend became ever evident, we knew that the mission of that section had been more or less gravely misunderstood, and that we needed to somewhat curtail the scope of such discussions, and rename the section to a title which we felt was more resembling of the intention of such a section.

Threads which have been discussed so far will of course remain open and active until further notice, but anyone who, from now on, seeks to post threads outwith that somewhat re-arranged scope of the section will see such threads locked without fail, and if persistent at such threads, might face other disciplinary actions.

If you are unsure about what is appropriate or not for the section, we advise you to better be safe than sorry, and contact a member of Staff via PM. It is a main feature of our function as the overseers of order on the board to help and guide our members, so until it is entirely clear what is desired for this section, and what isn't, we are always willing to answer any questions directed at us in that regard.

Finally, I would also like to reinforce that this measure does not mean that we are singling out any posters and/or basing their case upon previous behaviour in said section, as this was before the rename and announcement pertaining to it. Hence and otherwise, it could even be a perfect opportunity to improve your posting record on Skadi Forum, if you still feel directly spoken to by this announcement.

On behalf of Skadi Staff,

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008, 03:07 AM
Sex is always the lowest common denominator. Look at our globalized world: what do everyone talks about, jokes about, dreams about: getting laid. Getting laid. Like it's the only thing that a human can do. Chimps do it; Bonobos do it all the times. Our globalized world will look like one huge Bonobo tribe.

Nothing higher than sex; everything higher than sex "divides us" and highlights the fact that some people are human waste.

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008, 06:47 AM
I am going to close this thread now because these announcements aren't to be subject of discussions or debates. The decisions are well thought out by the Staff before announcing. If you have any questions, PM one of the Staff members as Sigurd advised.