View Full Version : Nationalists(SNP) make plea to exiled Scots to come home

Friday, December 30th, 2005, 03:59 AM

FRESH calls were made today to attract exiled Scots throughout the world back to the country.

The SNP is launching moves to reach out to Scotland's "Diaspora".

The ancient Greek term, originally referring to Jewish populations exiled from Judea and Jerusalem, is being used by the party to target the 1.5 million people it says have left Scotland since 1980.

The approach is a departure from the Executive's flagship Fresh Talent Initiative which aims to address Scotland's population decline through skilled migration. The Nationalists say less than 600 people have successfully applied for the scheme since its June launch, with an estimated 70,000 leaving Scotland annually.

SNP shadow justice minister Kenny MacAskill published a new paper today detailing the negative impact of migration out of Scotland and outlining the case for a strategy targeting expats.