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Tuesday, June 10th, 2003, 06:27 PM
''WHITE PEOPLE IN AMERICA. Yumpin' yiminy, what a loaded concept. It has acquired the same sinister ring as ''HIV in your bloodstream'' or ''radioactive waste in our water supply.'' There's a primitive, biblical, sins-o'-the-father notion that ALL American whites, by virtue of their birth alone, bear a stain on their souls for black slavery.
White guilt.Can't turn on the TV or radio without being bum-rushed with it.White guilt. After tubes and tubes of toothpaste, I still can't brush it off my teeth. White guilt. I tried to have an operation to remove the guilty tumour but no doctor could help me.
I've finally figured out why I cant get rid of my white guilt. It's because I have none. Yet the guilt merchants keep tapping at my door like court-ordered psychiatrists,insisting that i swallow the guilt pill. They chide me with increasingly patronizing tones that i must be too thick-skulled to grasp the doctrine of collective guilt.
Bend over and grasp THIS. I understand collective guilt better than you do. I'm willing to accept blame for whatever I've done, but i need PROOF, especially if I'll be forced to pay reparations. I wont accept it on hearsay. From my research, I cant find any ancestors who owned slaves but more than a few of them seem to have been slaves themselves. So you can take your white guilt la-dee-da, fold it into a paper airplane and respectfully tuck it up your rectal canal.
Its' ironic that American schoolbooks preach that all White people came here looking for freedom, when so many of them came in chains. Yet the ''freedom angle'' is the panoramic totality of recieved history as pumped into your cranium by school textbooks and multimillion dollar TV period pieces. As riddled with Swiss-cheese holes as it is, our generalised impression of the White American diaspora runs something like this: There were no white slaves. All Whites CHOSE to come to America. Only Blacks were kidnapped,shackled and sent here. Only Blacks suffered through a harrowing ''middle passage'' across the Atlantic. Only Blacks were beaten ,whipped, sold on auction blocks and forcibly seperated from their families. Only Black women were raped by slavemasters. Only Blacks were brutalized by their masters to the point where they ran away.
Would you call me a naughty sprite if I proved that every one of those perceptions were wrong? Would you label me as Satan hi'self if I were to prove them erroneous not only in isolated, freaky-fluky instances, but as they apply to most whites who came to the colonies? Would you strike my name from the list of invited guests to your next wine-and-cheese gathering?....''

- Jim Goad, ''The Redneck Manifesto''

Wednesday, June 11th, 2003, 12:36 AM
The man who wrote the article is right about whites coming into America in chains. The poor under-class of England, mainly poor Englishmen ranging from the age of 15-25, came to the English colonies as indentured servants (temporary slaves) during the 17th to 18th centuries; and were treated as such allowing their masters to do whatever they wanted with them.

Wednesday, June 11th, 2003, 08:53 PM
yes youre right conquistador. however,it seems that the majority of white slaves were irish or german,well at least a high % were.im reading about the methods of getting white slaves - the ''spiriting'' is certainly interesting,but sad of course.

Wednesday, June 11th, 2003, 10:51 PM
Originally posted by Scathach
yes youre right conquistador. however,it seems that the majority of white slaves were irish or german,well at least a high % were.im reading about the methods of getting white slaves - the ''spiriting'' is certainly interesting,but sad of course.

Many of the indentured servants at the end of their 7 to 10 year service were given (depending on the kindness of their temporary master) clothes, money, cattle, seeds to plant crops and even land. Allowing them an extra step on the social food-chain in some cases.

Wednesday, June 11th, 2003, 11:19 PM
many were young children kidnapped from their homes (''kid nabbing'' its actually where the word kidnapping comes from) while others were men and women lured away from their homes and families by promises of land and opportunity when it wasnt always so. but yes,you are right the indentured slaves tended to fare better overall :)

Thursday, June 12th, 2003, 04:23 PM
it seems there were a few different ways of acquiring slaves - the first was simply to have able bodied people recruited and told there was good land and life in america.
an estimate published in 1670 says that ten thousand british subjects were kidnapped that year and an estimate the following year alleges that ten thousand british were still being captured each year! so if these stats are correct that amounts to far more white slaves being imported than the four thousand hundred or so of the african slaves.accordingly america probably received about 6% of all blacks slaves [kennedy and kennedy ''blame the south'']
anyway,recruiters first tried to persuade people to leave,telling them of the land of opportunity awaiting them, if this did not work the recruiters had no qualms about using force - those who restrained themselves from using force on the possible recruits were called ''drums'' as they resriced their activities to drumming up recruits. ''spirits'' or ''crimps'' on the otherhand were not so nice - spirits,generally accompanied by a gang of other men simply overpowered a man/woman and took them away-these suddenly missing people were said to have been ''spirited away'' hence the name. the spirit's other means of acquiring slaves to be was to slip something into their drink and when the person awoke they often found they were on a ship heading to america: ''Many unfortunate seaport dwellers awakened one morning with a head-splitting hangover to find themselves in the hold of a ship headed westward to America'' [Gary B. Nash ''red, white and black]
many children were also taken, generally homeless and orphaned children. this is where the genesis of the word ''kid napping'' comes from. Most of these whites being sent to america were given forged contracts of indenture - or none at all unitl they reached america and for this reason its hard to have definite stats of the number of indentured white slaves there were.
the german equivelant to the drums were the ''new landers'' who also told their possible recruits of the great life awaiting them and of course the irish were merely taken at the whims of the brits it would seem...i should add that its very possible i have ancestors who were slaves so i will be looking for reperations from you yanks ;)
i read something interesting about how white slaves were treated, a servant complained that she had been ''tied up and whipped to that degree that you'd not serve an animal...nay, many negroes are better used...''
its obvious that slavery was a business not an exercise in human cruelty but it seems that many slaves,both white and black were still treated with unneccesary savagery by their masters-simply because they could.