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  1. Volga Germans Under Bolshevik Atrocities
  2. Waffen-ϟϟ Veterans Honored in Austria
  3. Hitler's Mistakes in WWII
  4. War Crimes, Morality and Justice
  5. Between the Alps and a Hard Place: Switzerland in World War II and Moral Blackmail Today
  6. Was Young Hitler an Anti-Semite?
  7. The British Wartime Political Warfare Executive (PWE) and Propaganda Lies
  8. Wartime Bombings of Neutral Switzerland
  9. For Holland and for Europe: The Life and Death of Dr. M. M. Rost Van Tonningen
  10. Winston Spencer Churchill: A Tribute
  11. The US Civil War's Concentration Camps
  12. The Miracle of Dunkirk Reconsidered
  13. Ethnic Germans' Suffering After WWI in the US and Europe
  14. Divers Discover Bullets on 'Lusitania' Ship
  15. Siegesallee (Victory Avenue), Berlin
  16. Hitler's Table Talk
  17. The Diary of Che Guevara: Modern leftists have little in common with their Marxist Hero!
  18. Stalin's Army Of Rapists
  19. Who Killed the UN Official Count Folke Bernadotte?
  20. The Whitewashing of Stalin
  21. Albert Einstein's FBI File (Affiliation with the Communist Party)
  22. When Should've Germany Surrendered?
  23. The Bunnycaust
  24. Could Hitler Speak English?
  25. Field Marshal Douglas Haig Would Have Let Germany Win, Biography Says
  26. Hitler's Former Maid Describes Him As 'The Perfect Boss'
  27. Allied Propaganda and Public Opinion
  28. [Split from Anti-Germanic Defamation Thread] Jewish Involvement in the Downfall of Europe
  29. In Hindsight, Would an Axis Victory Have Been Better?
  30. No Simple Victory - The Myths of the "Good War" (Norman Davies)
  31. General Patton Was Assassinated to Silence His Criticism of Allied War Leaders Claims New Book
  32. Interview with Pat Buchanan
  33. World War II Mass Grave Unearthed in Poland
  34. The Hidden Past of Swiss Nazi-Era Volunteers
  35. Did Hitler Actually Say This?
  36. The Status of the Disabled in National Socialist Germany
  37. Germans Liberate Lemberg
  38. Europe 1944-1945: The Bitter Road to "Freedom"
  39. Spitfires Over the Kuban
  40. What Germany Has Paid Under the Treaty of Versailles
  41. The Great Brown Scare: The Amerika Deutscher Bund in the Thirties and the Hounding of Fritz Julius Kuhn
  42. Hitler's Bad Habits Revealed in Documents
  43. Brewsters to the Finnish Air Force in 1940
  44. What Can Be Said About the Holocaust Without Fear of Prosecution
  45. In a U.S. Death Camp -- 1945
  46. Imposed German Guilt: The Stuttgart Declaration of 1945
  47. Squareheads, Blockheads and Other Epithets As Applied to German Soldiers of World War I
  48. British Occupation of the Faroe Islands in World War II
  49. Nuremburg - How I Cross-examined "Fat Boy" Göring
  50. Lessons of the Josef Mengele Affair
  51. Paris Liberation Made 'Whites Only'
  52. Léon Degrelle - the Last Hitlerian
  53. Do You Think of Hitler as a Contemporary Liberalist?
  54. General Heinz Guderian, Father of the Blitzkrieg
  55. Hitler and Neutrality?
  56. Post-WWII Reconstruction
  57. 20 Years Ago: The Iron Curtain Starts to Unravel
  58. Roosevelt and the Jews: A Debate Rekindled
  59. The Works of ϟϟ-Obergruppenführer Dr. Ing. Hans Kammler
  60. The ϟϟ-WVHA and Ideology of ϟϟ Bureaucrats
  61. Painful Memories of an East German Gulag: 'I Thought I Was in a Nazi Movie'
  62. Nuremberg in the National Socialist Mind
  63. Why the Civilian Toll After D-Day Is Different From That in Afghanistan
  64. French Deathtoll During the Normandy Campaign: Something We Are Not Being Told?
  65. Hidden Crimes of the Allied Forces: Token Negroes Gone Wild
  66. Short Description of 1919-1945 in Germany
  67. Images Rescued from Dump Reveal Black British 'Tommy' at the Somme
  68. Synchronicity in History
  69. A Reappraisal of Germany and Europe's "Crusade Against Bolshevism"
  70. Revisionists Challenge D-Day Story
  71. Question @ Dutch (Anyone May Reply)
  72. Russian Military Historian Blames Poland for WWII
  73. Ezra Pound: 'America, Roosevelt and the Causes of the Present War'
  74. Rothschild and Freshfields Founders Had Links to Slavery, Papers Reveal
  75. Holocaust™ vs. Holodomor
  76. Soviet Union 'As Guilty As the Nazis for World War II'
  77. Political Correctness, in an Alternate WWII Victory Condition, Still a Highly Prevalent Aspect in Society Thereafter?
  78. William B. Shockley, Nobel Prize and Eugenicist
  79. Now Official: Simon Wiesenthal Fabricated His Holocaust Stories
  80. Zionists Offered to Help Nazi Germany in 1941
  81. Rwanda and the International Community: The Tutsi-Hutu Incident
  82. 1983: The Brink Of Apocalypse (Video)
  83. Who Actually Invented Concentration Camps?
  84. Did Hitler Shake Hands with Black 1936 Olympic Hero Jesse Owens?
  85. Churchill's Views on Eugenics, Race, Jews, Islam
  86. Allies Ignored Extermination of the Jews, Claims Vatican
  87. Why Wasn't Auschwitz Bombed?
  88. The `Good War’ Myth of World War II, and Why It’s Dangerous
  89. How Relevant is Holocaust Revisionism?
  90. Famed 1943 `Dambusters' Attacks 'Achieved Nothing,' Thought `Bomber' Harris
  91. Modern Views on the Nazi-Soviet Pact
  92. Medvedev Defends Moscow's Role in WWII
  93. The Real "Inglorious Bastrds" Uncovered: Squadron of Jewish Soldiers Hunted Down ϟϟ?
  94. "If We Hadn't Fought World War 2, Would We Still Have a British Empire?"
  95. Pat Buchanan: Did Hitler Want War?
  96. The 'Good War' Myth of World War Two
  97. World War 2: Poland Was Conspiring with Nazis to Destroy Soviet Union, Russia Claims
  98. History Judges Neville Chamberlain Unfairly, Says His Granddaughter
  99. German Historian: Black Allied Soldiers Mass Raped German Women
  100. Churchill: A Liability to the Free World?
  101. ϟϟ-Oberscharführer Rochus Misch: "I Was in Hitler's Bunker"
  102. Thatcher Feared Nazi's Rise if Wall Fell
  103. UK Documents Expose Thatcher's Virulent Opposition to German Reunification
  104. China Betrayed Into Communism
  105. WWII Aftermath: the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Pestilence, War, Famine and Death
  106. Table Of Acts Of Malice, Aggression And Declarations Of War Beginning In September 1939
  107. The German Democratic Republic and Germanic Preservation
  108. German Band of Brothers
  109. Hitler's Declaration of War Against the United States
  110. Rare Photos of an Auschwitz Camp Orchestra
  111. The Kruger Telegram from Kaiser Wilhelm II
  112. "UN Should Deal with Attempts to Rewrite WWII Results"
  113. British World War II Bombers Deliberately Targeted Civilians
  114. Who Really Poisoned the Goebbels Children?
  115. What Did Churchill Really Think About Immigration?
  116. Memoirs of Hitler Aide Could Finally End Holocaust Claims
  117. History Books Re-Written Twenty Years After Fall of Berlin Wall
  118. Second World War Blunder That Doomed 50,000 British PoWs
  119. Auschwitz: Divergent Sources...
  120. November 11: "Armistice Day"
  121. Mussolini Regarded Hitler As a 'Sentimentalist,' Diary Claims
  122. Revealed: the Duke and Duchess of Windsor's Secret Plot to Deny the Queen the Throne
  123. Germany Still Paying Off WWI Reparations
  124. Revisiting the 'Good War's' Aftermath
  125. Stalin's War Against His Own Troops
  126. The Swastika Among the Coconuts: Nazism in New Guinea
  127. Germany's Brutal Occupation of France
  128. List of German Soldiers
  129. Unholy Relics of Nazi Germany
  130. Finding German Death Cards
  131. Spot the Difference: Prussia and Israel
  132. Hitler's Armed Forces: A Triumph for Diversity? - A Tricky Article
  133. Color Of War VI Adolf Hitler
  134. How World Jewry Pushed America Into WWII
  135. Prussian Confederate: The Giant in Grey
  136. Worse Than Auschwitz™: Soviet POW Camp N° 188 in Tambov
  137. Nazis Left Dutch Gays Untouched, Says Historian
  138. Hitler's Grand Error at Dunkirk: Why?
  139. "We Won the War but Lost the Peace"
  140. Albrecht, Duke of Wurttemberg
  141. Haiti, a Short History
  142. Hitler Had Leadership Potential, Said World War I Military Evaluation
  143. Interviews With Some Men Who Knew Hitler
  144. The Hitler Phenomenon: Political Inertia in Difficult Times
  145. The Children Of Nazi Leaders
  146. Recording of German Officers Who Found Hitler's Body is Made Public
  147. Blood for Oil: The Quest for Fuel in WWII
  148. The US Becomes an Imperial Power: 1898 and the Great Debate Over Overseas Expansion
  149. Rebirth of the Reich on 18 January, 1871
  150. Goebbels' Place in History
  151. Have You Visited a Concentration Camp?
  152. Pictures of German U-Boat Commanders
  153. Mein Krieg - Amateur WW2 Films
  154. Montgomery vs. Eisenhower: Two Generals at War
  155. Prussian Persecution Before the War!
  156. Everything About the Holocaust
  157. Holocaust Memorial Day
  158. Debunking of Myths?: Willmott's History of World War II
  159. Imperial German Military Uniforms 1842-1918
  160. Raped by Their Saviours: How the Survivors of Auschwitz Escaped One Nightmare Only to Face Another Unimaginable Ordeal
  161. No Dumb Blonde: A New Book About Eva Braun
  162. History Of The Volkswagen Beetle
  163. If Adolf Hitler Had Children...
  164. Replicas Of Historical Third Reich Patches!
  165. The Nazi-Zionist Connection?
  166. How Would You Redraw the Map of Europe for the Benefit of the Germanic Peoples?
  167. UK Suspected Hitler Youth Acted As 'Spyclists'
  168. Race After Hitler: American GIs in Post-War Germany
  169. Jews Financed Cromwell to Overthrow Monarchy
  170. Horten 229: Hitler's Stealth Bomber
  171. German Prisoners Used in Britain After the End of World War II
  172. The Soviet Union and Anti-Colonialism
  173. Documents Show Auschwitz Doctors Living on Food Stamps
  174. Something Simple, Yet Great...
  175. Poland Joined Hitler in Dismembering Czechoslovakia
  176. Controversy Over Plans for Flak Towers
  177. Adolf Hitler's Speech - 28. July 1922
  178. A New Look at Hitler's Mistress Eva Braun
  179. Islamic Fanaticism Can Be Traced to Adolf Hitler
  180. The True Battle of Chernobyl Uncensored
  181. 'Dear Uncle Adolf': Documentary Details Fan Letters Sent to Hitler
  182. Video: Released Footage of Post-war Mass Murder of German Civilians in Prague
  183. The Soviet Union Came Close to Defeat in 1941, Marshal Zhukov Acknowledged
  184. False Virtue: The Politics of Lying About History
  185. The Partisan War in Violation of International Law - "German Atrocities" Committed by Soviet Agents in German Uniforms
  186. WWII Aerial Images Unearthed: US Pilots' Snapshots Reveal Extent of Germany's Post-War Devastation
  187. Dunkirk - Another Perspective
  188. Allies Might Have Lost at D-Day if Hitler Had Used Nerve Gas, Says Expert
  189. Dunkirk: Are We Finally Ready to Face the Truth?
  190. New Documents Describe Hitler's Time in Prison
  191. The Nazi Rocket Plane to Nuke New York From Orbit
  192. German Big Business and the Rise of Hitler
  193. Hiroshima, 6th August 1945
  194. Was Germany's WWII Alliance With Japan In Line With Their Racial Ideology?
  195. Update on Reichsführer-ϟϟ Himmler’s Death
  196. Hitler Was A 'Cowardly Pig' During WW1
  197. Any Luftwaffe History Fans?
  198. WW2 Flying Documents
  199. Germany's Expellee Museum: Charges of Historical Revisionism
  200. Nobel Peace Prize for Hitler?
  201. British Pilots Relied on German Sea Rescue Service During Battle of Britain
  202. "Our Red Army Ally": US War Dept Troops WWII Pamphlet 1945
  203. The Killing Machine: Che Guevara, from Communist Firebrand to Capitalist Brand
  204. Winston Churchill 'Ordered Assassination of Mussolini to Protect Compromising Letters'
  205. The South African War: The First Total War of the 20th Century
  206. The Hidden, Awkward Origins Of World War II
  207. Dirty Little Secrets of the WWII
  208. Nazi Concern About Thier Citizens' Wellbeing
  209. WWII Mass Grave Discovered in Prevalje, Slovenia
  210. Katyn Forest Massacre
  211. How About the Germans?
  212. Information About German Soldiers (Around 1900)
  213. 25th Anniversary of Transfer Agreement
  214. What if I Skipped Over the "Holocaust?"
  215. General Patton Discovered the Truth
  216. Video On Vietnam That Has Long Been Suppressed...
  217. History They Don't Teach You in School
  218. Poland Planned Destruction of USSR
  219. The Special Case of Germany
  220. Why Death's Head for the ϟϟ?
  221. Germany's WWI Loss
  222. Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler
  223. What Do We Know About the Third Reich Period ?
  224. Führer Show: A Visit to Germany's First-Ever Hitler Exhibition
  225. What Do You Think About the Soviet Union?
  226. Hitler's Final Thoughts On WW2 ...
  227. The National Socialist Party in the Third Reich: Himmler Talks With an American Journalist
  228. Hitler Explains His Reasons for Invading Soviet Union
  229. Famous Hitler Rally Picture "Probably Faked"
  230. Education for Death
  231. New Row As German Expellee Leader Claims Poland 'Mobilized' First
  232. A German Soldier's Photos of the Devastation of Dunkirk
  233. The Coventry Blitz 'Conspiracy'
  234. Holocaust & WWII Resources
  235. How The Jews Prompted A German Backlash
  236. Feldherrnhalle 9 November 1923
  237. Hundreds Of New Hitler Photos Discovered
  238. The Legacy of World War I
  239. Schultze-Rhonhof: The War That Had Many Fathers
  240. Hitler's Christmas Party: Rare Photographs Capture Leading Nazis Celebrating in 1941
  241. Pearl Harbor: Fifty Years of Controversy
  242. Christmas in Wartime Germany, At Home and On the Front
  243. Henry Kissinger's "Gas Chambers" Remark (1973)
  244. 'Hitler Saluting Dog'
  245. Jewish Bolshevism
  246. My Patient, Hitler: A Memoir of Hitler's Jewish Physician
  247. What's the Meaning of O.a.w.d.i?
  248. Look at History
  249. Pictures from the Russian 'Central Armed Forces Museum' in Moscow
  250. Great WW2 Documentary