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  1. Zimbabwe, an Example for SA
  2. The Current Nuclear Situation in South Africa
  3. My Encounter with F. W. de Klerk
  4. The Truth About South Africa
  5. Germanic South Africans
  6. South African Population to Drop by 26%
  7. Zimbabwe - A Land Possessed
  8. Black School Rampage in South Africa
  9. Non-European Admixture in Afrikaners?
  10. Oranjewerkers and the Hooglandaksie
  11. The Contribution of Huguenots in South Africa
  12. Farm Murders in South Africa (Pictures & Video)
  13. 4 racially interesting pictures from South Africa
  14. White Slaughter in South Africa?
  15. Afrikaaner Resistance: 19th Century Style
  16. Boer Persecution
  17. South Africa's White Holocaust
  18. White Community of Orania Issues its Own Currency
  19. Would You Participate in an Orania-Type Settlement Project?
  20. Zimbabwe Closes 'Racist' Schools
  21. The Genocide in South Africa and Zimbabwe
  22. Small Victory for South African Whites
  23. Hollywood Lunges for White South Africa
  24. Over 1000 Guns Destroyed in South Africa
  25. The greatest South African? No contest
  26. SA Journalist And Jeff Rense Call For Help For Afrikaners
  27. Boeremag Treason Trial Delayed
  28. Boer, Afrikaner, Or White-which Are You?
  29. Boeremag Treason Trial, South Africa: "We Tried to Blow Up Mandela"
  30. Namibia: the Inversed Apartheid
  31. Black Rhodesian Terror Against the Whites
  32. An Apology To The Black Race From A White South African
  33. 70pc of Workforce Has Fled Zimbabwe, Says Report
  34. White Areas in Rhodesia / Zimbabwe
  35. Nicolaas van Rensburg: The Boer Prophet
  36. South Africa's white poverty growing
  37. Black racist cricket players in South Africa (Europeans are treated like dirt)
  38. Anti-European South African article...
  39. Afrikaner Charities
  40. 40,000 in siege of South African farm
  41. The Tragedy of Zimbabwe: Another Example of Negro Incompetence and Mismanagement
  42. South Africa's Coming Collapse
  43. The other plant
  44. 'We Will Kill the Whites, All of Them'
  45. Civilised South Africa
  46. Pretoria Renamed into "Tshwane" by Negroes
  47. Question for the South Africans
  48. Zimbabwe Sinking Fast
  49. Afrikaner Men, to Be Persecuted as "Mercenaries"
  50. Why Did Apartheid Hand Power Over to Mendela?
  51. 'Land for Blacks Only' - Zimbabwe
  52. Anti-Rape Condom?
  53. South African Scientist Persecuted
  54. Owner to contest first SA farm expropriation
  55. Zim 'an example for SA' - SA goverment
  56. Arthur Kemp, "Victory or Violence: The Story of the AWB in South Africa"
  57. Gandhi Thought Black People Were Subhuman
  58. Nuwe Geselslaer
  59. French Component of the Afrikaners
  60. Anglo-Boer War Concentration Camps
  61. White Rhodesian Farmer Murdered
  62. Lists of South African Farm Genocides
  63. 7 000 arrested in South Africa for crimes against women and children
  64. South Africa 'rape trap' condemned
  65. Gay activists in South Africa have vowed to "flood" the country's blood services with blood donated by gay men
  66. South African newspapers forbidden to publish Mohammed images
  67. How whites/blacks/colureds and indians vote
  68. Are yor registered for the local government elections ?
  69. Boers in Diaspora
  70. Changing Roles: A Hard New World for Afrikaners
  71. Afrikaans Hoort By Nederlands
  72. Rehoboth Basters
  73. Results of the local elections in the most important cities
  74. Should the Pretoria/Tshwane name change go ahead?
  75. Companies...
  76. "Why South Africa is Crap" Blog
  77. Patriotic Music Videos
  78. White farmers in South Africa take up arms
  79. Namibia - Safety
  80. Negro professor believes people can fly using witchcraft; seeks patent
  81. South African police accused of ignoring ritual murders
  82. Die Boorestaatparty
  83. Can anyone translate this song , please ?
  84. Volksliedere
  85. Blacks are the biggest racists: 44% of survey subjects claim to have suffered
  86. South Africa Warns White Farmers of Expropriation
  87. Mandela sings about killing Whites
  88. Genocide-Nonsense & the `Germany-Must Pay´-Saga
  89. The Expropriation of White Farms in Namibia
  90. Oostendse Vissop
  91. Swakopmund beach murder trial
  92. Namibia Arrests Jewish Businessman
  93. Million Whites Leave South Africa - Study
  94. Affirmative Action Slows Down in Namibia
  95. Namibië: Wit huiseienaars veg swart agenda vir Wlotzkasbaken
  96. Historiese ysterpier van Swakopmund gerestoureer
  97. Twee kerke in Suider-Afrika sal herenig
  98. Namibia: Empowerment for Afrikaners
  99. `White farmers don’t oppose land reform´, Mudge said
  100. Death of Belgian tourists: Prison term to be increased
  101. Gays welkom op kansel, sê NG kerk
  102. A Dutch family in the world´s oldest desert
  103. 'Whites Are Finished'
  104. 'We cannot dismiss reasons whites give for leaving'
  105. Shocking Figures Reveal Rape Trends in SA
  106. Afrikaans headmaster resigns
  107. Former South Africa leader dies
  108. PW Botha "Defiant To The End"
  109. Namibia: “Kill all Whites” has a sequel
  110. Namibië: Swart haatsprekers in hof
  111. HNP-politikus Sarel Becker oorlede
  112. Die Oshakati-bom van 1988
  113. Police officers told not to confront gang members
  114. Namibië: Duitse priester van rassisme beskuldig
  115. Traitor FW de Klerk May Sue for Libel
  116. 'What Did He Do Wrong?'
  117. Boer Protest Parade
  118. First South Africa Gay Wedding Celebrated
  119. In South Africa, home sweet fortress
  120. Namibië: Gay huwelike dalk herken
  121. SA: Home-Robbery Murder of Popular Celebrity
  122. Finds on South Africa at YouTube
  123. Boerestaat party wants to be official registered as a party
  124. Grondhervorming in Namibië
  125. Zimbabwe Poised to Welcome Back White Farmers
  126. Jews behind the demise of South Africa
  127. Death of last Angolan Boer
  128. Dialogues in different languages?
  129. Historiese gebou brand af
  130. Bekende Hoërskool vier 90 jaar
  131. Zulu Historian's Murder Reignites Fears Over Violence in South Africa
  132. White South Africa struggles with African identity
  133. The Boeremag-Treason Trial
  134. South Africa: Foreigner blames `colonial media´
  135. AIDS rising among S.Africa's rich, best-educated
  136. More White Farms to Be Expropriated in Zimbabwe
  137. SA: 90% will be crime victims
  138. Police Deny Reducing Number of White Officers
  139. Race row in South African bank
  140. Afrikanerbond to Improve South Africa
  141. Afrikaner Parties to Merge
  142. The De La Rey Song Controversy: Why the Outcry, Beloved Country
  143. South Africa: HIV+ after drug trial
  144. Apartheid cops to be prosecuted
  145. Ex-South African army´s soldier names to be reconsidered
  146. After White Expulsion: Economic Free Fall in Zimbabwe
  147. Namibia: 'Kill All Whites' Has Another Sequel
  148. Most in SA Prefer English
  149. Court case concerning school prayer ban
  150. South Africa Expropriates First Farm
  151. Controversy about Kruger Park luxury estate
  152. Hout Bay: 'Ask some whites to leave'
  153. Namibia's Diamond Industry
  154. CNN reporter robbed in Johannesburg
  155. Blacks join South Africa's Brain Drain
  156. Herinneringen uit Zuid-Afrika ten tijde der annexatie van de Transvaa
  157. De weg naar Monomotapa
  158. Gedigte
  159. Namibia: Hostile Reception for Mugabe
  160. NPA to exhume detainee's body
  161. The Expropriation of White Farms in South Africa
  162. 2007: End of Zimbabwe's Mugabe Era?
  163. New Afrikaner Unity a Challenge for SA
  164. Afrikaans Language Monument
  165. Where are the Mandela millions?
  166. Alexkor's environmental disaster in the Richtersveld
  167. SA: White Singer's Parents Hijacked
  168. Affirmative Action to Stay
  169. Cellphone sex scandal at South African school
  170. Black Student Unrest at Former White Varsities
  171. SA: Sunday Times journalist shot
  172. 'Not black enough' in South Africa
  173. Axe Murder
  174. More Gay Content on South African Airwaves
  175. Blacks 6 times more likely to be HIV-infected
  176. Chinese Colonialism in Southern Africa
  177. Mbeki: The Kaffirs are coming
  178. "Now Jews too have behaved like Nazis"
  179. Namibia's Ex-President blames Imperialists
  180. Portugal Closes Consulate in Namibia
  181. The ANC's plans for a future South Africa
  182. Etosha National Park turns 100
  183. Provincial Reform in South Africa
  184. The Importance of Biltong in SA
  185. South Africa passes Law to end "racism" in sports
  186. Afrikaans Youth Being 'Alienated'
  187. South Africans Divided Over Apartheid Poison Trial
  188. Zimbabwe - anarchy in 4 months!
  189. Afrikaans Is Also African
  190. [Videos] South Africa - Our Only Motherland
  191. Afrikaner Poverty and Unemployment
  192. Black government doing nothing for the townships.....surprise
  193. Police to investigate Black land claim fraudsters
  194. Zimbabwe dispossesses last remaining White farmers... and runs out of bread
  195. 'SA Still Living with Legacy of Apartheid'
  196. Earliest British Settlement in SA to Be Tenamed
  197. Student protests at former Afrikaans University
  198. Heritage awards for White South Africans
  199. SA has world's worst white-collar crime rate
  200. Former White politician seeks pardon
  201. SA's Kruger Park threatened by land claims
  202. 'Freedom of Expression a Right'
  203. Unemployed were better off in White ruled South Africa
  204. Ian Smith 1919-2007
  205. Erasing the Afrikaner Nation
  206. Big changes soon in South Africa ?
  207. Young Afrikaner Speaks About His Country
  208. The Afrikaner Volksstaat
  209. The 'Bring Me My Machine Gun' Campaign
  210. Killers fed farm worker to lions
  211. 'Afrikaners Mustn't Give Up Culture'
  212. Whitewashing the Oppenheimers
  213. Taalkunde
  214. Boer Prisoners of War Burried in Bermuda
  215. Die Slag Van Donkerhoek
  216. Volksmoord Deur Brittanje 1901-1902
  217. Last Message of President S. J. P. Kruger to His People
  218. More White Farmers Evicted in Zimbabwe
  219. Historical Accuracy: The Youth of South Africa
  220. South Africa in More Trouble
  221. Is South Africa a “Rogue Democracy”?
  222. Black Racism Now at Its Peak in South Africa
  223. Mandela - The Legend and the Legacy
  224. Mandela Off U.S. Terrorism Watch Lists
  225. Behind 'The Third Boer War'
  226. Tit-for-Tat Threat by Apartheid Generals
  227. 'South Africans Have Always Been Xenophobic'
  228. 'White People Need Liberation'
  229. 'Watch Out for Angry White Youths'
  230. Land Grab Bill Stalled - for Now!
  231. Good Places to Travel in South Africa?
  232. Exit of Whites 'Unfortunate'
  233. Xenophobia: 'SA Govt to Blame'
  234. 1 000s of Whites Get Bursaries
  235. White Couple Executed in Northcliff House Invasion
  236. Affirmative Action is Ruthless Looting
  237. Zuma Wants Afrikaners
  238. 'Machine Gun' Zuma Set to Take Power
  239. White Flight from South Africa
  240. South Africa: The Racist Capital of the World!
  241. Kgalema Motlanthe is President
  242. 'No More Business with Whites'
  243. Germanics in South Africa Back in Europe
  244. De Blanke Opstand
  245. Black Rule Brings Inevitable To South Africa. New York Times Reports It, Sort Of.
  246. Some Disturbing Cracks
  247. Split in the Ruling Party
  248. 'n Boer Maak 'n Plan
  249. Goeie Dag Afrikaners
  250. Nuuskommentaar