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  1. I'm Seeking the World/ World Filter.
  2. Reality: Objective or Subjective?/The Object
  3. Santayana: Reality and First Premise
  4. Rationalism to Nihilism to Faith
  5. Solipsism
  6. Finding or Inventing?
  7. Descartes: Meditations
  8. The fact about truth
  9. Quantitativity
  10. The Self
  11. On Truth and Lie in an Extramoral Sense - Friedrich Nietzsche
  12. The Unity Ideal: A Fallacy
  13. The Conscious / Unconscious Mind and Race
  14. El solipsisto manifesto (not everyone's cup of tea)...
  15. Do We Create the World?
  16. Original philosophical studies in negation from Pacitti's The Nature of the Negative
  17. Absolute Vs. Relative
  18. Could We Say There's an ''I''?