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Wednesday, February 27th, 2008, 11:55 PM
The Chatbox is a chat-like feature that allows members to quickly leave messages on the Skadi index. It refreshes automatically. The Chatbox is regularly pruned by Staff in order to free load.

The Chatbox may only be viewed and used by Junior Members, Regular Members, Funding Members and Staff. However, those who don't wish to do this can disable it either by clicking on the collapse button on the right http://forums.skadi.net/images/asgard/buttons/collapse_tcat.gif (this will only work as long as one doesn't empty cookies) or by requesting it to the Staff.

The Skadi Forum Rules (https://forums.skadi.net/threads/2729-Skadi-Forum-Rules) apply in the Chatbox, however, since it is considered a lighthearted medium, the Staff are generally more tolerant.

The Chatbox is considered to be in general a lowbrow area, the equivalent of a virtual café or lounge area. However, it is not meant for trolling or spam. Only write there if you really have something to say/discuss. In particular, do not spam the chatbox with smilies, or use it as a smiley, or image-testing platform. This is server-intensive. Do this repeatedly, and you will be banned from its usage. Highbrow discussion is of course welcome. Anything ranging from how one's day went to quantum physics can be discussed in the Chatbox.

Since the Chatbox is located on the Forum Index, and is one of the first things members see after logging in, we encourage participants to engage in a friendly, welcoming manner, as they would in an open, public setting. That said, certain types of "pub-behavior" such as drunkenness, lewdness, rudeness towards other participants or trying to "monopolize" the chatbox for one's own (clique) are still frowned upon. Since the Chatbox appears on the Index, if we believe that any user's participation places the forum or its membership in a bad light, we reserve the right to remove that person's Chatbox privileges temporarily or indefinitely.

If you have a report or complaint regarding the Chatbox, seek the help of a Staff member (http://forums.skadi.net/showgroups.php) who is online at that moment. Members who repeatedly misbehave in the Chatbox will be banned from the Chatbox. This includes both viewing it and writing comments.

The Chatbox is not an integrated vbulletin feature, but a third party modification. Thus its availability may vary depending on server load or software change/upgrade.

Sunday, February 19th, 2012, 12:11 AM
It has come to our attention that several members used the Chatbox to complain about Staff decisions. The Chatbox is not a "complaints form". It is not the appropriate place to voice dissatisfaction with Staff decisions. If you disagree with a moderating decision, you must contact the Witenagemot. Please see the rules (http://forums.skadi.net/showthread.php?t=2729) and how to's (http://forums.skadi.net/How%20to%20Submit%20a%20Request/Inquiry/Complaint%20to%20the%20Staff) regarding submitting complaints.

Complaints that do not follow the proceedings linked to above shall be simply deleted and ignored. Insulting Staff members in the Chatbox will also not be tolerated. A single or repeated breach of these terms, depending on case and gravity, may lead to a Chatbox ban.