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Thursday, January 31st, 2008, 06:28 PM
To post a new thread may sound like a very simple thing, but there are many things some members sometimes overlook. Here are some guidelines and tips for posting a new thread:

- Make sure you are posting your thread in the right (sub)forum. A thread requesting the classification of an actor for example should be posted under Anthropological Taxonomy, and not under Physical Anthropology. A thread about the political situation in England doesn't belong in the Lounge, etc.

- Check if the same thread hasn't been posted already. This is very easy to do, by using the search function (http://forums.skadi.net/search.php) and just entering a keyword.

- Choose a clear, explanatory title. "Wow, look at this!" doesn't say much about a thread topic. A clear title not only helps members get an idea of what they're about to read, but also brings better, more accurate search results when one is looking for specific information.

- Capitalize and punctuate your thread title properly. Don't write words in ALL CAPS, except when required (USA, UK etc.) Don't put a period after the title. If the title is a question, it needs a question mark. Don't use excessive punctuation like this..................... or this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Proper punctuation makes the forum look orderly and the members educated.

- Don't use chat/SMS language, like "OMG lolz u have 2 see this" or "Who's ur best m8?".

- If you are posting a news article or book excerpt, when time permits, add a comment or question. This helps create more discussion in your thread. Also, don't post a simple link, without any quotation. It is annoying, offers little information and in some cases the URL may become invalid after a while. A forum is a place for information and discussion after all. See Rules for Posting Articles and Other Media Releases (https://forums.skadi.net/threads/95451-Rules-for-Posting-Articles-and-Other-Media-Releases) for information on fair use, crediting sources and more.

- Don't threadspam. If many threads falling under the same range of topics are posted one after another in a forum-bombing fashion, it can get annoying. For the same topic, a single thread is preferable to one thread for each idea. You can also write your thread ideas down or save them in a notepad file instead and post them at a later time. This is also more likely to get you some more replies than if they are posted one after the other and the new ones bury the others at the end of the new thread page, not to mention that it avoids monotony and boredom.