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Saturday, December 22nd, 2007, 02:33 AM
Mahikari is a new religious ideal that is Flowing from Japan into Europe and the rest of the world.

Mahikari is of Japanese origin, it was established as a spiritual organisation in 1959 by Yoshikazu Okada. He is referred to as Sukuinushisama (great saviour), after receiving a series of divine revelations ordering him to save the world centring upon Japan, he started the Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan sect. Members understand that Okada was never involved with any religious organisations but nevertheless had a deep wish to save the world. Recognizing this wish, God selected him to collect seed people or the `chosen ones' for the next holy civilization, which is soon to dawn.

Okada was ordered to reconstruct King Solomon's Temple as testimony to the importance of his and the chosen ones mission. Members are taught and practice a `unique' healing method said to solve all sorts of problems and ailments. In order to facilitate a smooth and quick transition to the new civilization or theocracy, much focus is directed towards recruiting high profile members of society. Total membership is approaching the two million mark with around 1/3 of members being non Japanese. Mahikari is active and established in almost every nation on earth.

here is the link to the view the website

its got more infomation on here

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007, 12:07 PM
This Faith is growing in wellington some members of my own family have joined this horrible cult and openly practice it in my house they claim to cleaning our souls............

i was forced into attended a meeting and when i explained Asatru to the European leader and asked him questions about why a white man is part of this and why he doesnt follow his roots faith he became worried and tried to change the subject.

it seems to grow amoung people that are not well off it makes them clean and pure.....

according to these people we have attaching spirits that are stuck to us and the light of "god" cleans them, so they will leave us

they go so far as to call holy Wotan just god with a different name and they say that we must call him SU-God

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007, 01:40 PM
As long as there remains a lack of venues for people of European descent to experience and appreciate their traditional cultures in a communal environment on a regular basis we will see more joining with cults and strange religions.

The root of the problem is this: there doesn't exist in the institutions of modern society the feeling of belonging to something greater than oneself, certainly not with these multicultural internationalist nation-states we live in. "Proud to be [insert ethnicity]" is a marketing campaign, a bumper-sticker, a way to sell you destructive government policy or something synthetic with your flag on it- manufactured in China. It isn't real anymore, it means nothing when any lump of human flesh can shuffle his/her weary bones off a boat or plane and call him/herself "American," "Kiwi," "German," etc. Add to this the fact that almost all European descended people have been brainwashed for decades, and some over half a century, to hate themselves and reject anything to do with pride in ethnic-racial heritage. And so will we see masses of European-blooded people redefining themselves as Mahikari, Buddhist, Muslim, anarchist, feminist, immigrant-rights activist, etc. There is a huge scramble among European-blooded to become part of "diversity" (accomplished by joining a politically correct, protected, 'oppressed' social group such as homosexuality, non-traditional religions, interracial relationships, leftist political orientations, etc) because that sort of 'comrades in victimhood' state is the virtue du jour. If the media, academia, and government conspired to promote amputees as the highest virtue you would see masses of idiots cutting off their own limbs.

People in our modern age in general feel no deeper purpose in their daily lives, their lack of purpose translates to feeling weak and afraid of the world. This, I think, is by design, since the majority react to this by surrounding themselves with material possessions. A percentage of the more thoughtful ones feel they need a prophet to assure and direct them. Cults rarely target the poor and homeless for obvious reasons. These cultists tend to be educated & moderate-highly successful individuals, actually. This is exactly the sub-group of people an ethno-preservation movement would want to reach out to.

Not all people drawn into cults are morons. For one, they are thoughtful enought to be out looking for something philosophical to bring deeper meaning and order in their lives. They are a potential lower-level intelligentsia of an ethno-nationalist state, but are simply not comfortable facing the questions of existence alone. They are wandering in the darkness, and will cling to whatever "spiritual light" promises them the best result. The duty of any good movement for ethnic pride, preservation, culture, faith and rights is to draw in these individuals.

The remedy is very complex to implement, it requires rebuilding the "cultural infrastructure" which was largely abandoned and left to rot as we slid into the modern age. It also requires an elite order, a sworn vanguard which keeps that cultural infrastructure from being tainted or hijacked by the alien tribe-controlled-media or traitor governments again.

So yes, these cults appear silly and trivial, but they do present an obstacle to gathering ethnic communities together.

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007, 01:16 AM
i agree with your completely, but the people at this centre are poor or not as well off mostly not white but they claim to have a large following in Germany which i find disgusting.

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007, 01:20 AM
Sounds like yet another doomsday cult! Have they started handing out the suicide tablets yet? :p

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007, 01:29 AM
no not sucide at all there like life people, "if we raise our hands and give god's light the worlds wars will stop" hmmmmmm..........

they claim thats there are spirits attachted to us that make us do things ect ect ect and the light makes them go to the Spiritual relm....

they hate me talking bout the Nordic ways because it rips there faith apart,
they have this shrine for the Paulsens in my house which is my surname.
i asked they leader why if it was for a Norwegian family is the shrine asian he got all nervious and stutted and couldnt answer me at all.


Sunday, December 23rd, 2007, 12:11 PM
there is some more infomation on this threat to our culture

from another website devoted to this evil

One of the major aims of the Sukyo Mahikari movement is to lay the foundation on which all the religions and people of different beliefs can be united, that is, to facilitate the return of all religions to their common origin. Dr Tebecis believes that Sukyo Mahikari can play a significant role towards achieving this because it enables people to give and receive the Light of the Creator God, and helps them to practise universal laws that make up the common foundation of the major religions. The universal teachings transcend the barriers between religions.

This chapter also refers to most of the academic studies that have been made of the Mahikari organisation, as research studies of religions can also help to achieve integration of religions, if conducted in a spirit of open-mindedness and cooperation.

The last part deals with the author’s understanding of the essence of Sukyo Mahikari from a practical point of view – ‘directing oneself towards God’, being a Mahikari practitioner.
Ordering the book
Single or bulk copies of this, and a previous publication, on Sukyo Mahikari can be ordered and sent to you. For details go to:

Book Orders >>

Comments from readers
"The universal origin of religions and their unity, a central theme with Sukyo Mahikari being a powerful and objective facilitator for eventual religious unification, is communicated effectively and convincingly by Dr Tebecis in chapter 5 of his book, "Is the future in our hands?" This chapter is wonderfully sprinkled with refreshing statements by Sukuinushisama (the founder of the Mahikari organisation) that relate to the topic of unification. Some current views on unity are presented, and mention of Carol Addlestone's observations of the remarkable similarities between eight long-established religions gives a perspective that enriches the process of grappling with the idea of religious unification. It is also very enlightening to read the treatment of the academic studies of Sukyo Mahikari. Comments by Dr Tebecis puts them in their proper perspective."

David Brandner, school teacher, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A


"The book deals with practically everything that one needs to know about Sukyo Mahikari, each chapter covering its topic very clearly. It is written with humility and is easy to read. I think it would make a valuable gift for anyone, of any level. The book gives understanding of the problems going on in the world today and how to deal with them with a sense of hope. United we can really make a difference towards the happiness of the world."

Catherine Snedden, community care worker, Toronto, N.S.W. Australia




they teach that being Proud of the your roots is just your attaching spirits

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007, 11:32 PM
all white folk should read this and see this new enemy