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Thursday, November 1st, 2007, 12:15 PM
As you might have noticed, a Picture Gallery (http://forums.skadi.net/photoplog/) has been added. The Picture Gallery should serve the purpose of a visual source on Germanic topics. ALL Skadi Forum rules apply in the Gallery, with an emphasis on the following: Skadi Gallery Rules (http://forums.skadi.net/showthread.php?t=47408). Political posters and postcards are allowed for reference purposes. Fair use applies. Hotlinking to image hosts or other sites is disabled.

The gallery acts as a separate section and it displays random thumbs on the index. It has an alphabetical list, in case you are searching for pictures posted by a certain member, just click on the letter his username starts with.

To add a picture to the gallery, click Upload on the navigation bar and from the menu on the right, select the (sub-)forum where you will place your picture.

Next, click Continue. You can either upload the picture from your computer or from a web address. If you are uploading it from your computer, click Browse and select it from its location. If you are using an URL, simply paste it in the URL field. Next, fill in the details (title and description) and click Upload.

You can upload only one picture at a time but the number of pictures you can add overall is unlimited. The file size is also unlimited.

File types currently uploadable: GIF, JPG, PNG, gif, jpg, png.

P.S. Several people have inquired about the new Gallery so I thought I might as well put a small FAQ here for anyone else interested.

What happened to the old gallery threads? Isn't it possible to integrate them into the new gallery?
No, it is not technically possible. They were moved to various areas of the forum, mostly to the Visual Arts forum, the History forum, etc. depending on topic.

So where is it better to post, the Gallery of the Visual Arts forum?
Galleries have mostly a visual purpose, they aren't for extensive discussion. So, if you'd like to discuss e.g. Teutonic architecture, post in the Visual Arts forum. Make sure to add a few lines of information regarding what you are posting. If you found a nice picture of e.g. runes, post it in the Gallery. You don't need to add a long description. This doesn't mean however, that pictures cannot be discussed in the Gallery. There is a comment option enabled there, but it is better to use the forum for long discussions.

Are my contributions in the Gallery counted to my overall post count?
No. As said above, the Gallery is a separate area of the forum. Your Gallery contributions are however counted, linked to and displayed in your postbit, both in the Gallery (when you make comments) and on the forum.

Under each image, there are some fields with links containing IMG codes. Does this mean I can hotlink to these images in my posts on the forum?
Yes. You can use them similarly to how you use images from imageshack, tinypic and other hosting sites.

Monday, April 2nd, 2018, 10:13 PM
We've re-added the gallery and preserved the old entries (6.000+ photos). A how to for the gallery can be found here (https://forums.skadi.net/threads/158384-Skadi-Gallery-How-To). Some other things to note:

- the gallery is public, thus it can be browsed by guests

- new member posts and comments in the gallery are moderated (in order to prevent spam). So if you are a new member (under 10 posts), you can post your own images and comment on already existing ones, but they will have to be reviewed by our staff.

- members can post or assign already existing images to albums. Albums can be public or private.

- you can hotlink to images from the gallery.