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Wednesday, October 17th, 2007, 06:36 PM
German names for Central European towns

Many place names in Central Europe, mostly in the former German Empire and Austria-Hungary, but now located in non-German-speaking countries, have traditionally had equivalents in the German language. Many of them have been used for centuries by the German presence in the area, while some others were simply German transliterations of local names or names invented in the 19th or 20th centuries.

The earlier was the case with towns almost exclusively inhabited by Germans since the early Middle Ages until the end of Second World War, for instance Breslau, Eger, Hermannstadt or Stettin. The latter was the case of, for instance, Polish towns annexed by Prussia or Austria after the Partitions of Poland, like Chodziesen, Jarotschin or Hohensalza or in annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In some cases, especially in Eastern Central Europe, towns or cities were inhabitated by significant numbers of members of two or more ethnics groups, including Germans. As long as the places were part of Germany or Austria-Hungary, these German names were used invariably in German — and usually in English and most other languages too — while the local Slavic, Magyar, or Romanian inhabitants used their own names for the places in question.

After World War II, when the German population was expelled, the German names gradually fell into disuse in German, especially for the minor towns. German names of major cities like Danzig, Königsberg or Breslau are still recognizable and frequently used in Germany (Danzig about half the time; Breslau somewhat less). In only a few cases, the use of the German name persists invariably, i.e. in the case of capital cities like Prague or Warsaw, which are almost exclusively referred to by their German names (Prag, Warschau), just as they have separate names in English and other languages.


Wednesday, October 17th, 2007, 06:55 PM
There are also alot ofcities who belong to the german empire who still carry their full german name.

For example take "Metz" in France. The french call it Metz, france didn't change the name into something which sounds french. So they accept it as german city as it seems, unlike the polish people do - altough the cities in poland are full of german architecture and culture.


Friday, October 19th, 2007, 01:39 PM
The capital of Slovakia - Bratislava. German name: Preßburg.

The capital of Croatia - Zagreb. Former German Name: Agram

Friday, October 19th, 2007, 02:20 PM
Apart from the names of towns like Brünn, there are also a lot of other old German geographical names in central and eastern Europe that some people are trying to put in the Orwellian Memory Hole. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memory_hole)

E.g. Moldau, Memel, Düna etc.

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007, 05:26 PM
Danzig, Königsberg or Breslau are still recognizable and frequently used in Germany (Danzig about half the time; Breslau somewhat less)

Umm...'scuse me. I don't think I've EVER seen a German refer to Danzig as "Gdansk", and least of all refer to Breslau as "Wrocław" ... we can't even pronounce names like that!

Also noteworthy are towns like Tilsit ("Sovetsk"), Oedenburg ("Sopron") or Budweis ("České Budějovice"). Calling Znaim by its Czech name ("Znojmo") is also a pretty criminal thing to do. Finally Marburg an der Drau ("Maribor") was almost 80% German-speaking until WWI. Whatever was left over was murdered by Tito [and yes - the FRG awarded the guy who murdered approx. 100,000 Germans in Lower Styria the Bundesverdienstkreuz! :mad:]. Etc. etc. etc.

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007, 09:24 PM
Here are a few..

present-day Romania:

Sibiu (Hermannstadt)
Cluj-Napoca (Klausenburg)
Dumbrăveni (Elisabethstadt)
Sighisoara (Schäßburg)
Mediaş (Mediasch)

There was place near the Black Sea with the interesting name of Leipzigskaia, not sure what it is called today.

present-day Serbia:

Bela Crkva (Weißkirchen im Banat)
Petrovaradin (Peterwardein)
Vršac (Werschetz)

present-day Slovakia:
Košice (Kaschau)
Dobšiná (Dobschau)
Banská Štiavnica (Schemnitz)
Banská Bystrica (Neusohl)

Székesfehérvár (Stuhlweissenburg)
Vác (Waitzen)

Thursday, October 25th, 2007, 12:59 PM
present-day Slovakia:
Košice (Kaschau)
Dobšiná (Dobschau)
Banská Štiavnica (Schemnitz)
Banská Bystrica (Neusohl)
The capital Bratislava = Pressburg.

Dr. Solar Wolff
Friday, October 26th, 2007, 06:49 AM
Apart from the names of towns like Brünn, there are also a lot of other old German geographical names in central and eastern Europe that some people are trying to put in the Orwellian Memory Hole. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memory_hole)

E.g. Moldau, Memel, Düna etc.

Isn't Bruenn now Bruno? It is the Polish names for former German cities which really give me trouble. I keep thinking of Breslau and then someone says its Polish name and my mind has to do a translation.

Friday, October 26th, 2007, 07:23 AM
Theriesenstadt, the site of an old Hapsburg prison, is now the Czech town of Terezin.

Krumau an der Moldau is now the Eurailpasser's haven of Cesky Krumlov.

Thursday, January 24th, 2008, 02:21 PM
Here are a few..

present-day Romania:

Székesfehérvár (Stuhlweissenburg)
Vác (Waitzen)

As far as I know one of the districts of Budapest - Ferencvaros used to be called Franzstadt (and both mean the same) as it was settled by German incomers in the middle of XIX century.

Monday, February 18th, 2008, 11:53 PM

In Poland almost every town has german name. Few examples I can remember:
Brodnica (created by Teutonic Knigths)- Strasburg
Beautiful City of Toruń- Thorn
Gliwice- Gleiwitz (its Silesian town)
Olsztyn (Ostpreussen)- Allenstein
Elbląg (old Prussian Truso)- Elbing
Frombork (Ostpreussen, hometown of Copernicus (he was prussian origin))- Frauenberg
Our beloved Malbrok- Marienburg
Gniew (with Teutonic castle)- Mewe
Kołobrzeg (Pommern)- Kolberg
Szczecin- Stettin

and much much more of course, with more or less german culture fluences.

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008, 11:36 PM
It is turned out true that certain typically Germanic names were transfigured in "French" language, in the other - to quote that a known example, however. I doubted very seriously a some "Germanism" in names cleanly "Slav" or "Pole".

In conclusion, the Germanic racial influence on the History and the Culture of the countries of Europe is astounding.

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008, 06:51 PM
A lot of towns and villages in Elsass-Lothringen have almost still their germanic names. The differences are that the French name is the phonetic translation of the german name.

Exemple : German : Kröttweiler French : Crœttwiller or Kaltenhouse (Fr.) <-> Kaltenhause (Ger.)

There are some name with difference like Fouday (Fr.) <-> Urbach (Ger.) or Grandfontaine (Fr.) <-> Michelbrunn (Ger.)

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008, 07:18 PM
Tradition: of course it was, especially if you see on map how many nations has germanic origin. And how often people in Europe migrated. In Poland we had for example a large migration of Dutch, or large Swedish army in 17 century ;) I don't even mention Germans :) And not only Third Reich. I think that in middleage or a bit later, there wasn't so much antipathy between Poland and Germany. Nowadays most of it is result of communist's policy, as every socialistic system, they needed an enemy, and they found neighbour nazis :P

Maybe some polish towns has german names cause of occupation and all of that nazi crap. But some of them just had lots of german citizens.

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008, 07:59 AM
the Germanic racial influence on the History and the Culture of the countries of Europe is astounding.

But diminishing.

What of Klagenfurt being also known as Celovec in recent times?

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008, 07:16 PM
Isn't Bruenn now Bruno?

No, it's called Brno, with a vocalic R.

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008, 09:12 PM
List of Transylvanian Saxon localities (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Transylvanian_Saxon_localities)

This is a list of localities in Transylvania that were, either in majority or in minority, historically inhabited by Transylvanian Saxons, having either churches placed in Peasants Castles (German: Kirchenburg = Fortified Church or Wehrkirche = Defensive Church), or only Village Churches (German: Dorfkirche) built by the Transylvanian Saxons.

German name Romanian name
Abtsdorf bei Agnetheln Apoş, Sibiu County
Abtsdorf an der Kokel Ţapu, Sibiu County
Adamesch Adămuş, Mureş County
Agnetheln (+ Altdorf) Agnita, Sibiu County
Aitau Aita Mare, Covasna County
Ajerschteln Agrişteu
Almaschken Alma/Tv
Almen Alma Vii
Almesch Şoimuş
Altenberg Baia de Criş
Altflagen Feleag
Alttohan Tohanul Vechi
Alzen (+ Underten) Alţâna, Sibiu County
Appesdorf Cluj-Mănăştur, Cluj County
Arbegen Agârbiciu, Sibiu County
Arendorf Araci, Covasna County
Arkeden bei Bistriz Archiud, Bistriţa-Năsăud County
Arkeden bei Schäßburg (+ Wordt) Archita, Mureş County
Auen Cuşma, Bistriţa-Năsăud County
Auendorf Gura Râului, Sibiu County
Baaßen Bazna, Sibiu County
Bachnen Bahnea
Badlinen Beclean
Bägendorf Beneşti, Sibiu County
Baierdorf Crainimăt
Ballendorf Balomiru de Câmp
Bärendorf Beriu
Bartholomä Bartolomeu, Braşov County
Batiz Batiz
Baumgarten/Bistriz Bungard
Baumgarten/Hermannstadt Bungard, Sibiu County
Bekokten Bărcuţ
Bell Buia, Sibiu County
Belleschdorf Idiciu
Benden Biia
Benzenz Binţinţi, nowadays Aurel Vlaicu
Bernhardsdorf Bernadea
Besotten Buza
Bethlen/Bistriz Beclean
Bidda Bidiu
Bierldorf Bârla
Billak Domneşti
Birk Petelea, Mureş County
Birnbaum Ghirbom
Birthälm (+ Fettendorf) Biertan, Sibiu County
Bistritz (+ Niederwallendorf) Bistriţa, Bistriţa-Năsăud County
Bladenmarkt Bălăuşeri
Blasendorf Blaj
Blumendorf Belin
Blutroth (+ Paulsdorf) Berghin
Bodeln Budila
Bodendorf Buneşti
Bodesdorf Buduş, Bistriţa-Năsăud County
Bogeschdorf Băgaciu, Mureş County
Bonnesdorf Boian
Borbant Bărăbanţ, Alba County
Botsch Batoş, Mureş County
Botschard Bucerdea Grânoasă, Alba County
Braller Bruiu
Breit Bretea
Brenndorf Bod, Braşov County
Broos Orăştie, Hunedoara County
Bruck Bonţida, Cluj County
Buchholz (+ Schalgo) Boholţ
Budenbach Sibiel
Bulkesch Bălcaciu
Burg Zebernek Cetatea de la Vurpăr
Burgberg bei Hermannstadt Vurpăr, Sibiu County
Burgberg bei Mühlbach Vurpăr, Alba County
Bürgesch Bârghiş
Burghalle Orheiul Bistriţei
Burglos Dej
Bußd bei Mediasch Buzd
Bußd bei Mühlbach Boz
Garndorf Ardan, Bistriţa-Năsăud County
Dahl Dăişoara, Braşov County
Dallen bei Mühlbach Deal, Alba County
Dallendorf Daia Română, Alba County
Dengel Daia (used to be Daia Săsească, Commune of Apold), Mureş County
Denndorf Daia (Commune of Bahnea), Mureş County
Dersch Dârju
Deutschbach Valea Sasului
Deutschbudak Budacu de Jos
Deutschendorf Mintiu Gherlii
Deutschkreuz Criţ
Deutschpien Pianul de Jos
Deutschtekes Ticuşul Vechi
Deutschweißkirch Viscri
Deutschzepling Dedrad
Diemrich Deva
Dienesdorf Şieu Odorhei
Dobring Dobîrca
Donnersmarkt Mănărade
Dopich Dopca
Draas Drăuşeni
Dreikirchen Teiuş
Dunesdorf Daneş
Durles Dârlos
Dürrbach Dipşa
Ehrgang Ernea
Eibesdorf Ighişul Nou
Eisch Fântânele
Eisdorf loneşti
Eisenburg Rimetea
Elisabethstadt Dumbrăveni
Elsterdorf Sereca
Emerichsdorf Sântimbru
Engenthal Mighindoala
Ensch Enciu
Etschdorf Iernuţeni
Eulenbach Ilimbav
Falk Feleac
Feigendorf Micăsasa
Feisket Sălcuţa
Felldorf Filitelnic
Felmern Felmer
Felsendorf Floreşti
Fenesch Floreşti
Fogarasch Făgăraş
Frauendorf Frâua, nowadays Axente Sever
Frauenkirch Sântămărie
Freck Avrig
Freißendorf Lunca Bistriţei
Fürstenberg Hăghic
Füssen Feisa
Gallusdorf Galeş
Galt Ungra
Gassen Vălenii de Mureş
Geist Apaţa
Gela Gilău
Gergeschdorf Ungurei
Gergesdorf Căpîlna de Jos
Gierelsau Bradu
Gieshübel Gusu
Gindusdorf Băiţa
Gladen Gledin
Glatz bei Fogarasch Gălaţ (nowadays Galaţii Făgăraşului)
Gogeschburg Gogan-Varola
Gogeschdorf Giacăş
Grabendorf Vale
Großalisch Seleuş
Großau Cristian, Sibiu County
Großbun Boiu
Großeidau Viile Tecii
Großendorf/Bistriz Mărişelu
Großendorf/Hermannstadt (+ Woltescht) Sălişte (+ Volteşti)
Großkend Chendu Mare
Großkopisch Copşa Mare
Großlasseln Laslea
Großlogdes Ludoş
Großpold Apoldu de Sus
Großprobstdorf Probştea Mare (nowadays Târnava)
Großrapoit Rapoltu Mare
Großschenk Cincu
Großschergied Cergăul Mare
Großscheuern Şura Mare
Großschlatten Abrud
Großschogen Şieu
Grubendorf Ceuaş
Gugendorf Gogan
Gunzendorf Poplaca
Gürteln Gherdeal
Hahnbach Hamba
Halmagen Hălmeag
Halwelagen Hoghilag
Hamlesch (+ Marienkirch) Amnaş
Hammersdorf Guşteriţa
Harnrüden Homorod
Härwesdorf Cornăţel
Haschagen Haşag
Heidendorf Viişoara
Heldsdorf (+ Heldenburg) Hălchiu
Heltau (+ Reutel) Cisnădie
Henndorf Brădeni
Henningsdorf Henig
Heresdorf Galaţii Bistriţei
Hermannstadt Sibiu
Hetzeldorf Aţel
Hochfeld Fofeldea
Hohndorf Viişoara
Holzmengen Hosman
Honigberg Hărman
Hopfenseifen Hopşu
Hühnerbach Glâmboaca
Hundertbücheln (+ Schmielen) Movile
Irmesch Ormeniş
Jaad (+ Ependorf) Livezile
Jakobsdorf/Agnetheln Iacobeni
Jakobsdorf/Bistriz Sâniacob
Johannisberg Nucet
Johannisdorf/Bistriz Sântioana
Johannisdorf/Kleinkopisch Sântioana
Käbesch Coveş
Kailesdorf Arcalia
Kakowa Dumbrava
Kaltbrunnen Calbor
Kaltenbrunnen/Schäßburg Uilac
Kaltwasser Calvasăr
Kappelendorf Căpâlna, Commune of Săsciori, Alba County
Käppelsbach Cărpiniş
Kastendorf Castău
Kastenholz Caşolţ
Katzendorf Caţa
Keisd (+ Alzen) Saschiz
Kellen Colun
Kelling Câlnic, Alba
Kerschdorf Presaca
Kertzing Gorneşti
Kerz Cîrţa
Kesseln Chesler
Kiewern Cobor
Kindeln Chintelnic
Kirchberg Chirpăr
Kirtsch Curciu
Klausenburg Cluj
Kleinalisch Seleuş
Kleinbistritz Dorolea
Kleinblasendorf Blăjel
Kleindörfel Miceşti
Kleinenyed Sângătin
Kleinfarken Delenii
Kleinkopisch Copşa Mică
Kleinlasseln Laslăul Mic
Kleinmühlbach Sebeşel
Kleinphlepsdorf Filipişul Mic
Kleinpold Apoldul de Jos
Kleinprobstdorf Probştea Mică (nowadays Târnăvioara)
Kleinrumes Romoşel
Kleinschelken Şeica Mică
Kleinschenk Cincşor
Kleinschergied Cergăul Mic
Kleinscheuern Şura Mică
Kleinschlatten Zlatna
Kleinschogen Sieuţ
Kleintalmesch Tălmăcel
Klosdorf/Kleinkopisch Sânmiclăuş
Klosdorf/Reps Cloaşterf
Kokelburg Cetatea de Baltă
Kokt Cut
Köllendorf Caila
Komeloden Comlod, Commune of Milaş, Bistriţa-Năsăud County
Königsberg Crihalma
Königsdorf Paloş
Konradsdorf Poeniţa
Kormosbach Racoşul de Sus
Krakau (+ Burg Gemsenstein) Cricău
Krapundorf Ighiu
Krebsbach bei Hermannstadt Cacova (nowadays Fântânele), Sibiu County
Krebsbach bei Kronstadt Crizbav, Braşov County
Kreisch (+ Nisseidorf + Schlaßdorf) Criş
Kreuzburg Teliu
Kronstadt Braşov
Krotschendorf Crăciunelu de Sus
Kudschir (+ Wolkesdorf) Cugir
Kyrieleis Chiraleş
Ladmesch Loamneş
Langendorf Lancrăm
Langenthal Valea Lungă
Lauterburg Cetatea Lotrului
Leblang Lovnic
Lechnitz Lechinţa
Lehr Luieriu
Leresdorf Şieu Sfântu, Bistriţa-Năsăud County
Leschkirch Nocrich
Lona/Klausenburg Luna de Sus
Ludwigsdorf Logig
Magarei Pelişor
Makendorf Mocod
Maldorf Domald
Malmkrog Mălâncrav
Maniersch Măgheruş
Mardisch Moardăş
Marienburg/Kronstadt Feldioara
Marienburg/Schäßburg Hetiur
Marktscheiken (+Rependorf) Şeica Mare
Markusdorf Mintia
Marpod Marpod
Martinsberg Şomartin
Martinsdorf Metis
Mathesdorf Matei
Mausdorf Săcalu de Pădure
Mediasch (+Furkeschdorf) Mediaş
Meeburg Beia
Mergeln Merghindeal
Meschen (+Weißdorf) Moşna
Meschendorf Meşendorf
Mettersdorf (+ Bachnen + Fattendorf + Tekes + Ziegendorf) Dumitra
Michelsberg Cisnădioara
Michelsdorf/Kleinkopisch Veseuş
Michelsdorf/Mediasch Boaita
Mikesdorf Părău
Mildenburg Alămor
Minarken Monariu
Mindorf Monor
Mitteldorf Chiuza
Moichen Mohu
Mönchsdorf Herina
Moritzdorf Moruţ
Mortesdorf Motiş
Mühlbach (+ Gießhübel) Sebeş
Mukendorf Grânari
Muttersdorf Dumitra
Nadesch Nadeş
Neithausen (+ Michelsdorf) Netuş
Neppendorf Turnişor
Netz Neţeni
Neudorf/Ad. Rădeşti
Neudorf/Hermannstadt Noul
Neudorf/Kronstadt (+ Hopfenseifen) Satu Nou
Neudorf/Schäßburg Noul Săsesc
Neudorf/Wb. Ohaba
Neuflagen Mureni
Neumarkt Târgu-Mureş
Neuschloß Gherla
Neustadt/Agnetheln Noiştat
Neustadt/Kronstadt Cristian
Niedereidisch Ideciu de Jos
Niederneudorf Corvineşti
Nieresch Nireş
Nimesch Nemşa
Nindorf Nimigea de jos
Nußbach Măieruş
Nussendorf Năsăud
Oberblasendorf Blăjenii de Sus
Oberbrodsdorf Vinerea
Obereidisch Ideciu de Sus
Oberkreuz Cristur-Şieu
Oberneudorf Cetate
Oberröbendorf Vătava
Oberschebesch Sebiş
Ochsendorf (+ Lauterburg) Boiţa
Odendorf Apalina
Offenburg Baia de Arieş
Okne Ocniţa
Panagen Pănade
Paßbusch Posmuş
Perkaß Pricaz
Pernseifen Băiţa
Peschendorf Stejăreni
Petersberg Sînpetru
Petersdorf/Bistriz Petriş
Petersdorf/Mediasch Petiş
Petersdorf/Mühlbach Petreşti
Petsch Petecu
Pintak/Bistriz Slătiniţa
Pintak/Td. Pinticu
Pojana Poiana Sibiului
Pränzdorf Suseni
Pretai Bratei
Probstdorf/Agnetheln Stejărişu
Prüden Prod, Romania
Puschendorf Păucea
Radeln Roadeş
Ragelsdorf Ragla
Rakowitza Racoviţa
Ratsch Reciu
Rauthal Roandola
Reckentek Reteag
Reichau Răhău
Reichesdorf Richiş
Reissen Rusu Bârgăului
Rekitta Răchita
Rependorf Râpa
Reps Rupea
Retersdorf Retiş
Reußdorf Cund
Reußdörfchen Ruscior
Reußen/Bistriz Sărăţel
Reußen/Mediasch Ruşi
Reußmarkt (+Mondorf, + Weißkirch, + Sankt-Georgen) Miercurea Sibiului
Ringelkirch Valea Ringhili
Rod Rod
Rode Zagăr
Rodna Rodna
Rohrbach Rodbav
Rosch Răvăşel
Roseln Ruja
Rosenau Râşnov
Roter Turm Turnul Roşu
Rothbach Rotbav
Rothberg/Hermannstadt Roşia
Rothkirch/Bistriz Strugureni
Rothkirch/Mühlbach Roşia de Secaş
Ruckersdorf Rucăr
Rumänisch Baierdorf Mintiu
Rumänisch Budak Budacul de Sus
Rumänisch Eibesdorf Ighişul Vechi
Rumänisch Lasseln Laslăul Mare
Rumänisch Neudorf Noul Român
Rumänisch Pien Pianul de Sus
Rumänisch Sankt Georgen Sângeorz-Băi
Rumänisch Tekes Ticuşul Nou
Rumes Romos
Sachsenbach Spătac
Sachsenhausen Săsăuşi
Sächsisch Erkes Archiş
Sächsisch Reen Reghin
Salz Sărata
Salzburg Ocna Sibiului
Salzdorf Ocna Dejului
Salzgrub Cojocna
Sankt Georgen Sîngeorzu Nou
Sankt Martin Tîrnăveni
Schaal Şoala
Schaas Şaeş
Schaldorf Mihăileni
Schalko Şalcău
Schalmen Şoimuş
Scharberg Dumbrăvioara
Schard/Schäßburg Şoard
Schard/Wb. (+St. Martin) Şard
Scharosch/Fogarasch Şoars
Scharosch/Mediasch Şaroş pe Tîrnave
Scharpendorf Glodeni
Schäßburg Sighişoara
Schelken/Bz Jeica
Schellenberg Şelimbăr
Scherling Măgurele
Schirkanyen Şercaia
Schlaft Zlagna
Schmiegen Şmig
Schnakendorf Dumbrăviţa
Schölten Cenade
Schönau Şona
Schönberg Dealul Frumos
Schönbirk Sigmir
Schönen Şona
Schorsten Şoroştin
Schwarzwasser Săcel
Schweinsdorf Turnu Roşu
Schweischer Fişer
Sebeschel Sibişel
Seck Sic
Seiburg Jibert
Seiden Jidvei
Seimesdorf Simioneşti
Seligstadt Seliştat
Senndorf Jelna
Siebendörfer Săcele
Silwasch Silivaş
Simkragen Şintereag
Sinna Jina
Sommer Jimbor
Sommerburg Jimbor
Spring Şpring
St. Martin Sînmartin
Städterdorf Răşinari
Stein/Mediasch Ştenea
Stein bei Reps Ştena, officially Dacia
Stolzenburg Slimnic
Strassburg am Mieresch Aiud
Streitfort Mercheaşa
Strugar Strungari
Szakadat Săcădate
Szászcsor (+ Szilvás) Săscior
Talmesch Tălmaciu
Tarteln Toarcla
Tartlau Prejmer
Taterloch Tătârlaua
Tatsch Tonciu
Tekendorf Teaca
Tetschein Aciliu
Teufelsdorf Vânători
Thalheim Daia
Thorenburg Turda
Thorstadt (+ Ringelkirch) Doştat
Tilischka Tilişca
Tobsdorf Dupuş
Tordesch Turdaş
Törnen Păuca
Törzburg Bran
Trappold Apold
Traßten Lunca
Treppen Tărpiu
Troschen Draşov
Tschapertsch Topârcea
Tschippendorf Cepari
Ungarisch Reen Reghin Sat
Ungersdorf Şieu Măgheruş
Unterblasendorf Blăjenii de Jos
Unterbrodsdorf Şibot
Untergesäß Ghijasa de Jos
Unterrübendorf Rîpa de Jos
Untersebesch/Bistriz Ruştior
Untersebesch/Hermannstadt Sebeşul de Jos
Untervenitze Veneţia de Jos
Unterwardein Oarda de Jos
Urmenen Armeni
Urwegen Cîrbova
Vajasd Oiejdea
Waldhütten Valchid
Wallendorf Unirea
Waltersdorf Dumitriţa
Warmwasser Hoghiz
Wassid Veseud
Weidenbach Ghimbav
Weiersdorf Tău
Weilau (+ Radesch) Uila
Weingartskirchen Vingard
Weißenburg Alba lulia
Weißhorn Săsarm
Weißkirch/Bistriz Albeştii Bistriţei
Weißkirch/Schäßburg Albeşti
Wepeschdorf Pipea
Werd Vărd
Wermesch Vermeş
Westen Veştem
Wetsch Brâncoveneşti
Wetscherd (+Hemsdorf) Vecerd
Windau Ghinda
Winsberg Orlat
Winz (+ Sächsisch Pad, + Burg Zebernek) Vinţu de Jos
Wladein Vlădeni
Woiwoden Vaidei
Woldorf Văleni
Wolkendorf/Kronstadt Vulcan, Braşov
Wolkendorf/Schäßburg Sighişoara
Wölz Velţ
Woßling Ţeline
Wurmloch Valea Viilor
Zagendorf Ţigău
Zeiden (+Schwarzburg) Codlea
Zekeschdorf Cunţa
Zendersch Senereuş
Zernest Zărneşti
Zied Veseud
Ziegenstein Piatra Craivii
Ziegenthal Ţichindeal
Zoltendorf Mihai Viteazu
Zood Sadu
Zuckmantel Ţigmandru, Mureş County